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Nowa­days, prob­a­bly every sup­port­er of the opin­ion that the best gift for a wed­ding is mon­ey. It is dif­fi­cult and expen­sive to trans­port house­hold appli­ances, the same applies to fur­ni­ture, and inte­ri­or decor items may sim­ply not please the new­ly­weds and gath­er dust on the shelf of a side­board or clos­et for years. A win-win option will, of course, be the mon­ey with which a young fam­i­ly can buy every­thing they need, relax on a hon­ey­moon trip, or put it in a pig­gy bank for more glob­al pur­pos­es.

But, you see, com­ing to the cel­e­bra­tion with a banal white enve­lope in your hands is banal and unin­ter­est­ing, more­over, it’s imme­di­ate­ly clear what gift you present to the young. Today we will look at one of the orig­i­nal and unusu­al ways to give mon­ey for a wed­ding — to make a com­ic pass­book with your own hands.

How to make a passbook for a wedding?

We already have a bril­liant idea, let’s fig­ure out how it will look like, and we can assume that half the bat­tle is done. We decid­ed to use the scrap­book­ing tech­nique for the wed­ding pass­book — soft pages, paper dec­o­ra­tions and fab­ric ruf­fles will not leave any­one indif­fer­ent, and the prod­uct itself, most like­ly, will be kept by a young fam­i­ly in a place of hon­or for years. So, in order to make a pass­book for the new­ly­weds with our own hands, here’s what we need to pre­pare:

  • cov­er fold­er;
  • cuts of mul­ti-col­ored fab­ric, we trust only our taste;
  • spe­cial scrap paper;
  • PVA glue;
  • scis­sors;
  • large paper envelopes;
  • nap­kins;
  • hot glue;
  • clip­pings from books, news­pa­pers, mag­a­zines, etc.;
  • thick card­board to match the fab­ric;
  • dou­ble sided tape.
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Let’s pay atten­tion to clip­pings — we select and cut out pic­tures from books and mag­a­zines that cor­re­spond to the like­ly plans of a young fam­i­ly: for exam­ple, an image of a high-rise build­ing, sym­bol­iz­ing the pur­chase of an apart­ment, pho­tographs or com­ic pic­tures of a car, clip­pings on preg­nan­cy and chil­dren. In gen­er­al, every­thing that the new­ly­weds are like­ly to face in the future is all appro­pri­ate.

If every­thing you need is ready, let’s start mak­ing a wed­ding pass­book with your own hands.

  1. Let’s take a fold­er. Its col­or is not impor­tant, since it will be past­ed over on both sides, the dimen­sions of the fold­er in our case are 16 x 18 cm.
  2. do-it-yourself passbook for newlyweds1 do-it-yourself passbook for newlyweds2
  3. Next, take a dense, if pos­si­ble even quilt­ed fab­ric and wrap it around the cov­er from the out­side. If desired, you can quilt the fab­ric with syn­thet­ic win­ter­iz­er your­self.
  4. do-it-yourself passbook for newlyweds3 do-it-yourself passbook for newlyweds4
  5. From the inside we glue thick card­board.
  6. do-it-yourself passbook for newlyweds5
  7. Next, we make a tag on the cov­er. To do this, we cut out three cir­cles — the first from card­board, the sec­ond from a nap­kin, the third from ordi­nary white card­board. On the third cir­cle, we write by hand or using a com­put­er the title text for the pass­book for the wed­ding. Glue the cir­cles and the cov­er is ready.
  8. do-it-yourself passbook for newlyweds6
  9. Now let’s start mak­ing pages, for this we paste the­mat­ic clip­pings and wish­es in the form of qua­trains on scrap­book paper. This is what our first page looks like.
  10. do-it-yourself passbook for newlyweds7
  11. The sec­ond spread — on the one hand, anoth­er the­mat­ic pic­ture with a com­ic rhyme-wish, and on the oth­er we glue the first enve­lope, you can make a sig­na­ture about the “appoint­ment” of the mon­ey, we will put ban­knotes in it.
  12. do-it-yourself passbook for newlyweds8 do-it-yourself passbook for newlyweds9
  13. In a sim­i­lar way, we con­tin­ue to make pages of a com­ic pass­book for a wed­ding, using clip­pings, fab­ric inserts, nap­kins — in gen­er­al, every­thing that is accept­able for the scrap­book­ing tech­nique.
  14. We will arrange the last page in such a way that it would be pos­si­ble to write the wish­es of the young fam­i­ly by hand and sign the gift.
  15. do-it-yourself passbook for newlyweds16
  16. At the end, we glue the rib­bons with hot glue, on which our cool pass­book for the new­ly­weds will be tied.
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do-it-yourself passbook for newlyweds17

Now we put ban­knotes in envelopes, and our orig­i­nal gift is ready. We has­ten to please the new­ly­weds! You can also make a wed­ding chest for mon­ey with your own hands, where guests will be hap­py to put gifts!