silver wedding rings

Sil­ver wed­ding bands are now one of the best jew­el­ry for cou­ples get­ting ready to get mar­ried. Not every­one choos­es gold items, con­sid­er­ing it a clas­sic and banal option. Sil­ver is a more bud­get-friend­ly option com­pared to gold, but it cer­tain­ly has its own spe­cial beau­ty and ten­der­ness.

Silver wedding rings — a look from the past and present

If we recall the his­to­ry and tra­di­tions, it would be use­ful to say that in Rus’, the new­ly­weds exchanged rings dur­ing the wed­ding: a man was sup­posed to be gold, and a woman was sup­posed to be sil­ver. It was believed that a wom­an’s sil­ver wed­ding ring is a sym­bol of the moon, which is able to reflect sun­light.

Today, the choice of this noble met­al is deter­mined more by per­son­al pref­er­ences than by tra­di­tion. By pur­chas­ing paired sil­ver wed­ding rings, the bride and groom may even be repelled by char­ac­ter traits. Some­one prefers thin mod­els with slight­ly notice­able weav­ing, while some­one, on the con­trary, choos­es mas­sive, wide options with pat­terns.

Paired sil­ver wed­ding rings do not have to be the same for future spous­es. Girls most often choose com­plex weav­ing pat­terns, with inserts and stones, while men pre­fer smooth, con­cise options.

Options for combinations of silver wedding rings

In gen­er­al, there can be a lot of options for “play­ing” with sil­ver, its com­bi­na­tions and com­bi­na­tions:

  1. A kind of alter­na­tive, in essence, are wed­ding rings made of sil­ver with gild­ing, which out­ward­ly prac­ti­cal­ly do not dif­fer from gold items, but are much cheap­er. It is believed that such a coat­ing makes the jew­el­ry more durable, and also pro­tects it from pre­ma­ture dark­en­ing. Gold-plat­ed sil­ver wed­ding rings today exist in var­i­ous designs, includ­ing thin and wide mod­els, with stones, inserts and com­plete­ly smooth — so the choice is very large.
  2. Sil­ver and gold wed­ding rings are a com­bi­na­tion of two con­trasts: cold and warm. Par­tic­u­lar­ly inter­est­ing are the vari­ants of prod­ucts with the impo­si­tion of two met­als, which cre­ates the appear­ance of a com­bi­na­tion of seem­ing­ly white and yel­low gold, and not sil­ver.
  3. Engraved sil­ver wed­ding rings are most often cho­sen by orig­i­nal natures. At the same time, you can buy a fair­ly wide prod­uct at a rea­son­able price and pay for engrav­ing — an inscrip­tion invent­ed by lovers. Thus, the ring, although it will not turn out to be cheap in the end, since the process of apply­ing let­ters and sym­bols to sil­ver plat­ing is expen­sive, will be unique, unique and inim­itable.
  4. Sil­ver engage­ment rings with dia­monds are an expen­sive and lux­u­ri­ous option. It is believed that the more spec­tac­u­lar the ring, the brighter the fam­i­ly life will be. At the same time, it is not nec­es­sary to choose prod­ucts with a large num­ber of large dia­monds. On the con­trary, let it be bet­ter ele­gant and neat, with one, two, or a scat­ter­ing of small peb­bles.
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