Tiffany engagement rings

The tra­di­tion of exchang­ing rings as a sign of eter­nal love orig­i­nat­ed in ancient Egypt. To this day, new­ly­weds give each oth­er this sym­bol on their wed­ding day. But mod­ern lovers also pam­per their cho­sen ones with engage­ment rings, which, most often, are pre­sent­ed along with a mar­riage pro­pos­al.

Tiffany engagement ring — the bride’s “blue dream”

Jew­el­ry of this brand occu­py a sep­a­rate niche in the world of jew­el­ry art: they are unique, lux­u­ri­ous, endowed with mean­ing, they are bought in order to wear them all their lives. What girl does not dream of get­ting such a ring? Per­haps only the one who has nev­er seen how beau­ti­ful the prod­ucts of the Tiffany jew­el­ry house are.

At the end of the 19th cen­tu­ry, the leg­endary com­pa­ny began to pro­duce the first copies of engage­ment and wed­ding rings. The “chip” that attract­ed unprece­dent­ed atten­tion was an unusu­al frame, from which a dia­mond extend­ed beyond the ring. Insert­ed in this way, the stone shone and shim­mered very beau­ti­ful­ly. By the way, engage­ment rings with Tiffany dia­monds are a pres­ti­gious pur­chase that will nev­er depre­ci­ate and that will become the pride of the fam­i­ly over the years and a rel­ic kept for gen­er­a­tions. The fact is that the dia­monds used by this jew­el­ry house meet high stan­dards and are divid­ed into cat­e­gories depend­ing on the shade.

Tiffany diamond engagement ring designs

The design of all the rings of this brand is very remark­able, but the most inter­est­ing mod­els can be dis­tin­guished:

  • the clas­sic Tiffany Embrace ring, craft­ed from plat­inum and adorned with mul­ti­ple dia­monds, the cen­ter one of which weighs 2.5 carats;
  • breath­tak­ing­ly beau­ti­ful Tiffany Novo jew­el­ry with a square dia­mond and a scat­ter­ing of oth­er pre­cious stones;
  • the Tiffany Bezet Round ring is famous for its large, round­ed dia­mond, trans­par­ent as a tear;
  • An intri­cate Old Eng­lish style Jean Schlum­berg­er Bud Ring fea­tur­ing a unique cush­ion-cut stone.
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Many peo­ple won­der how much does a Tiffany engage­ment ring cost? In the col­lec­tions of the jew­el­ry house there are copies worth more than 50 thou­sand dol­lars. But you can find prod­ucts for 10 thou­sand dol­lars, and even more demo­c­ra­t­ic options. In any case, you should not talk about the val­ue of these price­less prod­ucts with­out see­ing them. They impress, con­quer, inspire with their lux­u­ry, grace, ele­gance.