Wedding bouquet of carnations

For some rea­son, it is believed that car­na­tions are male flow­ers, and they are giv­en to men at espe­cial­ly solemn events. Car­na­tion with its con­cise­ness and diver­si­ty of forms reminds of for­ti­tude and stead­fast­ness. But what about the car­na­tion as a wed­ding flower? To do this, it is worth refer­ring to the orig­i­nal sym­bol­ism of the car­na­tion.

Car­na­tion as a sym­bol

Trans­lat­ed from Greek, car­na­tion means “divine flower.” She is a sym­bol of the Chris­t­ian under­stand­ing of love, which is dis­tin­guished by depth and meek­ness.

In Roman mythol­o­gy, it is said that the car­na­tion appeared to the world from the eyes of a shep­herd who played the flute. The huntress Artemis came to him angry that he had scared away all the ani­mals with his game. In a fit of rage, Artemis tore out his eyes, but regret­ted it, and threw them away. And they grew into car­na­tions.

There­fore, the car­na­tion is a sym­bol of inno­cent­ly shed blood accord­ing to some leg­ends, and in anoth­er world­view it is asso­ci­at­ed with love.

Thus, the bride’s bou­quet of car­na­tions is sym­bol­ic, but sad. A lot of time has passed since the car­na­tion was per­ceived pre­cise­ly in these keys, and there­fore today many may not take them into account, and sim­ply enjoy the beau­ty of these flow­ers.

Wedding bouquet of red carnations

Red flow­ers against the back­ground of a snow-white dress look very beau­ti­ful — a rich scar­let col­or stands out in con­trast, and there­fore it is accept­able. But red flow­ers are not always used dur­ing the wed­ding, most often — white, cream or pink.

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Red car­na­tions should be cho­sen by brides who have scar­let acces­sories in their wed­ding dress.

Wedding bouquet of white carnations

The bride’s wed­ding bou­quet of white car­na­tions looks gen­tle and con­cise. White car­na­tions look espe­cial­ly inter­est­ing in com­bi­na­tion with oth­er col­ors — for exam­ple, pink car­na­tions. The result is a clas­sic bridal bou­quet in pas­tel shades. If you choose a bright and con­trast­ing com­bi­na­tion — with red car­na­tions, then this bou­quet will be remem­bered by many.