Red wedding dress

The red col­or of a wed­ding dress is not at all a nov­el­ty in the fash­ion world. The tra­di­tion of wear­ing red to a wed­ding in Europe dates back to ancient Roman times. Then the brides wore a bright red veil for the wed­ding. They believed that this would pro­vide the cou­ple with wealth and love. The red and white wed­ding dress was a clas­sic in medieval Europe as well. The red wed­ding dress then sym­bol­ized the hap­pi­ness of the new­ly­wed. The fash­ion for the white col­or of the bride’s dress, sym­bol­iz­ing her puri­ty and puri­ty, was intro­duced in 1840 by the Eng­lish Queen Vic­to­ria, who mar­ried in a white dress. Since then, in Europe, the fash­ion for red wed­ding dress­es has been lost for a long time.

I must say that in many coun­tries of the East, white sym­bol­izes mourn­ing, and there­fore brides tra­di­tion­al­ly mar­ry in red there. This col­or of the wed­ding dress is still very pop­u­lar in India, Pak­istan, Thai­land, Chi­na, and in Turkey, brides usu­al­ly wear white wed­ding dress­es with red ele­ments.

In Rus­sia, on the wed­ding day, the bride wore a red sun­dress or white, but dec­o­rat­ed with red embroi­dery. Wed­ding dress­es with red trim are also tra­di­tion­al for Ukrain­ian-style dress­es.

Trendy scarlet wedding dresses

This year, the fash­ion for red wed­ding dress­es in Europe is back. At Bridal Fash­ion Week spring 2013, puffy red wed­ding dress­es were by far the most spec­tac­u­lar.

So, the famous Amer­i­can design­er, “the queen of the wed­ding dress” — Vera Wang believes that in the cur­rent and next year all styl­ish brides will mar­ry in red.

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By the way, Vera Wang has been destroy­ing all stereo­types about romance as an inte­gral part of the image of the bride for sev­er­al years. Last year, she offered the pub­lic chic black wed­ding dress­es. She believes that, first of all, a wed­ding dress should empha­size the girl’s sex­u­al­i­ty. In this fash­ion design­er is helped by the styles of dress­es — busti­er, corset, godet sil­hou­ette, as well as pas­sion­ate shades of red — from bloody to deep bur­gundy.

Choosing a red wedding dress

Red is a strong col­or, and if you choose the wrong shade and style of the out­fit, it will look too flashy for a tra­di­tion­al wed­ding. When choos­ing the style and col­or of the bride’s out­fit, it is nec­es­sary to take into account her image, based on the inner world­view. So, an intro­vert­ed, mod­est nature is much more suit­able not for pure scar­let, but, for exam­ple, a white wed­ding dress with red accents. For such a woman, the pres­ence of a red trim will help to feel more con­fi­dent and relaxed on the most solemn day of her life.

This col­or is so con­trast­ing that even a white wed­ding dress with red or just red shoes, dressed under a white dress, look self-suf­fi­cient and bright. The bride in such an out­fit should be ready for the increased atten­tion of oth­ers.

If you are a brave and ener­getic girl and have decid­ed that your wed­ding dress will be com­plete­ly red, you should choose a “suit­able” shade that will not spoil you, but only dec­o­rate you. To do this, you need to decide on your col­or type and, depend­ing on this, choose an out­fit:

  1. Rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the “win­ter” col­or type will suit cold shades of red — bur­gundy, rasp­ber­ry, bright red, ruby, pur­ple.
  2. If you are “spring”, then your shades of red are lumi­nous and, as it were, trans­par­ent — coral, toma­to, pop­py, red pep­per, red-orange, brick red.
  3. For the “sum­mer” red with a bluish tint, rasp­ber­ry, wine, cher­ry, scar­let are suit­able.
  4. If you belong to the “autumn” col­or type, choose a dress in toma­to, cop­per red or rusty brick red.
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When choos­ing a col­or, also con­sid­er the type of your fig­ure. In prin­ci­ple, any shade of red will dec­o­rate a slen­der bride, but dark shades are more suit­able for a full bride.

Also, any of these shades in the dress can be sup­ple­ment­ed with lighter or dark­er ele­ments that will make the per­cep­tion of the out­fit com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent.

Wedding dresses white with red

If you love red but can’t imag­ine your wed­ding dress in any oth­er col­or than white, you can com­bine tra­di­tion with moder­ni­ty and add red details to your dress.

So, for exam­ple, a rib­bon, edg­ing or bow can be red. As a result, you will get a very beau­ti­ful red and white wed­ding dress, which, although it will be tra­di­tion­al, will add bright­ness and piquan­cy to the bride.

Today it is also very fash­ion­able to com­bine red and lace. You can orig­i­nal­ly com­bine white lace on the red fab­ric of the dress, or vice ver­sa, on white fab­ric — red lace.

Design­ers offer this year a large selec­tion of red and white wed­ding dress­es. Among them are short red and white wed­ding dress­es, Greek-style dress­es, as well as long puffy ones.

A huge plus of this dress is that it can be worn as an evening dress after the wed­ding.