We like that, fol­low­ing the Euro­pean coun­tries, the fash­ion for beau­ti­ful, styl­is­tic wed­dings has come to Ukraine. Draw inspi­ra­tion from our arti­cles, choose a style close to you in spir­it and turn your hol­i­day into a bright film! Today we will talk about the wed­ding trend that is quite pop­u­lar among new­ly­weds — Retro. If you are inspired by the dri­ve, romance and sophis­ti­ca­tion of the last cen­tu­ry, the option of hold­ing a wed­ding in Retro style is def­i­nite­ly worth your atten­tion!

A little about style

Retro style in the wed­ding indus­try appeared not so long ago, but already many new­ly­weds are hap­py to turn to it. The time frame of this style is 20–70 years of the 20th cen­tu­ry. Retro is char­ac­ter­ized by var­i­ous details in the inte­ri­or, clothes, music, cars.

Retro style fashion trends:

  • 20–30s of the 20th cen­tu­ry, Amer­i­ca, Chica­go and comics
bride retro style
retro style in a wedding photo shoot, wedding in retro style
  • 40s of the 20th cen­tu­ry, the film “The Great Gats­by”
  • 50s of the 20th cen­tu­ry, rock and roll and Elvis Pres­ley
  • 60–70s of the 20th cen­tu­ry, dudes and dis­co

To choose a cer­tain direc­tion of retro style, you should watch fea­ture films and doc­u­men­taries about this time peri­od: this will help you “get used” to the era.

Color spectrum

Every­thing will depend on the time in which you want to hold your wed­ding.

The begin­ning of the cen­tu­ry is the time of black-and-white silent films and comics. Accord­ing­ly, the col­or scheme should be in such col­ors: white, warm shades of Ivory, small ele­ments of black. For a Chica­go-style wed­ding, it would be appro­pri­ate to use a com­bi­na­tion of white, black and red.

retro wedding decor
retro wedding decor

The mid­dle of the cen­tu­ry is a bright, col­or­ful, sat­u­rat­ed time of dudes and dis­co. This is a spe­cial stage in the life of our soci­ety — a peri­od of rebels who reject­ed clichés and stan­dards.

Dot­ted fab­rics were very pop­u­lar in the 50s.

Image of the Bride

For a wedding in the 20s and 30s

Dress­es are char­ac­ter­is­tic just below the knee, with an open back, with a fringe. Any clas­sic out­fits are also suit­able, with a low waist, a long train, com­ple­ment­ed by all sorts of details (drap­ery, trim). Expen­sive, thin, “flow­ing” fab­rics are suit­able: chif­fon, silk, mat­te or shiny satin.

Fin­ish­ing plays a very impor­tant role: embroi­dery with beads, stones, pearls to match the dress.

retro bridesmaid dress
retro bridesmaid dress

As an acces­so­ry, you can use a feath­er boa or a fur boa.

bride in retro style
bride in retro style

Long strands of pearl beads wrapped around the neck and hang­ing down to the waist will be a great acces­so­ry.

The most ide­al dress style is the hour­glass.

Shoes — ide­al­ly, shoes with a round­ed toe and a low, medi­um-thick heel. Can be dec­o­rat­ed with rib­bon ruf­fles, bows, beads and peb­bles.

retro bridesmaid dress
wedding in retro style

For a wedding in the 40s

Dress­es of this era are char­ac­ter­ized by closed, wide shoul­ders, V‑neckline, wide, puffy sleeves with high cuffs.

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The decor and dec­o­ra­tion of dress­es is min­i­mal, del­i­cate, unob­tru­sive.

Instead of a tra­di­tion­al veil, you can wear a minia­ture veil. From acces­sories it is bet­ter to give pref­er­ence to clas­sic jew­el­ry. The heel of the shoes is prefer­ably high. You can wear wedge shoes (by the way, the wedge heel first appeared in the 40s of the 20th cen­tu­ry).

For a dress, the “year” style is more suit­able.

For a 50s wedding

The unusu­al sim­plic­i­ty of the image, turn­ing into child­ish naivety, is a char­ac­ter­is­tic fea­ture of this time. Dur­ing this peri­od, Chris­t­ian Dior, the cre­ator of the new look style, became the king of fash­ion.

Ful­ly cov­ered shoul­ders, boat neck­line, nar­row waist, fluffy skirt just below the knees or ankle length — this should be the dress of this peri­od.

The puffy skirt “bell” gives the dress an extra­or­di­nary ele­gance and light­ness.
This is the peri­od when pumps came into fash­ion, so it is sim­ply nec­es­sary to reflect such an acces­so­ry in the image of the bride.

For a wedding in the 60s

You can use a dress with a wide belt and a fluffy, mul­ti-lay­ered skirt. The pet­ti­coat can be col­ored, bright orange, pur­ple or green, for exam­ple. Length — knee-length or slight­ly high­er. Empire is con­sid­ered the best style, and guipure is the ide­al mate­r­i­al..

All acces­sories Clip-on ear­rings, hair­band and glass­es should match the col­or of the pet­ti­coat. By the way, this col­or can be beat­en in the groom’s shirt, and in shoes, tie and sus­penders.

For a 70s wedding

This is the time when tra­di­tion­al clas­sics are back in fash­ion: open shoul­ders, a flow­ing sil­hou­ette, a com­bi­na­tion of mat­te, shiny and trans­par­ent tex­tures, an elon­gat­ed train.

Very rich, chic trim with lace, beads, pearls, stones, rhine­stones.

The image of the bride of the 70s — she is a sophis­ti­cat­ed, sexy lady.

What to pay attention to?

The hair­style of the bride plays a very impor­tant role in con­vey­ing the spir­it of the time:

  • The “cold wave” was char­ac­ter­is­tic of the 20–40s
  • “Babet­ta” — a pop­u­lar hair­style of the 60s. By the way, thanks to the famous actress Brid­get Bor­deaux.

Don’t for­get about make­up too. A min­i­mum of make­up (only expres­sive, “deep” eyes) — in the image of the begin­ning of the cen­tu­ry, and a bright, rich make-up for the era of the 50–60s.

image of the bride retro style
bride in retro style

Image of the groom

For the era of the 20–30s, two options are possible:

  • Clas­si­cal: tuxe­do or tail­coat and ele­gant top hat
  • gang­ster: a plain or white ver­ti­cal striped black suit, a bow tie or tight tie and a styl­ish hat.

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groom in retro style
image of the groom in retro style

Acces­sories: Hawai­ian cig­ar, cuf­flinks and pock­et watch chain.

The era of the 50s suggests:

  • Suit with tight pants
  • Waist­coat with sus­penders and “styl­ish” cap
retro style groom
retro style in a wedding photo shoot, wedding in retro style

Shoes for the groom in retro style — patent leather shoes with a nar­row toe or styl­ish loafers.

A very impor­tant role is played by the hair­style — “kok” — the hair is combed back, raised high and fixed with var­nish.

Banquet room decor

Of course, the most ide­al option would be to find a cafe or restau­rant styl­ized for this era. If this is not pos­si­ble, then you need to use acces­sories and entourage that can con­vey the spir­it of the times.

It can be:

  • Match­ing fur­ni­ture (sofas, chairs, cab­i­nets, book­cas­es, cof­fee tables)
  • Pho­tos of Hol­ly­wood or Sovi­et cin­e­ma artists
  • Gramo­phones, gramo­phones, reel-to-reel tape recorders, radio tape recorders
  • Antique clocks, mir­rors, lamp­shades, suit­cas­es, can­dle­sticks
  • Porce­lain dish­es and all kinds of fig­urines
  • Posters in the style of bygone eras
  • Col­or­ful labels of alco­holic and non-alco­holic drinks
  • Type­writ­ers, old tele­phones, an inkwell with a foun­tain pen, with which you can leave your con­grat­u­la­tions in the Wish Book.

Just do not over­do it: every­thing should be har­mo­nious, not intru­sive, not over­loaded.


Of course, it should be an old vehi­cle, the so-called “retro-auto”. You can find such a car in spe­cial salons or from pri­vate col­lec­tors, in almost all major cities of Ukraine. Use our Cat­a­log to find a car that suits your wed­ding for­mat!

  • One of the first cars — Benz Velo, cool con­vert­ible car — BMW 315, car Wikov 40 — choose if the wed­ding is in the tra­di­tions of the begin­ning of the cen­tu­ry.
retro car, wedding in retro style
  • Auto-sym­bol Cadil­lac 1959, Lam­borgh­i­ni 350 GTV, 1963, ZIM GAZ 12 — if you are plan­ning a wed­ding style of the 50s-70s.
vintage car for a wedding
retro style in a wedding photo shoot, wedding in retro style

The cost of rent­ing a vin­tage car varies from 150 to 950 UAH per hour. It all depends on the brand of car, its tech­ni­cal con­di­tion and the unique­ness of the instance.


In the Sovi­et Union, bou­quets began to appear only in the 60s. Basi­cal­ly, these were such flow­ers: mimosa, tulips, glad­i­oli and, of course, irre­place­able car­na­tion. This sit­u­a­tion was asso­ci­at­ed with a per­ma­nent deficit.

Today, if you are plan­ning a retro wed­ding in the style of the 50s-70s, you can use the tra­di­tions of our moth­ers and grand­moth­ers by mak­ing a bou­quet of a tri­an­gu­lar or pyra­mi­dal shape, but using a vari­ety of col­ors, bright and sat­u­rat­ed shades.

A trendy ver­sion of a retro bou­quet is a bou­quet made entire­ly of fab­ric. It is he who will help cre­ate the appro­pri­ate spir­it of the times.

First dance

Of course, and your first dance sim­ply must be in the style of the era you have cho­sen. As in gen­er­al, and all the music that will sound at your wed­ding par­ty. Of course, only “live” music, you should not invite a DJ. Chan­fash­ion gath­ered musi­cians for every taste — choose in our Cat­a­log and par­tic­i­pate in the Prize Draw!

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The fol­low­ing dance styles can con­vey the spir­it of the times:

  • Fox­trot, rum­ba, charleston or tan­go - if you are pas­sion­ate about the eraand 20–40s.
  • Rock and roll, cha-cha-cha, twist, boo­gie-woo­gie or dis­co — if you are stay­ing at a 50s-70s wed­ding.

This dance should ONLY be chore­o­graphed by a pro­fes­sion­al chore­o­g­ra­ph­er.


Even the main entourage of the wed­ding cel­e­bra­tion — the cake — should reflect the era and cre­ate the appro­pri­ate mood.

retro style cake
candy bar in retro style
  • Cake of the era of the 20–40s: del­i­cate, pas­tel (white, beige, Ivory, light gild­ing) tones, lace dec­o­ra­tion, dec­o­ra­tion with flow­ers, birds. Cup­cakes should also match the cake.
  • In the 50s and 60s, it was very fash­ion­able in the West to make three or more tiered cakes. For exam­ple, at the wed­ding of Prince Rainier in 1954 there was an open­work, six-tiered “giant”. Almost the same was the cake at Elvis Pres­ley’s wed­ding. So to reflect this era, the cake should be tiered, with lots of flow­ers like ros­es and orange blos­soms, and lace. And most impor­tant­ly — fruit and berry taste!


  • For 20–40s - styl­ish min­i­mal­ism, not catchy shades of col­ors, most­ly white and black col­ors. The time of the begin­ning of the cen­tu­ry — the appear­ance of cin­e­ma, cars, air­planes, the birth of Hol­ly­wood — all this can be styl­is­ti­cal­ly reflect­ed in your invi­ta­tions.
  • For 50–70s - bright, catchy inde­pen­dence and eman­ci­pa­tion: bril­liance, chic, sat­u­ra­tion of col­ors in clothes, new trends in music, the appear­ance of vinyl records. So can your wed­ding invi­ta­tions.

For invi­ta­tions, it is bet­ter to use arti­fi­cial­ly aged sheets, wax seals or newsprint.

Ideas for a photo shoot

The most pop­u­lar today among mod­ern new­ly­weds are the images of “Chica­go Gang­sters” and “Moscow dudes”. For a pho­to ses­sion, you can use the plots of the most pop­u­lar films “Only Girls in Jazz” and “Hip­sters”.

There are many sim­i­lar­i­ties between retro and vin­tage wed­dings. We rec­om­mend that you read our arti­cle Wed­ding in vin­tage style.

Retro style is a spe­cial hol­i­day for­mat. For us, the last cen­tu­ry is full of mys­ter­ies and romance, this is the time of bright and great per­son­al­i­ties, extra­or­di­nary music and con­stant tech­ni­cal progress. If films with Mar­i­lyn Mon­roe and Audrey Hep­burn make you sigh dream­i­ly, a retro wed­ding will be your per­fect oppor­tu­ni­ty to trav­el back in time!