Wedding bouquet of daisies

Chamomile has long been con­sid­ered the flower of lovers, and recent­ly this flower has become a sym­bol of Fam­i­ly Day, love and fideli­ty. Despite its mod­esty and sim­plic­i­ty, it may well become the basis of the com­po­si­tion of a wed­ding bou­quet.

Wedding bouquet of daisies — an elegant and stylish accessory

One of the signs says that if the groom gives his beloved a bou­quet of daisies, then their love will live for­ev­er. This is how you can eas­i­ly make your fam­i­ly life long and hap­py. In addi­tion, daisies resem­ble the sun — it is able to illu­mi­nate any image with its beau­ty, warmth, com­fort. This flower will suit dif­fer­ent girls:

  • mis­chie­vous and extrav­a­gant they will come in handy, espe­cial­ly if you choose an unusu­al dress and acces­sories;
  • calm and mod­est, these flow­ers will add self-con­fi­dence, help to feel “at ease” even when all atten­tion is riv­et­ed on their per­son;
  • very young brides — they will empha­size their youth, inno­cence, romance;
  • hav­ing added a wed­ding bou­quet with daisies and ros­es, it can be used in cre­at­ing your image even for an aged bride.

Wed­ding bou­quets with daisies can dec­o­rate out­fits in coun­try style, eco, as well as a clas­sic wed­ding dress.

What are summer wedding bouquets?

It is dur­ing this sea­son that you can for­get about tra­di­tion­al orchids, ros­es, tulips, and make a unique, cute, soul­ful bou­quet of the fol­low­ing flow­ers:

  1. Bright and var­ied glad­i­oli look very unusu­al and mys­te­ri­ous in a wed­ding bou­quet. By the way, this par­tic­u­lar flower is a sym­bol of con­stan­cy.
  2. Florists rec­om­mend using amaryl­lis in bridal bou­quets for the sum­mer of 2014. A proud and solemn flower can become both the basis of a com­po­si­tion and be com­bined with oth­er flow­ers.
  3. For a long time, the ger­bera has become a favorite dec­o­ra­tion of the new­ly­wed’s bou­quet. Wed­ding bou­quets of sum­mer 2014 also can­not do with­out this flower. Ger­bera is the very embod­i­ment of joy, warmth, love, fresh­ness, beau­ty and opti­mism.
  4. Bou­quets of fra­grant, del­i­cate peonies are cur­rent­ly con­sid­ered very fash­ion­able.
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Do not pass by sea­son­al flow­ers — daisies, hydrangeas, corn­flow­ers, lilies, del­phini­ums, sweet peas, pan­sies, alstroe­me­rias are so unusu­al, full of ener­gy, col­ors that they can com­pete with exot­ic pompous flow­ers. In addi­tion, such a sum­mer bou­quet will be remem­bered for a long time not only by you, but also by your guests.