Wedding dress

A dress with a “tail”, a godet, a mer­maid, a fish — what kind of names does this style have! How­ev­er, its essence remains unchanged. A wed­ding dress in the style of “Mer­maid” is the height of fem­i­nin­i­ty and sophis­ti­cat­ed lux­u­ry. How­ev­er, it is dif­fi­cult to call a “fish” style wed­ding dress uni­ver­sal. Such an out­fit organ­i­cal­ly looks only on the hap­py own­ers of chis­eled fig­ures with a nar­row waist and hips. If the fig­ure of the bride is real­ly slim and sophis­ti­cat­ed, the wed­ding dress of the year is exact­ly the win-win option that you should opt for.

What features does a Mermaid wedding dress have?

In order to under­stand what such an out­fit rep­re­sents, it is enough just to look at it once. The straight soft sil­hou­ette of the dress, rather strong­ly flared to the bot­tom, like the tail of a fairy tale mer­maid, focus­es increased atten­tion on the charms of the fig­ure of its own­er.

The char­ac­ter­is­tic fea­tures of the wed­ding dress sil­hou­ette “fish” are:

  • fig­ure-hug­ging rigid bodice with small sleeves or with­out them;
  • low waist­line;
  • strong­ly flared mul­ti-lay­er skirt sim­i­lar to a fish­tail;
  • flow­ing long train.

For a Mer­maid wed­ding dress, as a rule, silk or chif­fon fab­rics are used, as well as satin and lace. From what mate­r­i­al the dress is sewn will depend on how much it will fit the fig­ure. So options from silk and satin do not fit very tight­ly to the body, and mod­els from more rigid and dense fab­rics can cre­ate the effect of a corset.

A lace wed­ding dress “fish” will also help to sub­due the imag­i­na­tion of the future groom and strike the guests on the spot. Fine weave of lace threads will empha­size the ele­gance of the fig­ure and envel­op its own­er in a light cloud of mys­tery.

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Mermaid style wedding dresses

There are a fair­ly large num­ber of vari­a­tions of wed­ding dress­es year, which in turn allows the future bride to choose “her” ver­sion. The advan­tage of such an out­fit is that it can be used to empha­size all the advan­tages of a female fig­ure.

Sleeve­less and strap­less dress­es with an open top will suit the own­ers of flaw­less skin and beau­ti­ful breasts. This option will empha­size the beau­ti­ful shoul­ders and neck of the future bride.

A fish­tail wed­ding dress with small puffed sleeves and a V‑neck accen­tu­ates the décol­leté, draws atten­tion to the grace­ful arms and helps to hide the girl’s too wide shoul­ders.

The style of the Mer­maid wed­ding dress, thanks to a low waist and a long mul­ti-lay­ered train, visu­al­ly stretch­es the fig­ure, so not only tall girls with a slen­der waist and nar­row hips, but not too tall ladies can afford such an out­fit. Petite brides with a frag­ile fig­ure can safe­ly wear such a robe, pro­vid­ing it with high-heeled shoes.

If the fig­ure of the future bride is far from ide­al, then you should not choose wed­ding dress­es in the year style, so as not to look too vul­gar on such a solemn day. The fact is that the wed­ding dress “Mer­maid” focus­es on the hips. There­fore, with the own­ers of a plump fig­ure and too lush hips, such a style can play a “cru­el” joke.

The choice of wed­ding attire should be approached indi­vid­u­al­ly. Often, in order to find that very cher­ished “own” option, the future bride has to try on more than a dozen dress­es and review all pos­si­ble styles. But, you see, the enthu­si­as­tic looks of the guests and the aston­ished groom are worth the effort!

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