Wedding bouquet of gerberas

Every girl who is about to get mar­ried at some point thinks about choos­ing a wed­ding bou­quet. The flow­ers that the bride will hold in her hands will become an inte­gral part of the image and empha­size the char­ac­ter and desires of the girl. So which bou­quet should you choose?

If you are a cheer­ful, bright and roman­tic nature, then in spir­it you will be very suit­able for a wed­ding bou­quet of ger­beras. The home­land of these flow­ers is Africa, and the clos­est rel­a­tives are daisies. The beau­ty of ger­beras will enchant even guests who are indif­fer­ent to flow­ers, because the per­fec­tion and ele­gance of the lines are sim­ply amaz­ing. Each flower in the bou­quet reminds of the sun, sum­mer, youth and opti­mism. It is use­ful to know that a ger­bera wed­ding bou­quet has the fol­low­ing prop­er­ties:

  • can go with­out water for a very long time;
  • this is not a sea­son­al flower, so the bou­quet can be made at any time of the year;
  • keeps a fresh look dur­ing the day;
  • flow­ers have a rich col­or palette;
  • are rel­a­tive­ly inex­pen­sive.

As you can see, such a bou­quet will be a good addi­tion to the wed­ding dress and is suit­able even for a bud­get wed­ding. The only thing is that it is bet­ter to col­lect a bou­quet from expe­ri­enced florists. They use a spe­cial wire that strength­ens the flower in the pedun­cle and pre­vents the heavy “head” from falling.

The meaning of gerbera in the bride’s wedding bouquet

In the lan­guage of flow­ers, ger­bera means mys­tery, mod­esty, mys­tery and joy. Its inflo­res­cence is often com­pared to a solar disk sur­round­ed by rays. This sim­i­lar­i­ty endows the flower with cre­ative sym­bol­ism. Per­haps she is the most pos­i­tive flower. Bright col­or and sun-shaped form made it a sym­bol of play­ful­ness, joy and kind­ness.

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From ger­beras, you can cre­ate sev­er­al themed bou­quets that will look organ­ic in a wed­ding set­ting. Here are the main ones:

  1. Wed­ding bou­quet of red ger­beras. It looks quite naive and at the same time sexy. Suit­able for very young brides get­ting mar­ried for the first time. It must be remem­bered that such a bou­quet will con­trast sharply with a white dress, so it must be com­posed very com­pe­tent­ly. Scar­let notes will dilute white spray chrysan­the­mums and green­ery.
  2. White ger­beras in a wed­ding bou­quet. This com­po­si­tion looks rather sim­ple and ele­gant. Stick to min­i­mal­ism. Let it be a mono bou­quet con­sist­ing of 7 or 9 flow­ers. Ger­bera legs are best left long and sim­ply wrapped with white rib­bon.
  3. Bright bou­quet of ger­beras. Use sev­er­al shades at once to make the col­or more sat­u­rat­ed. Such a bou­quet is suit­able for a young lib­er­at­ed bride with a rebel­lious char­ac­ter.