Retro style wedding dresses

The mod­ern bride can no longer be sur­prised even by the most chic puffy out­fit. Today, themed wed­dings or wed­dings in retro style are becom­ing very pop­u­lar. Of course, not every­one will be able to put on an old grand­moth­er’s dress, but design­ers have long solved this prob­lem. Retro wed­ding dress­es have appeared in the col­lec­tions of many fash­ion hous­es. Let’s take a clos­er look at what dis­tin­guish­es them from oth­er mod­els of wed­ding dress­es.

Vintage style wedding dresses

Mys­te­ri­ous, ten­der, light, mag­i­cal — all this comes to mind when you see a bride in vin­tage attire. Vin­tage style allows you to choose wed­ding dress­es com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent and incred­i­ble. They are dis­tin­guished by the vari­ety of mate­ri­als used and var­i­ous acces­sories.

You can rec­og­nize vin­tage style wed­ding dress­es by sev­er­al char­ac­ter­is­tic fea­tures.

  1. Mod­ern design­ers do not lim­it them­selves when choos­ing a mate­r­i­al. Light wool, chif­fon, kapron, crico­tine, many nat­ur­al fab­rics like linen and cot­ton are wide­ly used.
  2. Very often, an out­fit is sewn using sev­er­al fab­rics at once. As a rule, these are very inter­est­ing com­bi­na­tions: wool with light chif­fon and tulle, or bro­cade with knitwear.
  3. You will not find such mod­els in every wed­ding salon. This out­fit is ele­gant and very indi­vid­ual, often sewn to order.

As for the styles, they are select­ed accord­ing to the fig­ure and height of the bride, her occu­pa­tion and lifestyle. These can be mod­els one-piece, detach­able, with and with­out sleeves, with a deep neck­line or closed. Often the style has a train of dif­fer­ent lengths. Vin­tage style allows both puffy skirts for princess­es and very tight sexy mod­els for chic women.

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Short puffy wedding dresses

Retro style can also offer meek wed­ding dress­es. The fash­ion of the 60s is still very rel­e­vant among brides. Mod­els are ele­gant and com­fort­able, because the bride does not have to wear a fluffy heavy skirt or fol­low the train.

Many fash­ion hous­es in the new sea­son offer exact­ly short wed­ding dress­es in retro style. Design­ers sug­gest wear­ing them with shoes with wide heels or high plat­form.

Flo­ral applique will be very pop­u­lar in the com­ing sea­son. More­over, this applies not only to the out­fit. Flow­ers on small bags or gloves very accu­rate­ly con­vey retro fash­ion. A well-cho­sen hair­style and make­up will help to com­plete the image cor­rect­ly.

We high­light the eyes well with eye­lin­er, and even out the skin tone. On the eye­lids, you can apply shades of pas­tel shades of green or blue. Do not for­get to paint over the eye­lash­es well, they should be very thick and long.

You can dec­o­rate your hair with the most elab­o­rate acces­sories. Acces­sories made of satin, lace or tulle are very suit­able. Char­ac­ter­is­tic of this style is a neat belt on the dress.

Ankle length wedding dresses

The sil­hou­ette and style of the ankle-length retro style wed­ding dress belongs to the world-famous Chris­t­ian Dior. This style is called “new look”. At one time, he made a big rev­o­lu­tion in the fash­ion world.

Ankle-length wed­ding dress­es tend to have an hour­glass sil­hou­ette. In this out­fit, the chest is empha­sized, and the waist is beau­ti­ful­ly high­light­ed and slight­ly nar­rowed. The neck­line is very mod­er­ate, because it only favor­ably presents the chest line, but does not open it. In this image, a woman is very sim­i­lar to a rose­bud, only slight­ly blos­som­ing.

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For the cool sea­son, design­ers offer an addi­tion in the form of a short del­i­cate jack­et. The col­or scheme varies from tra­di­tion­al white to cream and beige tones. To this image, a small neat hand­bag in the form of an enve­lope is con­sid­ered an ide­al acces­so­ry. As an addi­tion, a high hair­style is very good. Curls will look good.