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Wedding dresses from Amour Bridal

Stun­ning sil­hou­ettes and a graph­i­cal­ly well-defined fig­ure, nov­el­ty com­bined with clas­sic ideas, eccen­tric trim and del­i­cate lace — all this is the cre­ation of the famous brand Amour Bridal for tai­lor­ing wed­ding dress­es.

Mermaid wedding dress from Amur Bridal

About the brand

The bridal fash­ion brand Amour Bridal was born in Barcelona. In a very short time, they began to speak of him as a leader. FROMNow there are more than a hun­dred brand­ed stores around the world, so there is no prob­lem buy­ing a dress from Amur Bridal for your­self.. And even wed­ding salons are hap­py to present the cre­ations of this design­er.

Lush wedding dress from the Alma collection

Amour Bridal has adopt­ed a heart-shaped bodice as the basis for their wed­ding dress­es, which is com­bined with two types of skirts. One skirt has a slight flare, and the sec­ond con­sists of sev­er­al lay­ers and is char­ac­ter­ized by a com­plex shape.

Tiered wedding dress from Amur BridalLush wedding dress from the Alma collection

The design­er did not bypass the clas­sics either. Trib­ute was giv­en in the form of puffy out­fits, Empire style mod­els, straight dress­es, now pop­u­lar “mer­maids”, mod­est Greek, short, and of course — lace.

All this vari­ety of styles and mod­els demon­strates roy­al gloss, but with­out frills and exag­ger­a­tions. The bride will not be able to say that she does not like any­thing here and she has noth­ing to choose from.

Recognizable brand details

There are such dress­es that, by their appear­ance alone, speak of their cre­ator. And this despite the fact that an inde­cent­ly large num­ber of peo­ple are engaged in the cre­ation of wed­ding clothes. If you look at the col­lec­tions of Amur Bridal, then from the very first mod­el you rec­og­nize the pres­ence of a spe­cial hand­writ­ing:

  • the corset has a proud fit;
  • if the dress has a bodice, then it is tight, and the cups are smooth and com­fort­able;
  • the design­er tries to bypass the intro­duc­tion of straps into the image (in rare cas­es, you can find mod­els with remov­able straps);
  • Ivory is prob­a­bly the design­er’s favorite col­or, as it is the main one.
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Wedding dress with drapery by Amur Bridal

Frank­ness and impu­dence are not about Amour Bridal. No, of course there are short­ened mod­els here, with frank cutouts and cuts, but they all have nat­ur­al mod­esty.

Dec­o­ra­tion is pre­sent­ed in a min­i­mal way and is embod­ied in extreme­ly lacon­ic embroi­dery, unob­tru­sive lace, mod­est drap­ery and a min­i­mum num­ber of stones. Decor is always used exact­ly as much as nec­es­sary to reveal the image. The design­er is firm­ly con­vinced that it is the bride who is the main jew­el, and not the dress on her.

If a corset is pro­vid­ed in the mod­el, then it will def­i­nite­ly be mod­el­ing. It remains only to choose the right size to look state­ly and sophis­ti­cat­ed.


Four col­lec­tions are pre­sent­ed to the atten­tion of the brides at once, the name of which reflects the essence of the out­fits: ALMA, which is trans­lat­ed from Span­ish as “soul”, AMOUR (even with­out know­ing French, you can under­stand that this means love), DIVINA or soul, RECATO in trans­la­tion again from Span­ish means mod­esty.


Here, the ancient Greek fash­ion clear­ly responds, which was dis­tin­guished by sophis­ti­ca­tion and light­ness. Each mod­el from this col­lec­tion was cre­at­ed from flow­ing fab­rics. Among the ele­ments an impor­tant place is occu­pied by bare shoul­ders, tails and mod­est assem­blies.

The design­er man­aged to make a mas­ter­piece out of the clas­sic sil­hou­ette of a Greek dress and fill it with sim­plic­i­ty, inno­cence and sophis­ti­ca­tion. Such dress­es were cre­at­ed for del­i­cate girls, frag­ile natures with an almost unearth­ly image. Although the entire col­lec­tion has a maxi length, but still a few short mod­els have found their place.

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Short wedding dress from the Divina collection


This col­lec­tion has col­lect­ed all the girl’s dreams. It is here that you should choose your future wed­ding dress for princess­es who like every­thing lush, airy, light. Skirts have sev­er­al lay­ers and even tiers.

Wedding dress from the ALMA collection closed from Amur Bridal

If lux­u­ry, then roy­al, if grace, then aris­to­crat­ic, and if nobil­i­ty, then cer­tain­ly majes­tic. Not a sin­gle out­fit from this col­lec­tion could do with­out a beau­ti­ful corset. At what one corset is more beau­ti­ful than anoth­er. Some­where embroi­dery attracts, anoth­er is strewn with rhine­stones and pre­cious stones, and the third beck­ons with del­i­cate flow­ers.

The right move was to use tul­ma­rine and satin. There are suit­able dress options even for those natures who are torn between the desire to dress in the image of a princess and demon­strate their orig­i­nal­i­ty.

The mini length in a lace skirt will serve as just the option that you have been look­ing for.

Hi-low wedding dress


She com­bined all the most unusu­al and orig­i­nal that only the fan­ta­sy of a design­er from Barcelona could give out. There are no usu­al pat­terns here, but it is full of real works of art.

It seems that Amour Bridal direct­ed all his bold and bright ideas to be embod­ied in this col­lec­tion. There are a large num­ber of shut­tle­cocks, var­i­ous tucks, numer­ous assem­blies, com­plex mul­ti-tiered fab­ric struc­tures. And all this diver­si­ty is placed on clas­sic styles.


After the excit­ing and crazy Amur col­lec­tion, the mod­els from the Reca­to line seem very calm and mod­est. Although it can­not be oth­er­wise when the main char­ac­ter is lace.

In each mod­el, in dif­fer­ent quan­ti­ties and on dif­fer­ent ele­ments of dress­es: on the skirt, sleeves, which turned out to be small, neat and ele­gant, on the corset, bodice or neck­line. Although there is nev­er a lot of lace, Amour Bridal kept to the mea­sure.

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