Bridal bouquet

Unusual wedding bouquets of the bride: design ideas and tips for choosing

No hol­i­day is com­plete with­out flow­ers — they are a kind of tal­is­man. And for a cel­e­bra­tion like a wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny, you can’t find a bet­ter dec­o­ra­tion than flow­ers. Bou­quets for a wed­ding are now very diverse, for a long time every­one has moved away from tra­di­tions and are guid­ed only by their imag­i­na­tion when choos­ing them. Con­sid­er what unusu­al wed­ding bou­quets for brides, accord­ing to the best design­ers, are now becom­ing espe­cial­ly pop­u­lar.

An extraordinary approach

If a the­mat­ic cel­e­bra­tion is not planned, then it is still pos­si­ble to sur­prise guests with an orig­i­nal flower arrange­ment. Non-stan­dard com­po­si­tions are at the peak of pop­u­lar­i­ty today, and it is not pos­si­ble to count var­i­ous ideas for intro­duc­ing a new trend into the cer­e­mo­ny. The tra­di­tions that have dom­i­nat­ed for many years have already become famil­iar, and there­fore every bride wants to sur­prise guests not only with her out­fit, but also with acces­sories for it. Design­ers with thou­sands of ideas will help with this, which include var­i­ous com­po­si­tions made up of not only flow­ers.

Many things can serve as the basis for a bou­quet now. It can be made from var­i­ous mate­ri­als, such as beads, paper, thread, but­tons, and even wood. Any of these mate­ri­als in the hands of a design­er turns into a fan­tas­tic com­po­si­tion.

Nat­u­ral­ly, a themed wed­ding is not with­out such fash­ion trends, but in this case, the bou­quet is the main attribute. If your cel­e­bra­tion takes place on the seashore, it would be use­ful to make a com­po­si­tion of seashells. In win­ter, the com­po­si­tion of cones fits per­fect­ly into the theme. As you can see, in such a case there is com­plete free­dom of action, the girl can choose any mate­r­i­al she wants, whether it be branch­es of wild berries or ordi­nary can­dies. The main thing in the orig­i­nal­i­ty of the bou­quet is to express your­self and show your indi­vid­u­al­i­ty.

Shade combination

The attribute of the bride is always a reflec­tion of her mis­tress and, look­ing at him, you can learn a lot about the girl. The com­po­si­tion of fresh flow­ers ful­ly con­veys the inner world of the new­ly­wed. Young brides are very ener­getic, so a bright and live­ly com­po­si­tion is a great idea.

  • A bou­quet will look bright and col­or­ful if you com­bine two types of flow­ers in it that, at first glance, do not match the col­or. For exam­ple, dark pink flow­ers (the same ros­es) look spec­tac­u­lar in com­bi­na­tion with blue hydrangeas. This com­bi­na­tion is con­sid­ered win­ning in all options and will suit any style of dress.
  • An equal­ly bright and unfor­get­table ensem­ble will turn out if you include orange orchids or chrysan­the­mums in a white bou­quet. Orange tones mean joy, ener­gy, courage. This col­or will per­fect­ly dec­o­rate a wed­ding in the autumn.
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  • Blue and white col­ors go well togeth­er. Each col­or and flower should give its own mean­ing to the fes­tive bou­quet. The best thing in this com­bi­na­tion is a white rose, which sym­bol­izes the inno­cence of the new­ly­wed, and blue hyacinths or hydrangeas, denot­ing the divine prin­ci­ple.

Such a sharp con­trast looks good in a flo­ral attribute and will per­fect­ly empha­size the snow-white out­fit of the bride.

  • Sun­ny yel­low col­or will not leave the bride unat­tend­ed. This col­or por­tends a hap­py mar­riage and a fun life. Sat­u­rat­ed yel­low col­or in a fes­tive bou­quet can bring mimosa, peony and orchid. By com­bin­ing sev­er­al col­ors of yel­low, you can cre­ate a bright sun­ny accent in the image of the bride. You can dilute it with rich green, which looks no less impres­sive.
  • A wed­ding com­po­si­tion of a smooth tran­si­tion of sev­er­al shades of pur­ple looks chic and col­or­ful. Vio­let col­or tells about the desire to learn new things and go in search of adven­ture. There is a huge selec­tion of fresh flow­ers with such shades, for exam­ple, you can safe­ly com­bine lilac with rose or peony with clema­tis, cre­at­ing har­mo­ny in pur­ple.

In addi­tion, the pur­ple hue goes well with pink, white, pur­ple and blue, cre­at­ing a unique riot of col­ors.

Custom color combination

Oth­er cou­ples, want­i­ng to empha­size their indi­vid­u­al­i­ty, decide on some adven­ture, choos­ing a com­po­si­tion of flow­ers, the shades of which, it would seem, absolute­ly do not fit each oth­er.

rainbow composition

An unusu­al bright bou­quet for a wed­ding can be cre­at­ed by com­bin­ing sev­er­al shades of dif­fer­ent flow­ers. Such a com­po­si­tion is suit­able for a bride who wants to dec­o­rate the cel­e­bra­tion in all the col­ors of the rain­bow. How­ev­er, it is extreme­ly dif­fi­cult to cre­ate a rain­bow bou­quet with your own hands, with­out hav­ing any expe­ri­ence and design tal­ent in this. There­fore, the for­ma­tion of such a bou­quet should be entrust­ed to an expe­ri­enced florist, since only a pro­fes­sion­al can com­pose a com­po­si­tion of sev­en dif­fer­ent flow­ers.

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A com­po­si­tion of sev­er­al col­ors will look col­or­ful and catchy. With the wrong approach, the very idea of ​​​​a rain­bow bou­quet will be lost, and instead of a cre­ative attribute, you will get a taste­less set.

Gothick style

Who would think of using dark shades for a wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny? Espe­cial­ly when it comes to the bride’s bou­quet. But such an extra­or­di­nary approach can play a key role in the image. The most unusu­al col­ors for a solemn bou­quet are: dark shades of red, black and deep blue tone. Of course, it will be too much to com­bine them all, but if you form a bou­quet in one of them, it will be very impres­sive.

Flo­ral arrange­ments in such col­ors are more suit­able for the cold sea­son. This choice will give the image an elec­tive look, it can be com­bined with both an unusu­al out­fit and a clas­sic.

Unusual bouquet

A wed­ding bou­quet made from cus­tom acces­sories is a pret­ty inter­est­ing idea. The main advan­tage of such a bou­quet is that it will not fade or dete­ri­o­rate, and at the end of the hol­i­day, the bou­quet can please the new­ly­weds for a long time, remind­ing them of the main event in their lives, and also as a dec­o­ra­tive part of the inte­ri­or.

When cre­at­ing an unusu­al bou­quet, it is worth con­sid­er­ing the design style of the wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny and only after that choose the mate­r­i­al.

  • Fab­ric com­po­si­tion. The com­po­si­tion made of fab­ric looks ele­gant. It can be made in a bright design, as well as in a clas­sic style. If you cre­ate a bou­quet exclu­sive­ly from fab­ric, then it looks mod­est and ele­gant, and many brides give their pref­er­ence to it. And if you add it with cute beads and sparkles, then the bou­quet, formed in the form of ros­es against the back­ground of a satin rib­bon, will become the main acces­so­ry and dec­o­ra­tion of the bride.
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  • Jew­el­ry bou­quet. It is not often that you will see a lot of brooches and var­i­ous dec­o­ra­tions formed into a bou­quet, which is why it attracts a girl’s heart. Such a stained glass bou­quet will con­quer all the guests and attract great inter­est.
  • Lace and pearls. The sub­tle­ty of jew­el­ry work can be seen in a bou­quet made of Swarovs­ki stones, pearls and lace. Such an extra­or­di­nary prod­uct has the pecu­liar­i­ty of catch­ing light and soft­ly sparkling.

A bride with such a bou­quet may not wor­ry about the lack of jew­el­ry on her dress — her bou­quet is the dec­o­ra­tion.

  • But­tons. Few peo­ple can imag­ine what a bou­quet of but­tons looks like. But this com­po­si­tion can over­shad­ow hun­dreds of stan­dard wed­ding bou­quets. A vari­ety of but­tons of dif­fer­ent col­ors and shapes, with the prop­er approach, cre­ate an unusu­al com­bi­na­tion.

The com­bi­na­tion of but­tons and oth­er mate­ri­als, such as fab­ric or pearls, looks beau­ti­ful.

  • Paper com­po­si­tion. Of course, a wed­ding paper bou­quet can­not last as long as a pearl one, but it also has its own zest and orig­i­nal­i­ty. Its advan­tage lies in its econ­o­my, but you should not test it in the rain.

A wed­ding bou­quet can be dec­o­rat­ed accord­ing to your desire with the most unusu­al mate­ri­als. From fab­ric and satin rib­bons to feath­ers and pearls, it can all come true.

When cre­at­ing an orig­i­nal bou­quet, do not try to add a lot of vari­ety to it, choose one direc­tion and fol­low it.

For infor­ma­tion on how to choose a bride’s wed­ding bou­quet, see the fol­low­ing video.