Princess Diana's wedding dress

The grandiose out­fit, which has become the most mem­o­rable detail of the wed­ding of the cen­tu­ry, still delights and remains the dream of every girl. Princess Diana’s dress is con­sid­ered a work of art, although there is a lot of con­tro­ver­sy about the style.

Lady Dee’s dress — an outfit with history

The out­fit was designed by a mar­ried cou­ple of design­ers David and Eliz­a­beth Emmanuel. At the time of the wed­ding, among the many fash­ion­able emi­nent design­ers, Diana pre­ferred these young and promis­ing new­com­ers. Sub­se­quent­ly, mem­bers of the roy­al fam­i­ly also turned to the Emmanuelle cou­ple about out­fits.

Sub­se­quent­ly, the cou­ple wrote a whole book about Lady Diana’s wed­ding dress, which includ­ed sam­ples of silk and sketch­es of the dress for the princess. The work on the dress was painstak­ing, tak­ing into account not only the tra­di­tions of the roy­al fam­i­ly, but also the tastes of Diana her­self, the place of the cer­e­mo­ny.

Diana’s wedding dress

The most mem­o­rable detail of the out­fit is a long train, which reached eight meters in length. This is the longest train in the his­to­ry of the roy­al fam­i­ly. He looked chic on the steps of the cathe­dral, and Diana her­self had to train before the cer­e­mo­ny with the help of sheets.

Princess Diana’s wed­ding dress with a train was made of ivory silk, taffe­ta was woven to order. This is not just a high-qual­i­ty can­vas, ten thou­sand pearls and count­less moth­er-of-pearl sequins are locat­ed on taffe­ta.

In total, six types of fab­ric were used to sew Princess Diana’s dress. The length of the wed­ding veil was also about eight meters, and it took as many as 137 meters of fab­ric to make it. Diana’s wed­ding dress was adorned with lace that belonged to Queen Eliz­a­beth her­self, and a small gold horse­shoe with a dia­mond for good luck. Princess Diana’s wed­ding dress is still con­sid­ered the embod­i­ment of every girl’s dream — to become a princess by mar­ry­ing a prince.

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