Vera Wang wedding dresses

Many brides dream that this impor­tant day was the best and most mem­o­rable. Every­thing must be per­fect. For many, Vera Wang’s wed­ding dress­es are the ulti­mate dream. Many stars of show busi­ness and politi­cians got mar­ried in her out­fits. Her dress­es are exclu­sive and amaz­ing. She lit­er­al­ly turned the world of wed­ding fash­ion.

A bit of his­to­ry

Vera Wang was born in 1949 in Chi­na. She spent her child­hood in Man­hat­tan. From child­hood, lit­tle Vera was famil­iar with the world of fash­ion, as her moth­er con­stant­ly took her with her to all the shows. Despite the fact that Vera made good progress in fig­ure skat­ing, the girl went to study at New York Col­lege, where she stud­ied art his­to­ry. She lat­er entered the Sor­bonne. At 23, Vera Wang became the youngest edi­tor at Vogue mag­a­zine.

At the age of forty, she final­ly accept­ed the mar­riage pro­pos­al of her fiancé, Arthur Beck­er. It was this event that became fate­ful. Giv­en the style and del­i­cate taste of Vera Wang, she did not like any of the wed­ding dress­es. Then she decid­ed to make sketch­es of mod­els her­self, which could empha­size the ele­gance, light­ness and diminu­tive­ness of the bride. At her wed­ding, accord­ing to Chi­nese tra­di­tions, Vera changed nine dress­es, and each of them was tru­ly excel­lent. After her wed­ding, she began to sew wed­ding dress­es for all the brides in the world.

Her dress­es are care­ful­ly thought out and orig­i­nal. The suc­cess of the fash­ion design­er is that each mod­el is care­ful­ly indi­vid­ual and per­fect. The mate­r­i­al from which the out­fit is sewn is always expen­sive, because only nat­ur­al fab­rics can per­fect­ly empha­size the beau­ty of the bride.

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Vera Wang’s col­lec­tion of wed­ding dress­es is always an extrav­a­gan­za of grace, beau­ty and a crazy flight of fan­cy, with essen­tial attrib­ut­es from a wed­ding design­er: flounces, frills and draperies. Her dress­es are fem­i­nin­i­ty and indi­vid­u­al­i­ty, ele­gance and artis­tic taste. Her mod­els nev­er repeat and that is why Vera is the leader in wed­ding fash­ion.

Wedding dresses 2013 by Vera Wang

When­ev­er this design­er shows, every­one expects some­thing new, unusu­al and charm­ing. And this time, she could not help but sur­prise her audi­ence and decid­ed to present a col­lec­tion of red dress­es. Although if you con­sid­er that the red col­or in Chi­na rep­re­sents hap­pi­ness and the begin­ning of a new life, then there is noth­ing sur­pris­ing in this. On the podi­um there were out­fits of var­i­ous shades of this col­or: from rasp­ber­ry to bur­gundy. The styles were also diverse — these were ele­gant straight mod­els, and fluffy dress­es “a la princess”.

Vera Wang black wedding dresses

The fash­ion design­er has nev­er been afraid of exper­i­ments. But per­haps the most unusu­al and cre­ative was her deci­sion to cre­ate wed­ding dress­es in black. They look quite extrav­a­gant and at the same time styl­ish and taste­ful. Of course, not every bride dares to wear a “mourn­ing” black col­or for her wed­ding, but lovers of goth­ic and rock will appre­ci­ate this design­er’s deci­sion.

Short dresses by Vera Wang

Of course, the fash­ion design­er could not help exper­i­ment­ing with the length of the wed­ding dress. Her col­lec­tions often con­tain rather short mod­els, which are undoubt­ed­ly gain­ing pop­u­lar­i­ty among the fair sex. And of course, each col­lec­tion has its own dis­tinc­tive fea­ture from Vera — a con­trast­ing rib­bon or bow made of satin or organ­za at the waist, as well as belts with arti­fi­cial flow­ers and pre­cious stones.

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Vera Wang Jewelry

In addi­tion to her wed­ding dress­es, the design­er also pre­sent­ed a col­lec­tion of jew­el­ry. These are wed­ding rings with blue sap­phires and dia­monds, and neck­laces made of Swarovs­ki stones, silk, rib­bons and tulle. Vera Wang knows how to com­bine seem­ing­ly incom­pat­i­ble things and turn them into real works of art.