Summerdresses - 58 photos of models for the most fashionable brides

Sum­mer­dress­es 2018 are beau­ti­ful prod­ucts made of light and airy fab­rics that can turn the bride into a real princess from a fairy tale. Even trend­set­ters took into account all the tastes of mod­ern women and pre­sent­ed non-triv­ial solu­tions in den­im for extrav­a­gant peo­ple who pre­fer the bru­tal­i­ty of hip­pies, glam rock and grunge in every­thing.

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Chic sum­mer 2018dresses in the style of sophis­ti­cat­ed French charm from the time of the style leg­end, Coco Chanel, return to the podi­um to replace volu­mi­nous and bulky things. These can be maxi, midi and mini mod­els of not only her A‑line and sheath dress, but also airy sum­mer­dress­es cut off at the waist line with a one-lay­er skirt or “dudes”. Styles are in trend:

  • tra­di­tion­al “mer­maid”;
  • a com­bi­na­tion of “mer­maid” year or year. dresses fashion trends summer

Brides who like to cre­ate unusu­al ensem­bles can look for great trendy sum­mer­dress­es in pas­tel col­ors, as well as in pink, sky and blue shades. The fash­ion includes bright dress­es in red and blue, in all their tint com­bi­na­tions and even two col­or com­bi­na­tions. Mod­ern options come with addi­tion­al design­er decor in the form of rhine­stones, Swarovs­ki stones, embroi­dery, open­work and guipure inserts and lace. Flounces and ruf­fles remained pop­u­lar. dresses summer 2018

Floor length summerdress

Unpar­al­leled del­i­cate sum­mer long maxi length­dress­es are mod­els sewn from a guipure open­work top and a floor-length satin flared skirt with a wide belt at the waist. Girls who pre­fer puffy tra­di­tion­al dress­es can choose a mag­nif­i­cent haute cou­ture prod­uct with a puffy and tiered flounced skirt on a corset in a snow-white ver­sion, where heavy silk or satin har­mo­nious­ly alter­nates with tone-on-tone tulle. These things do not need addi­tion­al decor for the dress, which will visu­al­ly make the image heav­ier.

floor length summerdress

A beau­ti­ful den­im dress-suit will look non-triv­ial — a super choice for cre­at­ing youth den­im bows for brides who, for exam­ple, decid­ed to get mar­ried dur­ing a rock fes­ti­val in Kazan­tip, or in coun­try style. Sum­mer silk mer­maid­dress­es with a glit­ter effect on the fab­ric and a slit embell­ished at the back will be the per­fect basis for cre­at­ing a flaw­less roman­tic look. If you com­ple­ment the ensem­ble with clas­sic shoes, a long veil and an orig­i­nal set, you will get a chic­dress.

summer longdresses

Summer shortdresses

On the world podi­um in the new sea­son, retro and eth­no are com­plete­ly dom­i­nat­ing, and light sum­mer mini-length­dress­es in den­im and bro­cade with a detach­able silk train or a puffy skirt with a hem drop are proof of this. Young and young women of fash­ion will like short mod­els with a sun-flared skirt and an inter­est­ing decor in the form of a volu­mi­nous open­work pat­tern, embroi­dery or appliqués. Such styles can be a two-in-one solu­tion, and are easy to fit for a prom, and for a wed­ding.

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summer shortdresseslight summerdresses

Fashionable summerdresses

What sum­mer­dress­es 2018 will be the most in demand?

  1. Puffy dress­es with mul­ti-tiered sun-flared skirts, or with hoops, will not go out of trend, although high fash­ion relies on sophis­ti­cat­ed min­i­mal­ism. At the peak of pop­u­lar­i­ty, due to the tri­umphant return of the hip­pies, den­im mod­els and com­bined prod­ucts from light and fly­ing fab­rics with bru­tal den­im. Sum­mer­dress­es with a corset with bare shoul­ders, com­bin­ing a year-round skirt and a small train with a roman­tic trans­par­ent cape on the shoul­ders, will also be a styl­ish choice.
trendy summerdresses
  1. For brides who love glam­or chic, fash­ion design­ers offer floor-length maxi pieces made of heavy silk or satin with a glit­ter effect in bright and rich col­ors, per­fect even for lush beau­ties. An incom­pa­ra­bly fem­i­nine solu­tion will be snow-white exquis­ite floor-length dress­es with an asym­met­ric cut, addi­tion­al decor in the form of ruf­fles and front cor­ru­gat­ed folds on one shoul­der. These styles are made in the style of a la antiq­ui­ty.
summerdresses 2018

Summer puffydresses

Haute cou­ture sum­mer 2018dresses are incom­pa­ra­ble mod­els with embroi­dery and an orig­i­nal yoke, mul­ti-lay­ered skirts, both on hoops and from tulle in sev­er­al tiers. The most pop­u­lar top styl­ists con­sid­er a corset with bare shoul­ders, if the fig­ure allows. Addi­tion­al decor:

  • top pleat­ed skirt in the style of a lux­u­ri­ous empire, betray­ing splen­dor; can be detached and fas­tened with a unique brooch or sewn under a thin belt that suc­cess­ful­ly empha­sizes the waist;
  • a corset of shiny cot­ton and a yoke with a thin belt.
summer puffydresses

If you pre­fer eth­no styles, or if you like sum­mer­dress­es in an exquis­ite ori­en­tal style with a lot of jew­el­ry, you should take a clos­er look at haute cou­ture mod­els. For exam­ple, to a dress from Celia Krithar­i­oti with a two-tiered skirt con­sist­ing of small ruf­fles and a top in the form of a T‑shirt with thin straps, a V‑shaped deep neck­line and ele­gant ruf­fles. As always, dress­es from Zuhair Murad col­lec­tions amaze with splen­dor, com­bin­ing sophis­ti­cat­ed French charm and lux­u­ry of the East at the same time. dresses summer

Lace summerdresses

To cre­ate exclu­sivelooks, lead­ing fash­ion design­ers offer sum­mer dress­es for aevening, sewn entire­ly from guipure or open­work knit­ting with or with­out a sheath, the choice depends on the pref­er­ences of the bride. They look great in all shades of white and pearl col­ors. These prod­ucts can have dif­fer­ent lengths, but styl­ists rec­om­mend choos­ing floor-length maxi and midi to avoid dishar­mo­ny. Solu­tions that com­bine expen­sive fab­rics, for exam­ple, satin or silk and lace in the form of volu­mi­nous wing sleeves, inserts through­out the prod­uct and low­er frills, will look great.

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lace summerdressessummer dresses forevening

Summerdresses retro

Styl­ish sum­mer­dress­es are made in the spir­it of the updat­ed and tra­di­tion­al retro, which is lead­ing the world podi­um. These are impec­ca­ble and chic style mod­els not only of Coco Chanel her­self, but also of her fol­low­ers. If you want to be the cen­ter of atten­tion at your own wed­ding, like a bride, and be known as a true fash­ion­ista, feel free to choose unusu­al dress­es in cream and pink col­ors:

  • styles “bell” and “Tatyan­ka” and “dude”;
  • maxi “Span­ish” with an abun­dance of small ruf­fles and lantern sleeves from Chanel.
summerdresses retro

In the new sea­son, emi­nent cou­turi­ers drew orig­i­nal ideas from the fash­ion of past cen­turies, cre­at­ing stun­ning retro­dress­es in pas­tels for a real Cin­derel­la, with bare shoul­ders and inlaid with rhine­stones and small stones through­out the prod­uct. For those brides who pre­fer to sur­prise every­one with their extrav­a­gant looks, lead­ing fash­ion design­ers have offered a non-triv­ial option in white tones in the Dis­co style.

stylish summerdresses

Summerdresses in Greek style

Lux­u­ri­ous sum­mer­dress­es a la antiq­ui­ty with bril­liance repeat the styles of dress­es of the god­dess­es of Olym­pus that have not gone out of wom­en’s fash­ion for two mil­len­nia, neo­clas­si­cal and mod­i­fied accord­ing to mod­ern trends of “Greek women” and “Roman women”. Fem­i­nine and roman­tic, in pure white, these airy sum­mer­dress­es will eas­i­ly become the basis for cre­at­ing a flaw­less­look for any bride.

summerdresses in greek style

Dress­es in a clas­sic antique design, with an accent under the bust line and a loose flared skirt, are suit­able for fash­ion­istas with lux­u­ri­ous shapes, they will per­fect­ly hide small fig­ure flaws. These pat­terns can be:

  • with a V‑shaped or oval neck­line;
  • asym­met­ri­cal cut with one-shoul­der strap;
  • with a thin fring­ing along the neck­line with bare shoul­ders.
luxury summerdresses

Summerdress with a slit

The styles of sum­mer fly­ing­dress­es with deep side, front and back slits look attrac­tive. Sim­i­lar solu­tions are sewn from light fab­rics: chif­fon, crepe de chine, organ­za and geor­gette crepe, they can be trans­form­ers, with a detach­able train that imi­tates the effect of a cut. Design­ers try not to bur­den their prod­ucts with catchy and intru­sive decor, they lim­it them­selves to cor­ru­gat­ed folds, lace or guipure tops, and an ele­gant belt that high­lights the waist. Also a great choice would be a dress with a wrap effect on a corset.

summer flyingdressessummerdress with slit

Summerdresses for the sea

A sum­mer beach­dress made of den­im is a great solu­tion for brides who pre­fer non-triv­ial and orig­i­nal out­fits even for a wed­ding, espe­cial­ly if the over­all bow is designed in eth­no and mul­ti-lay­ered bru­tal­i­ty. Also per­fect­ly fit into the light atmos­phere of a beach­sum­mer­dress­es 2018 maxi in the floor of fly­ing fab­rics with a sin­gle-lay­er sun-flared skirt. If mini and midi options are pre­ferred, brides can look for beau­ti­ful and light retro vin­tage mod­els or tunic dress­es.

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summerdresses for the seasummer beachdress

Summerdresses for pregnant women

Beau­ti­ful and sim­ple sum­mer­dress­es with a free cut, “Greek women” and styles a la Natasha Ros­to­va are suit­able for women in posi­tion. These fly­ing maxi mod­els are the best base for cre­at­ing a chi­censem­ble in which the preg­nant woman will feel com­plete­ly com­fort­able. Haute cou­ture decor: con­trast­ing belts, ruf­fles and frills, lace inserts, inter­est­ing acces­sories.

discount summerdresses for pregnant womensimple summerdresses

Cape on adress in summer

In the new sea­son, along with the veil, a light, open­work or trans­par­ent sum­mer cape for adress has come into fash­ion, which can be long or short, go like a cardi­gan or kimono, hang freely and be tucked under a wide belt along the waist line. Brands in their col­lec­tions Valenti­no and Schi­a­par­el­li pre­sent­ed stun­ning sum­mer two-piece­dress­es in eth­no stylewhere in the first case the cape is made with an open­work cardi­gan to the floor, and in the sec­ond — with an orig­i­nal bolero with con­trast­ing mul­ti-col­ored inserts.

cape fordress in summersummer cape fordress

Summerdress accessories

Accord­ing to styl­ists, stock­ings for adress in sum­mer should be 20 Denier so that they are not hot. In fash­ion are white and nude, or repeat­ing the col­or of the dress, stock­ings, both with a pat­tern and with­out, the choice depends on per­son­al pref­er­ences, you can add a garter. Stock­ings with lac­ing under a den­im short dress will look orig­i­nal. Oth­er acces­sories: hand­bags, veils and arti­fi­cial flow­ers for her or hair orna­ments, brooches and jew­el­ry — to the taste of the bride, but in a har­mo­nious com­bi­na­tion.

Stockings for adress in summer

Sum­mer­dress acces­sories

summerdress accessoriessummerdress bags

Summerdress shoes

Style trend­set­ters offer brides to com­bine beau­ti­ful sum­mer­dress­es with the clas­sics of the genre — boats on a com­fort­able glass or not too high heels. For com­plete com­fort, you can choose shoes with a plat­form and a sta­ble trendy heel. It will not be bad man­ners, espe­cial­ly if it is prob­lem­at­ic to stand on stilet­tos all day long, choose leather san­dals, shoes and slip­pers on an ele­gant wedge heel, or with a low heel, for sum­mer­dress­es.

summerdress shoes

Mod­ern fash­ion is demo­c­ra­t­ic and does not impose strict restric­tions, any exper­i­ments are allowed to your own taste. It is easy to pick up low-speed shoes for mini, midi, den­im and eth­nic dress­es. For exam­ple, san­dals and lacon­ic slip­pers with­out heels and ele­gant bal­let flats, orig­i­nal ankle boots, low shoes, sum­mer boots and even Cos­sacks. How­ev­er, styl­ists cat­e­gor­i­cal­ly say “no” to sneak­ers and sneak­ers for­dress­es, if this is not an all-den­im look.

beautiful summerdresses