Petticoat for wedding dress 1

Lux­u­ri­ous fluffy skirt is a char­ac­ter­is­tic fea­ture of a clas­sic ball gown wed­ding dress. It is a mag­nif­i­cent dress, like a princess, that every girl dreams of wear­ing to her wed­ding. The puffy skirt of a wed­ding dress can only remain a mys­tery to those who have nev­er cho­sen and worn it. Well, every­one else is well aware that for such an effect you need only one small, hid­den from the eyes of strangers, but a very impor­tant detail — a wed­ding pet­ti­coat. As it turned out, not only clas­sic wed­ding dress­es need it, but also A‑silhouette or empire styles, with the excep­tion, per­haps, of tight-fit­ting and ultra-short mod­els.

What are the petticoats for a wedding dress?

A pet­ti­coat under a wed­ding dress favor­ably empha­sizes the pecu­liar­i­ty of its style, gives the skirt a for­mal­i­ty, splen­dor, com­plete­ness and helps the bride to look her best. Let’s find out what are wed­ding pet­ti­coats?

  1. Pet­ti­coat with rings crino­line — This is the clas­sic, most com­mon and rel­a­tive­ly inex­pen­sive option. It has a rigid shape, which is sup­port­ed by rings locat­ed one above the oth­er. The shape of such a pet­ti­coat depends on the num­ber of rings, which can be from one to sev­en. An impor­tant advan­tage of such a pet­ti­coat is that it cre­ates space around the bride’s legs, which allows her to move freely and not get tan­gled in the skirt while danc­ing or walk­ing. Of the minus­es, it is worth not­ing that when walk­ingPetticoat for wedding dress 1 it ris­es, and the frame of the rings shows through the thin fab­ric of the dress a lit­tle.
  2. Lush tulle pet­ti­coat Can be worn on its own or over a crino­line hooped pet­ti­coat to give the dress even more vol­ume and hide the hoops. When used alone, it is not pos­si­ble to achieve the same effect of splen­dor as when worn over a pet­ti­coat with rings.
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How to fold a wedding petticoat?

Many brides who have cho­sen a pet­ti­coat with rings for their wed­ding dress have a ques­tion about how to fold it in order to put it away for stor­age. If there are three rings in the crino­line, you need to put them on top of each oth­er and fold them so that you get a “fig­ure eight”, and then turn them back and put the cir­cles on top of each oth­er. If there are more than two rings, then for the same actions you need to take two rings each. Hav­ing fold­ed the pet­ti­coat “eight”, you can put it in a spe­cial bag for stor­ing the crino­line.