Wedding dress colors

Pink wedding dress - for romantic and tender brides

Every­thing in the world is chang­ing, includ­ing wed­ding fash­ion does not stand still. Now more and more brides are striv­ing for bright and unusu­al looks, few­er and few­er choose mod­est and dis­creet dress­es. And what, if not col­or, can trans­form a dress, and, accord­ing­ly, the bride her­self. So it turns out that col­ored dress­es are increas­ing­ly being cho­sen for the wed­ding.

Colored wedding dress

Indeed, why should a bride on her most impor­tant day give up her favorite col­or, which is most suit­able and empha­sizes every­thing that needs to be empha­sized. Take at least a pink wed­ding dress. Why not? This col­or is not aggres­sive, gen­tle and beau­ti­ful.

Choose length and style

Accord­ing to tra­di­tion, a wed­ding dress should be closed, mod­est and not defi­ant. Maxi length, sleeves and shoul­ders closed. But why not devi­ate from the rules and choose what you real­ly want. At the same time, do not be afraid of con­dem­na­tion and mis­un­der­stand­ing. Feel free to choose the length that you think would be appro­pri­ate.

Pink lace wedding dress

Long wed­ding dress­es can be pre­sent­ed in three ver­sions:

  • lush;
  • straight;
  • mer­maid.

The first ver­sion of the dress in pink is the choice for princess­es whose wed­ding will have a car­toon theme.

A straight dress serves as the basis for an ele­gant look. If it is of a sim­ple cut and a min­i­mum of jew­el­ry is used, then a snow-white fur coat will be ben­e­fi­cial to empha­size the sophis­ti­ca­tion of the out­fit.

Straight pink wedding dress

The mer­maid wed­ding dress, made in pink, is espe­cial­ly mes­mer­iz­ing.

Short dress­es in pink are the per­fect choice for eccen­tric young ladies. There is no risk of merg­ing with the crowd of guests, but there is a chance of guests appear­ing. Well, do not refuse because of this from the dress that you have been dream­ing of for so long.

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It is enough to choose a light shade of pink and think about mak­ing your dress with a long train. Fol­low these sim­ple rules and your image will be rec­og­nized as the most orig­i­nal.

Choosing the shade of the dress

In fact, pink is very rich, and the num­ber of its shades opens up unlim­it­ed pos­si­bil­i­ties for the bride regard­ing the choice of dress. So, let’s start con­sid­er­ing those vari­a­tions of pink that will be appro­pri­ate in a wed­ding dress.

shades of pink wedding dress

Light pink

It can be con­sid­ered as a win-win and always up-to-date option. Almost clas­sic and tra­di­tion­al, but still a bit orig­i­nal, unusu­al and quite inter­est­ing.

If the bride is blonde, and even has fair skin, then oth­er options should not even be con­sid­ered. On dark skin, a soft pink col­or, by the way, also looks good.

Pale pink wedding dress

Pale pink

This shade serves as a neu­tral and to some extent even a uni­ver­sal col­or, next to which decor can be present and even in large quan­ti­ties. In such an out­fit, it is good to mar­ry young ladies who have already had expe­ri­ence of mar­riage.

It seems to be not white, which is not entire­ly appro­pri­ate in this sit­u­a­tion, but at the same time it is not far from the clas­sics. If even the stars choose pale pink out­fits for them­selves, like Reese With­er­spoon, then why are we worse.

hot pink

Hot pink is not often seen on the bride. You need to have at least the courage to appear in such an unusu­al dress and be the cen­ter of atten­tion, admi­ra­tion and dis­cus­sion all evening.

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This col­or is a dec­o­ra­tion in itself, so it will not tol­er­ate neigh­bor­hood with oth­er dec­o­ra­tions, decor and col­or accents. There­fore, the cut is the sim­plest, and the decor is min­i­mal. You can’t devi­ate from this rule, because you may not notice how you turn from a bride into don’t under­stand what.

Hot pink wedding dress

pastel pink

Pas­tel pink is very close to white. This option can be cho­sen by those girls for whom the clas­sic snow-white col­or does not suit at all.

Pastel pink wedding dress

White and pink wedding dress

The com­bi­na­tion of white and pink in a wed­ding dress serves as an inter­me­di­ate option, which can be very inter­est­ing. You just need to cor­rect­ly place the col­or accents.

Pink col­or can be present on the bodice or skirt of the dress, as well as on a satin rib­bon in a wide ver­sion, on a bow or on a chif­fon gath­er.

Also, a pink bow can often be found on puffy dress­es on the side, on a nar­row one — in front or in the corset area. Some design­ers man­age to cre­ate a har­mo­nious look with a pink bow placed at the very base of the skirt.

Wedding dress with pink bow

If the pink col­or is con­cen­trat­ed in the waist area, then most often it is a wide rib­bon. Con­trast can be cre­at­ed by stones.

Many design­ers con­tin­ue to exper­i­ment with pink flow­ers that are placed on the dress. There can be many vari­a­tions with the shape of the flow­ers them­selves, the pecu­liar­i­ty of their place­ment and embod­i­ment.

White and pink puffy wedding dress

Harmony is in the details

There is no doubt that the bride’s pink out­fit will make her the bright­est dec­o­ra­tion of the wed­ding. But the cer­e­mo­ny itself must cor­re­spond to the cho­sen image. This applies to the over­all col­or scheme and style — they must be com­bined with the bride’s dress.

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Choose pink motifs for dec­o­rat­ing a wed­ding, then light­ness and romance will soar even in the air, and all guests will be infect­ed with love.

Where pink can be present:

  • in a tie, bou­ton­niere or pock­et square from the groom;
  • in dec­o­ra­tions on a car wed­ding cortege;
  • in the inte­ri­or of the restau­rant;
  • in acces­sories cho­sen for brides­maids and friends of the new­ly­weds;
  • in col­ors that can make up a pink cloud.
Pink wedding dress accessories

A pink evening dress on a brides­maid will help make the bride’s exit more mem­o­rable. Only this dress should be more mod­est than the bride’s out­fit. The shades of these two dress­es should cre­ate har­mo­ny, but not merge or clog each oth­er. Such images of young and love­ly crea­tures will be filled with charm.


You can’t just choose a pink dress and relax. The image should be care­ful­ly thought out, acces­sories should fit and har­mo­nize per­fect­ly. It is for a white dress that you can safe­ly choose jew­el­ry of any col­or and shape, and only warm col­ors can be used with a pink out­fit. It can be peach or yel­low.

The image of the bride for a pink wedding dress

The most suc­cess­ful is the com­bi­na­tion of pink and white. This rule can be fol­lowed when choos­ing a bou­quet, jew­el­ry and man­i­cure. Since the whole image is sat­u­rat­ed with romance and ten­der­ness, make­up should also be cho­sen accord­ing­ly.