Simple wedding dresses

Many girls are tired of pathos and pom­pos­i­ty, spe­cial­ly empha­sized lux­u­ry and flashy mag­nif­i­cence. Indeed, in fash­ion, as in con­ver­sa­tion, some­times under­state­ment and silence can say more than mil­lions of epi­thets and metaphors. Today, nat­u­ral­ness and sim­plic­i­ty are present in the col­lec­tions of many famous design­ers. This trend has not bypassed wed­ding dress­es, mak­ing sim­ple wed­ding dress­es the main trend of recent sea­sons.

Simple cut wedding dresses — universal solutions

Opin­ions that a sup­pos­ed­ly sim­ple wed­ding dress is the pre­rog­a­tive of a “gray mouse” or a bride who is not get­ting mar­ried for the first time are extreme­ly erro­neous. There are sit­u­a­tions in which a mod­est wed­ding dress will be sim­ply nec­es­sary:

  1. A sim­ple wed­ding dress comes to the res­cue when the bride’s bud­get is tight and she can’t afford expen­sive décor. Many styl­ists even claim that the sim­pler the dress, the more expen­sive it looks.
  2. Mar­riage involves church and civ­il cer­e­monies. A wed­ding dress should have a mod­er­ate neck­line, closed shoul­ders and a length below the knees. Too trans­par­ent dress­es, flashy col­ors and bold cutouts in this case will be out of place.
  3. Sim­ple dress­es are suit­able for girls with a dif­fi­cult fig­ure. They per­fect­ly hide flaws and give the image fem­i­nin­i­ty and nobil­i­ty.

Types of simple wedding dresses

Sim­ple wed­ding dress­es are dif­fer­ent in col­or, mate­r­i­al and decor. But the main cri­te­ri­on, of course, is the style and length of the dress.

A sim­ple short wed­ding dress is pre­ferred by own­ers of slen­der legs and a chis­eled fig­ure. Such a dress empha­sizes the youth and a cer­tain play­ful­ness of the bride, cre­at­ing an image wor­thy of the cov­er of any wed­ding mag­a­zine. Looks great with a cropped veil and small lace gloves.

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Unlike short ones, sim­ple puffy wed­ding dress­es are more tra­di­tion­al and empha­size the solem­ni­ty of the event and the grandeur of the bride. Such out­fits also per­fect­ly hide fig­ure flaws, focus­ing on the waist or décol­leté. A bride in a long dress will look great in pho­tos and attract every­one’s atten­tion. In addi­tion to puffy and short dress­es, there are A‑shaped dress­es, straight, Empire, Mer­maid and oth­ers.

Remem­ber that even the sim­plest wed­ding dress will look per­fect on you if you are sin­cere­ly hap­py, and your radi­ant smile will remain the best dec­o­ra­tion!