Pairedrings - a fashionable and always relevant solution for lovers

Pairedrings are a vari­ety of solu­tions for every taste and col­or, made from pre­cious met­als such as gold, sil­ver and plat­inum, or from jew­el­ry alloys, depend­ing on the price of the prod­ucts and their qual­i­ty. Trends include non-triv­ial com­bined solu­tions with open­work or dia­mond cut, both with and with­out peb­bles.

Pairedrings 2019

Pairedrings, 925 ster­ling sil­ver is used in their mak­ing to make them look attrac­tive and look great on the hands. Jew­el­ry can be made in the clas­sics, like ordi­nary round rings, or come with addi­tion­al design­er decor in the form of jew­el­ry with peb­bles and var­i­ous cuts. There are won­der­ful com­bined solu­tions with inter­est­ing mul­ti-col­ored inserts, rings with thin con­nect­ing rib­bons that add a spe­cial charm to them.

couplerings 2019

Paired beau­ti­ful­rings can be not only pure­ly round, but also with beau­ti­ful engrav­ing or oth­er inter­est­ing dec­o­ra­tions. Engrav­ing is applied both on top of the rings and inside. On top are beau­ti­ful curls and mono­grams, and inside are the inscribed names of the bride and groom to make per­son­al­ized jew­el­ry that will be worn for many years of a hap­py fam­i­ly life.

pairrings silver

Pair of goldrings

What pair of goldrings will be at the peak of pop­u­lar­i­ty this sum­mer?

  1. Prod­ucts made in the same style, with the same fin­ish or design, dif­fer­ing only in size, the male ring is larg­er, and the female ring is small­er. For the man­u­fac­ture of rings, gold 585 assay is used. The choice of paired rings shows that the new­ly­weds val­ue and respect each oth­er, because the sym­bol­ism on the jew­el­ry is the same, and this indi­cates that the cou­ple has com­plete mutu­al under­stand­ing.
couple goldrings
  1. Pair styl­ishrings with a key and lock as sym­bols of hap­pi­ness and love, non-triv­ial solu­tions with a Greek orna­ment, dif­fer­ing only in the fact that the wom­en’s ring con­tains a small gem, topaz, dia­mond and emer­ald, maybe cubic zir­co­nia or zir­con. If the choice falls on these jew­el­ry, this indi­cates that the cou­ple has excel­lent taste, because they look very ele­gant and roman­tic.
pair of goldrings

Paired silverrings

Paired sil­ver­rings are in no way infe­ri­or in beau­ty to their coun­ter­parts made of gold, they can be exact­ly the same and dif­fer only in size, or come with a slight dif­fer­ence. The wom­en’s ring is more dec­o­rat­ed with diverse inserts, peb­bles and engrav­ing, while the men’s ring is lacon­ic and restrained. In any of the con­ceived cas­es, the choice of paired rings will always be appre­ci­at­ed, because it empha­sizes how mutu­al under­stand­ing and respect for each oth­er reign in a cou­ple.

paired silverrings

Pairedrings are made of 925 ster­ling sil­ver, they do not tar­nish, do not require addi­tion­al care, they can be made of rhodi­um-plat­ed sil­ver, then they will have a slight dark­ish tint, which makes them even more valu­able and attrac­tive. Amaz­ing solu­tions are pre­sent­ed with addi­tion­al design decor in the form of var­i­ous curls and mono­grams, engrav­ing of the top lay­er with intri­cate pat­terns, and they can also be adjust­ed in width to fit any size.

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Paired platinumrings

The most expen­sive choice is paired plat­inum­rings. This met­al is very rare and rings made from it are cho­sen in such cas­es:

  • love for lux­u­ry, when a girl wants to buy real jew­el­ry at an exor­bi­tant price, there­by show­ing her wealth and respectabil­i­ty;
  • aller­gic to gold, but reluc­tance to wear sil­ver, because it is much cheap­er not only plat­inum, but also gold.
couple platinumrings

Jew­el­ers con­sid­er plat­inum pairedrings to be the most durable, they can be passed down from gen­er­a­tion to gen­er­a­tion, they do not fade, do not require spe­cial care, and do not cause any aller­gic reac­tions. Rings with carv­ing, engrav­ing and small or large pre­cious stones, for exam­ple, dia­monds or emer­alds, look great. Here, the choice already depends on per­son­al pref­er­ences and who likes it best and who best suits one or anoth­er option.

platinum pairrings

Beautiful pairedrings

Jew­el­ry pair­rings are a lot of inter­est­ing options that amaze with their beau­ty and style. A cou­ple can eas­i­ly choose non-triv­ial solu­tions with unique carv­ings, both the same and dif­fer­ent. For exam­ple, prod­ucts are pop­u­lar when a del­i­cate flo­ral carv­ing or ori­en­tal-style mono­grams are applied on the wom­en’s ring, and the men’s ring is per­fect­ly smooth or with a small edg­ing on the sides. These prod­ucts can be used not only as engage­ment rings, but also asrings, which is very impor­tant.

beautiful couplerings

Pairedrings are unique, made to order from expe­ri­enced jew­el­ers. Then you get orig­i­nal prod­ucts that ful­ly cor­re­spond to the desires of the bride and groom, and amaze those around you with their beau­ti­ful appear­ance. If a deci­sion is made to get mar­ried, then the same rings are used dur­ing the wed­ding, only then there is one rule that the priests do not rec­om­mend break­ing. Ther­ing is worn alone on the ring fin­ger, with­out addi­tion­al thin and oth­er rings.

jewelry couplerings

Classic pairrings

Styl­ish pairedrings are clas­sics of the genre, ide­al­ly smooth and thin or wide mod­els, where small inserts of pre­cious small peb­bles on a wom­en’s ring are allowed. These prod­ucts have long become a sym­bol ofrings, their imi­ta­tion is used in the form of signs oncorteges, and to dec­o­rate the halls where thewill be cel­e­brat­ed. They are made of gold, sil­ver and plat­inum, the choice of met­al depends on per­son­al pref­er­ences and the amount of mon­ey spent on the rings.

classic pairrings

Pairedrings made in the clas­sics will nev­er lose their rel­e­vance, no mat­ter how the fash­ion changes, and no mat­ter what require­ments it puts for­ward to the style and appear­ance of the rings. This is some­thing that will always be in trend, espe­cial­ly in a sub­tle, ele­gant design with­out any addi­tion­al dec­o­ra­tions. Strict­ly, con­cise­ly and taste­ful­ly, as an ele­gant clas­sic solu­tion should look like, which will have to be worn for many years, in spite of any fash­ion.

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stylish pairrings

Pair of engagement rings with diamonds

The best pairedrings, pre­sent­ed by lead­ing jew­el­ry com­pa­nies or made to order from jew­el­ers, are prod­ucts made of expen­sive met­als, gold and plat­inum with beau­ti­ful inserts in the form of pre­cious stones. Dia­monds will grace­ful­ly dec­o­rate any prod­uct, bring a touch of lux­u­ry and ele­gance to it, add pre­sentabil­i­ty and adorn the hands of the bride and groom. They can be sus­tained in the same styl­is­tic direc­tion and col­or, or slight­ly dif­fer from each oth­er in col­or or in the num­ber and arrange­ment of stones.

pairrings with diamonds

Paired engage­ment rings with pre­cious stones will always be in fash­ion, espe­cial­ly for those who appre­ci­ate lux­u­ry and beau­ty in one set. Two ver­sions of this expen­sive stone will look great in paired rings, white for the bride and dark for the groom. The size of the stones can also vary from a sim­ple and uncom­pli­cat­ed “path” to one large peb­ble. Between clas­sic and non-triv­ial, there are rings that com­bine three or more stones, both large and small.

best couples engagement rings

Pair widerings

Beau­ti­ful pairedrings made of gold are pre­sent­ed in wide mod­els, which is con­sid­ered a clas­sic of the genre, because they not only look styl­ish on the hands, but also stand out mag­nif­i­cent­ly on the fin­gers. You will imme­di­ate­ly notice them and pay atten­tion to the exquis­ite taste of the pair. As a trib­ute to retro, the rings can be clas­sic with­out any addi­tion­al pat­tern, or come with addi­tion­al design­er dec­o­ra­tion that looks great on wide rings. They are rep­re­sent­ed by species with the same three-dimen­sion­al carv­ing, or with the pres­ence of stones in the bride’s ring.

pair widerings

Wide pairedrings — it can be just a work of art of an expe­ri­enced jew­el­er with chic jew­el­ry in the form of dia­mond cut­ting, carv­ing and engrav­ing, as you like and as you like. Also, trendy rings have a dia­mond “path” or fin­ger­prints of the bride and groom in the mid­dle between the volu­mi­nous and uneven edg­ing, which is extreme­ly fash­ion­able this sea­son.

beautiful pair of goldrings

Pairedrings with engraving

Unusu­al pairedrings are made to order and engraved. It can be any pat­tern, but often the bride and groom are asked to put their names on the rings, some­times the bride’s name is put on the groom’s ring and vice ver­sa. How­ev­er, this is done less often, they pre­fer to put names on the prod­ucts of the bride — her name, the groom — his. These jew­el­ry pieces are an excel­lent choice for many years, an indi­vid­ual and non-triv­ial approach to mar­riage.

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engraved pairringsunusual pairrings

Paired combinedrings

Orig­i­nal pairedrings are made both to order and bought in com­pa­ny stores. They are made of mul­ti-col­ored met­al, for exam­ple, white and yel­low or pure gold, mod­els of green and black gold are also in demand, you can use ordi­nary and rhodi­um sil­ver, when one solu­tion com­bines two or even three col­or shades, they can be addi­tion­al­ly dec­o­rat­ed with peb­bles and laser pro­cess­ing.

pair combinedringsoriginal pairrings

Paired white goldrings

Paired whi­ter­ings made of white gold are unique and won­der­ful solu­tions for a spe­cial occa­sion and then for life. They can come with addi­tion­al design­er decor in the form of hearts, dia­mond “paths”, engrav­ing and carv­ing. To be per­fect­ly smooth, like clas­sic rings, or with beau­ti­ful open­work inserts or cuts.

white gold pairringspair of whiterings

Fashionable couplerings

Brand­ed pairedrings are ref­er­ence prod­ucts, an exam­ple of high art and style, which the bride and groom are hap­py to choose for them­selves. They can be print­ed with a logo or brand name, or with a rec­og­niz­able pat­tern that empha­sizes a non-stan­dard approach to mak­ing beau­ti­ful jew­el­ry options. Solu­tions from sev­er­al com­pa­nies such as Sun­light, Adamas and Sokolov are in high demand in Rus­sia.

trendy coupleringsbrandrings

Wedding couple rings Sunlight

Sun­light pairedrings are dis­tin­guished by an almost clas­sic design and inter­est­ing jew­el­ry, they are rec­og­niz­able because they have not only the com­pa­ny logo, but also their own unique devel­op­ments that amaze with their appear­ance and attrac­tive­ness. The brand uses only pre­cious met­als, and even an ordi­nary “Amer­i­can” ring of this com­pa­ny can be played with mod­ern real­i­ties and look like a styl­ish piece of jew­el­ry.

sunlightcouple ringscouplerings sunlight

Pairrings Adamas

Paired Adamas­rings are a unique­ly styl­ish choice of jew­el­ry that amaze with their beau­ty and unique­ness. The firm can make indi­vid­ual orders or present its tra­di­tion­al rings with inter­est­ing decor to the gen­er­al pub­lic. Not only sin­gle-col­or and iden­ti­cal pairs will be in fash­ion, but also mul­ti-col­ored, when the bride’s ring is made of light gold or sil­ver, and the groom’s is made of dark, which is incred­i­bly styl­ish this sea­son.

adamas pairringspairrings adamas

Pairedrings Sokolov

Pairedrings Sokolov, present in the col­lec­tions of the brand, amaze with their non-triv­i­al­i­ty and indi­vid­ual approach to each prod­uct. Wed­ding rings are made of white, yel­low gold and sil­ver, come with addi­tion­al design­er decor. So, they are addi­tion­al­ly dec­o­rat­ed with diverse pre­cious and semi-pre­cious stones, Swarovs­ki crys­tals. They can be engraved with the names of the spous­es and the date of the wed­ding. Prod­ucts for every taste and col­or, as you pre­fer.

falconringspairrings sokolov