Even the same wed­ding dress­es on dif­fer­ent brides look dif­fer­ent, but every girl dreams of a unique unique dress. For some, the ulti­mate dream is a fluffy long snow-white dress, for oth­ers — a short flow­ing fab­ric. This inspires design­ers to cre­ate a huge vari­ety of wed­ding mod­els. But there are out­fits that have been invari­ably pop­u­lar for many cen­turies. These are wed­ding dress­es with lace tops and sleeves, for which lace is also used. Such mod­els com­bine aris­to­crat­ic chic and retro-style notes.

The per­fect wed­ding dress

Rep­re­sent­ing in their minds an out­fit in which one of the most sig­nif­i­cant days in their lives will be spent, girls focus on its length, col­or, style and fab­ric. But the sleeves are a detail that is prac­ti­cal­ly not paid atten­tion to. And absolute­ly in vain! A wed­ding dress with a long sleeve made of lace looks com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent from a sim­i­lar one, but with­out this detail. Sleeves change not only the style and gen­er­al mood, but also the image of the bride.

A wed­ding dress with long lace sleeves fits per­fect­ly into the bohemi­an chic style, which is incred­i­bly pop­u­lar today. There is no need to wor­ry that such a sleeve length will turn the image into a prim, old-fash­ioned and too closed one. An out­dat­ed out­fit and a retro out­fit are com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent con­cepts.

A wed­ding dress with lace sleeves is not the same as an ordi­nary dress with sleeves, where their func­tion is to pro­vide the girl with warmth. On this day, the util­i­tar­i­an prop­er­ties of cloth­ing fade into the back­ground, and the main selec­tion cri­te­ria are beau­ty, ten­der­ness, ele­gance, sophis­ti­ca­tion. Of course, lace will not warm, but on the wed­ding day, this is not the main thing. A rea­son­able ques­tion aris­es: why do we need sleeves? To make a closed lace long sleeve wed­ding dress the epit­o­me of ele­gance, light­ness and style. Rigid corsets, tight-fit­ting bodices, bulky decor — all these ele­ments make the image heavy. But lace, which is used not only for sewing sleeves, but also pre­sent­ed as an insert on the back, adds airi­ness to the image. If the choice is stopped on a sim­i­lar mod­el, the hair­style should be high, because the out­fit must be shown in all its glo­ry!

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A puffy wed­ding dress with lace sleeves fits well into the cer­e­mo­ny, which is held in retro style. It remains only to decide on the fash­ion­able mood of the past era. An ear­ly twen­ties Gats­by bride who opts for a short wed­ding dress with lace sleeves? The girl of a wealthy indus­tri­al­ist of the for­ties in a tight-fit­ting airy out­fit? Or maybe a lace short wed­ding dress with sleeves in the style of the six­ties? What­ev­er mod­el you choose, it will look more restrained than pro­gres­sive mod­ern dress­es. In addi­tion, it is the wed­ding fash­ion that is the most con­ser­v­a­tive, since at all times the bride had to be clean, touch­ing and ten­der.

Choos­ing a closed lace dress with a long sleeve, you do not turn into a touchy with a cold heart. Vice ver­sa! An intel­li­gent image is both a trib­ute to time­less clas­sics, and vin­tage motifs, and impec­ca­ble style.

Hav­ing decid­ed to embody an image in a retro style on the wed­ding day, it is impor­tant to pay atten­tion not only to the style of the dress, but also to the qual­i­ty of the lace. The fact is that even the most exquis­ite out­fit, which flaw­less­ly empha­sizes a beau­ti­ful fig­ure, will be hope­less­ly ruined if it is trimmed with cheap lace. This is not about cost, but about appear­ance, although this is inter­con­nect­ed.