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The cre­ation of wed­ding dress­es should be done by a per­son to whom it is giv­en by God. If you look at the dress­es of Vic­to­ria Karan­dasho­va, it imme­di­ate­ly becomes clear that the per­son is doing her job, she has abil­i­ties and tal­ent.

Wedding dress with fish train

about the author

Vic­to­ria Karan­dasho­va is not just a wed­ding design­er, brand or trade­mark. This is a whole wed­ding art, which orig­i­nat­ed with the start of the func­tion­ing of the Vic­to­ria Karan­dasho­va fac­to­ry in 1996. On the way to rapid devel­op­ment, even the great com­pe­ti­tion that reigns in this area of ​​u200bu200bfashion has not become an obsta­cle.

Wedding dress with lace back from Victoria Karandasheva

Now the col­lec­tion of Vic­to­ria Karan­dasho­va con­sists of half a thou­sand wed­ding dress­es and about a hun­dred evening dress­es. Although there is noth­ing to be sur­prised about, because lead­ers should work at this lev­el. And Vic­to­ria is just the very leader that every­one who wants to ade­quate­ly present them­selves in the world of wed­ding fash­ion should be equal to.

Dress­es from Vic­to­ria are not dif­fi­cult to find in any CIS coun­try. You can con­tact the branch, choose from the online cat­a­log or go through the wed­ding salons. Each mod­el will have unique­ness, orig­i­nal­i­ty and orig­i­nal­i­ty, there­fore, each new col­lec­tion from the Ukrain­ian design­er is char­ac­ter­ized by diver­si­ty and rich­ness.

Well, how can the eyes not scat­ter here, and the bride not to get con­fused? More­over, each dress, albeit an eco­nom­i­cal option, con­sists of very high qual­i­ty mate­ri­als. This applies to fab­rics and decor.

There is a suit­able option for every bride, whether she is a shy or femme fatale, a wealthy lady or a girl with a lim­it­ed bud­get to buy a dress. Each of you can become the lucky one who will wear a dress from the famous design­er from Ukraine Vic­to­ria Karan­dasho­va for her wed­ding.

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Wedding dress with black lace from Victoria Karandasheva

Popular styles

Each col­lec­tion has a cer­tain price rank­ing. Afford­able dress­es are grouped in the Econ­o­my cat­e­go­ry, out­fits of aver­age price and avail­abil­i­ty are in the Lux­u­ry sec­tion, and the most chic options for wed­ding dress­es will open in the Vip cat­e­go­ry.

Vic­to­ria Karan­dasho­va tried her­self in each vari­ety of styles typ­i­cal for wed­ding dress­es, pre­sent­ing her ver­sion of the vision in mod­els and inter­pre­ta­tions. Let’s go through each of the styles that can be found in the col­lec­tions from Vic­to­ria.

Lace wedding dress with train


An A‑line wed­ding dress is a com­mon style, one might even say Vic­to­ri­a’s favorite. Well, it’s not for noth­ing that about 200 dress­es have just such a style. This is where the tru­ly roy­al choice is pre­sent­ed.

Even bud­get options look rich and pre­sentable, let alone the more expen­sive ones, which were cre­at­ed using a large amount of lace and sparkling ele­ments.

Accord­ing to Vic­to­ria her­self, such dress­es are uni­ver­sal in rela­tion to the type of fig­ure. They are espe­cial­ly suc­cess­ful if you want to hide the splen­dor on the hips. And who doesn’t want to be a princess on their hol­i­day.

A-line wedding dress with drapery

Greek style and Empire

Empire and Greek style have been known for a long time and still do not exhaust them­selves. Design­ers now and then present nov­el­ties that excite the world of wed­ding fash­ion.

Vic­to­ria Karan­dasho­va does not miss this oppor­tu­ni­ty, every year offer­ing brides dress­es that empha­size the chest and smooth out the lines on the hips and stom­ach. Romance and light­ness are hid­den in any Greek dress from Vic­to­ria.

Greek wedding dressEmpire wedding dress

princess style

Puffy ball gowns are the rich­est cat­e­go­ry with a wide selec­tion of fab­u­lous gowns.

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Lush wedding dress with a train

To find a clas­sic look, first of all, you need to look at these out­fits. Every lit­tle girl imag­ines her­self in one of these dress­es. We grow up, but the child­hood dream remains. Vic­to­ria Karan­dasho­va makes all chil­dren’s dreams come true, allow­ing each bride to be a queen at her ball.


Godet (mer­maid, fish) — these dress­es are good for every­one, but they are com­plete­ly inca­pable of hid­ing pos­si­ble flaws in the fig­ure. There­fore, such dress­es are not suit­able for every girl. But on the oth­er hand, if your fig­ure can be called ide­al, then about 50 options for out­fits are offered to your atten­tion.

Your image will flow with sex­u­al­i­ty, and guests will not get tired of admir­ing and admir­ing your chis­eled fig­ure, which will be seduc­tive­ly shroud­ed in the finest fab­rics.

Mermaid wedding dress with lace straps


Short wed­ding dress­es are no longer sub­ject to pro­hi­bi­tions and strict taboos, as it was before. Now the tra­di­tions for wed­ding fash­ion have become not so strict, which allows you to short­en dress­es accord­ing to your pref­er­ence.

Wedding short dress with train

The pres­ence of slen­der, beau­ti­ful and well-groomed legs can already serve as a good rea­son for your wed­ding dress to have a mini length. Add to this the con­ve­nience that a short dress gives. But the wed­ding day will be event­ful and will require activ­i­ty from the bride.

And try in a long, puffy, ball gown to have fun to the fullest. In a word, short wed­ding dress­es are the choice of active girls who do not want to sit at the table for the entire wed­ding evening and watch the fun of the guests.

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