short veil

Dur­ing the time of the Cru­sades, a tra­di­tion arose in Europe to present a bride wrapped from head to toe in a white veil to the knight-groom. Mod­ern cus­toms are not so con­ser­v­a­tive — brides can choose a veil of any length. There­fore, a short veil becomes a fre­quent attribute of a wed­ding dress.

What is a short wedding veil?

Today, brides wear the veil that best suits the style of the dress, hair­style and face type: a puffy waist-length veil, short thin chif­fon to the shoul­der line, or a tiny veil. The only con­di­tion when choos­ing a short veil is that the fab­ric of the veil match­es the trim of the dress. At the same time, it is desir­able that the bot­tom of the veil fol­lows the con­tours of the bot­tom of the wed­ding skirt. It is worth not­ing that a short veil is not for every­one. Own­ers of chub­by cheeks and a round face need to think care­ful­ly before wear­ing a very short veil.

Veil for short hair

Noth­ing will dec­o­rate a bride’s short hair­cut like a short veil. The short­er the hair, the short­er the veil should be cho­sen. A retro wave style com­bined with a short veil or veil will cre­ate a won­der­ful vin­tage look. The veil can be fixed either direct­ly on the hair or on a small wed­ding hat, which is best put on its side.

Wedding hairstyles with a short veil

In addi­tion to the vin­tage look with strict waves, there are sev­er­al more pop­u­lar wed­ding hair­styles for a short veil:

  • high retro hair­style in the style of the 60s;
  • freely falling curls of the same length as the veil;
  • a smooth hair­style with a knot at the back of the head under a lush short veil no longer than the belt.
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Hair­styles with a short veil can also be asym­met­ri­cal. They are effec­tive­ly crowned with a long veil, which can be fixed on the oth­er side of the hair­style, where the strands are longer.

Veil for a short dress

The short wed­ding dress is back in fash­ion. The short­er the skirt of the dress, the short­er the veil is sup­posed to be. A short fluffy veil will be in per­fect har­mo­ny with a dress in which the skirt in front is short­er than in the back. The trendy option is a straight mini dress above the knees in com­bi­na­tion with a shoul­der-length veil.