Styles of wedding dresses

Minimalist wedding dresses

Min­i­mal­ism has nev­er gone out of fash­ion; there are more and more adher­ents of this style every year. This applies not only to the inte­ri­or, but also to cloth­ing, in par­tic­u­lar, wed­ding dress­es. While every bride wants to look stun­ning on the big day of her life, a min­i­mal­ist gown can look just as lux­u­ri­ous as lay­ered skirts and embroi­dered corsets. This style has its own char­ac­ter­is­tics and zest, in addi­tion, you can find a lot of beau­ti­ful exam­ples of dress­es made in this ver­sion.


Each bride care­ful­ly thinks over her image for the wed­ding, which should be orig­i­nal, grace­ful and ele­gant. What­ev­er the tra­di­tions, sim­plic­i­ty and con­cise­ness are always wel­come. The pop­u­lar­i­ty of min­i­mal­ist dress­es has increased sig­nif­i­cant­ly and con­tin­ues to increase every year. This is due to the fact that the approach to orga­niz­ing such a fes­tive event has changed some­what.

There are sev­er­al rea­sons why min­i­mal­ism in wed­dings has become so pop­u­lar. Pre­vi­ous­ly, new­ly­weds want­ed to amaze their loved ones with lux­u­ry and wealth in order to make the event unfor­get­table. How­ev­er, gloss and tin­sel have been replaced by sim­plic­i­ty and nat­u­ral­ness, which can­not be com­pared with any­thing. Brides increas­ing­ly want to empha­size the nat­u­ral­ness of their beau­ty, so they pre­fer dress­es in the style of min­i­mal­ism to com­plex cuts and elab­o­rate decor.

Such styles do not have any­thing super­flu­ous, which is their main charm. Sim­plic­i­ty in attire brings light­ness, relieves even the mind itself, and besides, thanks to this, you can con­cen­trate on the main thing. The con­cise­ness with which such dress­es are cre­at­ed lies in the absence of com­plex decor, while design­ers can focus on addi­tion­al details that look gen­tle and do not vio­late the gen­er­al con­cept of sim­plic­i­ty.

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The main trends of this style are con­cise­ness, sophis­ti­ca­tion, ele­gance and aris­toc­ra­cy. There­fore, such out­fits are nev­er bright and defi­ant. The sil­hou­ette has straight lines and sim­ple shapes, and the col­ors are always sol­id.

Thus, we can say with con­fi­dence that a min­i­mal­ist dress will suit every woman, regard­less of her age and fig­ure fea­tures.

Styles and colors

The cut of a wed­ding dress should frame the nat­ur­al beau­ty of a woman, so here design­ers choose cer­tain types of fab­rics and respect calm lines, cre­at­ing an over­all har­mo­nious look. Study­ing the styles of brides’ out­fits in this style, it should be not­ed that they nev­er have tight corsets, mul­ti-lay­ered skirts, there are no ruf­fles, fringe or asym­me­try of cutouts.

To dis­tin­guish a dress in the style of min­i­mal­ism from oth­er vari­eties of sim­i­lar prod­ucts, the main char­ac­ter­is­tics should be high­light­ed. There is an opin­ion that bright, flashy shades are not suit­able for a wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny, and this is true. In min­i­mal­ism, a vari­ety of col­ors is almost unac­cept­able, so often it will be white, pas­tel or cream fab­ric.

Some dress­es may have an orna­ment that match­es the prod­uct. The style is as sim­ple as pos­si­blethere­fore, an A‑shaped sil­hou­ette is often cre­at­ed, straps are rarely used or they are very thin, the skirt is slight­ly flared or just straight.

Quite often, brides who pre­fer the style of min­i­mal­ism, do not use acces­sories and dec­o­ra­tionswhile the image can be both with a veil and with­out it — it all depends on per­son­al wish­es.

Criterias of choice

Pur­chas­ing a wed­ding dress is one of the most impor­tant tasks for any bride, so there are a few tips to help you make the right choice. Speak­ing of length, here do not get hung up on mod­els in the floor, because you can pick up a short ver­sion, if it looks per­fect on the fig­ure. The sim­plic­i­ty of the out­fit will empha­size the nat­ur­al beau­ty of the bride with­out over­shad­ow­ing the host­ess, and this is impor­tant.

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Of course, first of all, you need to take into account your own taste, and each girl has her own. You should not be guid­ed by the advice of girl­friends or rel­a­tives, because this is your hol­i­day, which means that you should choose what will give you plea­sure first of all. There is a huge plus in choos­ing a sim­ple dress — you do not need to take into account the fea­tures of the decor. In addi­tion, such mod­els are always much cheap­er than frilly out­fits that are sprin­kled with pearls, stones and embroi­dery.

It is extreme­ly impor­tant that the dress fits per­fect­ly in size, and if pos­si­ble, it is bet­ter to tai­lor it accord­ing to per­son­al para­me­ters. How­ev­er, many salons pro­vide the oppor­tu­ni­ty to cus­tomize the prod­uct to the cus­tomer. And to make the image look as com­plete as pos­si­ble, you need to choose the right shoes and hair­style. The best choice would be clas­sic boats.

Hair can be col­lect­ed in a care­less bun or loose curls and dec­o­rate them with a veil that will ful­fill the task of a veil.

Beautiful examples

Every girl dreams of look­ing amaz­ing on her wed­ding day. And with­out a per­fect­ly matched dress, it is impos­si­ble to achieve such a result. The main rule of per­fec­tion is sim­plic­i­ty, ele­gance and com­fort, thanks to which it will be pos­si­ble to enjoy a per­son­al hol­i­day even until the morn­ing. In a dress of this style, any girl will feel like a real princess. If you don’t have an idea of ​​what your look should look like, but you’ve opt­ed for min­i­mal­ism, here are some amaz­ing exam­ples.

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Lacon­ic wed­ding dress­es with short and long sleeves.

An open back will be the high­light of the image.

This can be a veil that empha­sizes min­i­mal­ism in the image.

Who said that a wed­ding dress has to be long?

Stun­ning bridal look.

The moment of choos­ing a dress is always excit­ing, but it can be a plea­sure, if you decide on your own desires and fol­low them.