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The most chic wedding dresses

The desire of all the girls on the plan­et to be the most beau­ti­ful and have orig­i­nal out­fits is quite jus­ti­fied and under­stand­able. Pub­lic girls sim­ply by sta­tus are sup­posed to impress their fans with their out­fits, espe­cial­ly wed­ding ones. Their pho­tos are close­ly exam­ined, the style, col­or and decor are ana­lyzed, attempts are made to cre­ate sim­i­lar mod­els. We have select­ed for you some of the most expen­sive and orig­i­nal out­fits that man­aged to impress the whole world.

Expensive wedding dress

Exclusive dress from a jeweler and designer

A real mas­ter­piece was cre­at­ed by two tal­ent­ed peo­ple: jew­el­er Mar­tin Katz and fash­ion design­er Rene Strauss. 150 carats of dia­monds were spent on the dress, an open bodice was made, a fit­ted cut was thought out and atten­tion was paid to per­fect shapes.

This dress is the only one and there won’t be anoth­er like it, and its price is nei­ther more nor less — 12 mil­lion dol­lars.

Wedding dress by Rene Strauss

Wedding dress by Yumi Katsura

Silk, shiny satin, a huge num­ber of pearls and two dia­monds in gold and green col­ors — this is the for­mu­la for an expen­sive, orig­i­nal and even sen­sa­tion­al wed­ding dress, which was found by Japan­ese fash­ion design­er Yumi Katzur. Its cost is 9 mil­lion dol­lars. It was cre­at­ed for girls who pre­fer to be orig­i­nal, bold in every­thing, but at the same time seduc­tive and child­ish­ly naive.

Wedding dress by Yumi Katsura

Masterpiece outfit by Ginza Tanaka

The Japan­ese design­er made the whole world gasp by demon­strat­ing his price­less mas­ter­piece. But why price­less? 8.3 mil­lion US dol­lars — and it will be yours. 502 dia­monds and a thou­sand pearls adorn one of the most expen­sive dress­es. Turin Olympic cham­pi­on Shizu­ka Arakawa was cho­sen to demon­strate it.

Wedding dress by Ginza Tanaka

Outfit from Maria Grachvogel

A wed­ding dress was cre­at­ed from black silk with a deep slit in front, a skirt made in the form of a mer­maid­’s tail, and a thou­sand dia­monds, which, like stars, were scat­tered all over the dress. Its ini­tial price ranged from 500 thou­sand dol­lars, and it was sold for 2 mil­lion.

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Black wedding dress by Maria Grachvogel

Feather dress by Vera Wang

Well, who else could come up with the most unique and unusu­al out­fit, if not Vera Wang? Made from 2009 pea­cock tail feath­ers, it has rev­o­lu­tion­ized the pub­lic’s per­cep­tion of bridal fash­ion.

Many are sure that such an out­fit was cre­at­ed by order of Jen­nifer Lopez, who nev­er mar­ried Ben Affleck. The offi­cial cost of a pea­cock dress is in the range of one and a half mil­lion dol­lars.

Wedding dress made of peacock feathersWedding expensive dress made of peacock feathers

Catherine Zeta-Jones wedding dress

Hol­ly­wood actress Cather­ine Zeta-Jones did not stint on her out­fit, giv­ing one and a half mil­lion dol­lars for the dress. Or rather, not her, but her future legal hus­band Michael Dou­glas, who gave her a wed­ding gift by order­ing the most expen­sive wed­ding dress at that time from Chris­t­ian Lacroix.

The splen­dor of the bride went off scale in a snow-white dress with a long, strik­ing­ly beau­ti­ful train.

Catherine Zeta-Jones wedding dress

Gold dress by Japanese designer Ginza Tanaka

Not just a dress worth 250 thou­sand dol­lars is made in gold col­or, it is made of gold. Its weight was a lit­tle more than a kilo­gram, because a very thin wire made of noble met­al was used in the work.

Even sophis­ti­cat­ed con­nois­seurs of fash­ion were shocked by the fine work­man­ship and amaz­ing tal­ent of the Japan­ese mas­ter.

golden wedding dress

Wedding dress Kate Middleton

Next to Prince William on the day of the wed­ding was a real princess in roy­al attire, which cost 400 thou­sand dol­lars. The author of this mas­ter­piece was Sarah Bur­ton, who cre­at­ed a col­lec­tion of out­fits for Alexan­der McQueen.

Princess Kate Middleton's wedding dress

Noble ivory col­or, chic lace, 3‑meter train. There is some­thing from the Vic­to­ri­an era here, there is a hint of vin­tage, ball­room clas­sics. This dress is not afraid of the influ­ence of time, it will look just as charm­ing in 30 years and even in 50.

Lace expensive wedding dress Kate MiddletonWedding dress with train Kate Middleton

Princess Diana’s wedding dress

That’s real­ly who has become a real leg­end, which until this time is admired, is Princess Diana. Her dress was the best in every way. The authors of the leg­endary out­fit were David and Eliz­a­beth Emanuel. After the wed­ding, the demand for just such a dress was crazy.

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Every girl want­ed to be a real princess, like Lady Di. Design­ers used silk taffe­ta and lace, but not ordi­nary, but antique. Thou­sands of pearls and shiny ele­ments served as dec­o­ra­tion. The train stretched for almost 8 meters. If we recal­cu­late the cost of the dress to mod­ern stan­dards, then its cost will be equal to 150 thou­sand dol­lars.

Princess Diana's expensive wedding dress

Melanie Trump wedding dress

When Melanie Trump was about to mar­ry a bil­lion­aire, every­one expect­ed to see her in a roy­al dress. And she did­n’t dis­ap­point. Her dress was val­ued at $200,000. 100% hand­made, gold-tone fin­ish on a white back­ground, lots of jew­el­ery and a long train. It took about a hun­dred satin to cre­ate the dress.

Melanie Trump wedding dress

Wedding dress Kim Kardashian

This beau­ty for her third mar­riage to Kanye West chose a wed­ding dress from Givenchy, authored by Ric­car­do Tis­ci. The out­fit cost $400,000, exact­ly the same as Kate Mid­dle­ton’s wed­ding out­fit. It is char­ac­ter­ized to some extent by con­ser­vatism, which is expressed in the pres­ence of sleeves. This is not at all what Kim’s fans are used to. Ele­gant, long, with lace, a long train — there was no lim­it to the degree of sur­prise.

Wedding dress by Dior

Some­one who, but Chris­t­ian Dior knows how to impress his audi­ence. The wed­ding col­lec­tion, con­sist­ing of col­or­ful and bright wed­ding dress­es, caused delight and admi­ra­tion. The most expen­sive of them cost 200 thou­sand dol­lars. Until now, they are pop­u­lar among brides who want to be an icon of style and an exam­ple of orig­i­nal­i­ty at their wed­ding.

Expensive wedding dress from Dior

Wedding dress from “Danasha Luxury”

From a lux­u­ry brand, you can expect an equal­ly lux­u­ri­ous dress. This is what hap­pened as a result of the work of Danasha Lux­u­ry and Jed Gan­dur. The out­fit is adorned with 18 carat gold pen­dants and 75 carat dia­monds. Each ele­ment was attached man­u­al­ly. Although expen­sive mate­ri­als of high qual­i­ty were also used, the dress turned out to be dis­creet, ele­gant, with­out defi­ant notes — this was the goal of the cre­ators.

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Platinum creation by David Tutera by Faviana

Amer­i­cans also stood out in the list of the most expen­sive wed­ding dress­es, cre­at­ing a plat­inum dress. Yes, it was plat­inum that served as the basis. Due to the use of threads from this mate­r­i­al, the out­fit shim­mers in the light of the sun and under arti­fi­cial light­ing.

Tutera by Faviana decid­ed not to stop at just one jew­el­ry mate­r­i­al and added dia­monds, nat­ur­al pearls and aqua­ma­rine to the decor. The result is a dress that costs half a mil­lion dol­lars.

Wedding dress with platinum thread

Dress designed by Christian Lacroix

Chris­t­ian Lacroix in 2005 demon­strat­ed a tru­ly chic out­fit worth 150 thou­sand dol­lars. The dress was made in cream col­or and had gold­en pat­terns in the form of inserts. The veil was not pro­vid­ed in this image, but there was a pearl crown. Here it is — an out­fit for a queen or princess.

Wedding dress by Christian Lacroix

Jennifer Lopez wedding dress

50 thou­sand dol­lars cost a dress from Valenti­no, in which Jen­nifer Lopez appeared as a bride. It was in 2001, and at that time noth­ing more expen­sive than this out­fit exist­ed.

The out­fit was not only the most expen­sive, but also the most amaz­ing. The neck­line seduc­tive­ly out­lined the chest, the sleeves served as a translu­cent veil for the arms, and the sil­hou­ette was mod­er­ate­ly tight-fit­ting.

A del­i­cate white dress and a veil of the same col­or made it impos­si­ble to take your eyes off the roman­tic image of the bride. How many years have passed, and this dress is still the ulti­mate dream for many girls.

Jennifer Lopez wedding dress