The Snow Queen

The “hottest” time for wed­dings — autumn — has passed. But for love, as you know, there are no bar­ri­ers, so despite the fact that there is snow and bliz­zard out­side, many cou­ples still get mar­ried even in harsh win­ter. More­over, a win­ter wed­ding has its advan­tages — the snowy land­scape is a very beau­ti­ful nat­ur­al scenery and the pho­tos will turn out just mag­i­cal!

Snow Queen or Snow Maid­en: choose a dress

In bridal salons today you will find many options for beau­ti­ful win­ter dress­es. It can be a wed­ding suit with trousers or a skirt, or a dress. By the way, most brides still make their choice in favor of the lat­ter. So, what advice do styl­ists give us on choos­ing a win­ter wed­ding dress?

  1. Style. Styl­ists rec­om­mend not to wear very puffy dress­es in win­ter. First­ly, under such an out­fit it will blow, and sec­ond­ly, dress­es that empha­size the seduc­tive curves and har­mo­ny of the bride are in fash­ion. The most opti­mal out­fit for the “win­ter” bride will be a long closed dress with sleeves and a stand-up col­lar. But if, guid­ed by the desire to look fash­ion­able, you have made your choice in favor of a low-cut dress or a sleeve­less out­fit, you should pur­chase an addi­tion­al item of cloth­ing for it — a blouse, bolero, cape, etc. It is desir­able that the dress does not touch the floor. That is why out­fits with a train are a taboo for win­ter. First­ly, the hem of a dress that is too long can sim­ply get dirty or wet, and sec­ond­ly, you must agree that it is not at all con­ve­nient to move around in the snow in a dress with a drag­ging train. A her­ring­bone style out­fit, as well as a wed­ding dress with flounces, will look very unusu­al and appro­pri­ate in win­ter.
  2. Mate­r­i­al. The most ide­al fab­rics for a “win­ter” out­fit are bro­cade, vel­vet, crepe and satin. Dress­es trimmed with fur look very appro­pri­ate.
  3. Col­or. In win­ter, you should stick to the col­ors typ­i­cal of this time of year — and this, of course, is white, as well as blue, blue, green and red. If you choose a snow-white dress, you will nev­er lose. Dress­es with bright scar­let, green or blue accents, as well as dress­es in sat­u­rat­ed col­ors — blue, black or red, look very impres­sive against the back­ground of white snow. And if you want some­thing unusu­al and del­i­cate, you can pick up a dress of steel, sil­ver, gold or pearl shades.
  4. Decor. If you set­tled on a snow-white out­fit, you can dec­o­rate it with a bright con­trast­ing bow or rib­bon. The dress itself can be dec­o­rat­ed with a “win­ter” pat­tern in the form of snowflakes or edged with fur. Design­ers also dec­o­rate dress­es with met­al inserts, encrust with rhine­stones, stones, dec­o­rate with pat­terns of beads, sequins and sparkles.
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Undoubt­ed­ly, you can’t walk in one dress in win­ter, so the bride will cer­tain­ly have to pick up out­er­wear for him. After all, a bride in a mag­nif­i­cent dress and a gray sheep­skin coat will look well, not at all har­mo­nious. Out­er­wear must cer­tain­ly be select­ed specif­i­cal­ly for the wed­ding dress — tak­ing into account the style, col­or and oth­er fea­tures.

Fur prod­ucts are always in trend, so you won’t go wrong if you choose a white fur coat or short fur coat for your wed­ding dress. More­over, the fur coat can be both short and long — it all depends on your desire and the style of the dress.

The wed­ding coat has also become a trend. It will make any out­fit emphat­i­cal­ly ele­gant and sophis­ti­cat­ed.

Options for a not very cold win­ter are a jack­et, a bolero or a cape. They can be either but­ton-down or tie-down.

If you do not want to ruin your hair, but at the same time do not want your head to freeze, choose a mod­el of out­er­wear with a hood.


Acces­sories are just as impor­tant as the dress. In win­ter, you can and even need to dec­o­rate your image with wed­ding gloves and a fur muff. A small fur hand­bag will also look very har­mo­nious with the out­fit. A fur hat will pro­tect your head from wind and snow. In addi­tion, spe­cial head­phones with fur are now very rel­e­vant, in which you will cer­tain­ly be warmer than in a veil or dia­dem.

Jew­el­ry is bet­ter to choose cold tones. Sil­ver, white gold, pearls, moon­stone are ide­al. The Snow Queen will also be adorned with ear­rings, tiaras and hair­pins in the shape of a frosty pat­tern.

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Feet should always be kept warm. There­fore, depend­ing on the weath­er, you should choose ankle boots, boots or spe­cial wed­ding ugg boots for the street, and you can change into shoes indoors. In win­ter, wed­ding shoes are most often dec­o­rat­ed with fur, rhine­stones and lac­ing. Try to find boots made of light leather — this is not dif­fi­cult to do, because the choice of shoes for a wed­ding, includ­ing for the cold sea­son, is great today.