Wedding dress with red ribbon

Design­ers today offer the most intri­cate out­fits to bold and extra­or­di­nary brides. For exam­ple, a dress with a red belt. The red col­or sym­bol­izes pas­sion and love, and the white sym­bol­izes the puri­ty and puri­ty of the girl. There are sev­er­al options for a wed­ding dress with red accents.

Wedding dress with red belt

In addi­tion to the fact that col­ored inserts enliv­en the dress a lit­tle, they make it pos­si­ble to “make a waist”. If a wed­ding dress with a red rib­bon of a bright scar­let hue is too bold a deci­sion, then you can play with col­or and choose out­fits with rasp­ber­ry, crim­son or crim­son inserts. A wed­ding dress with a red belt accen­tu­ates the waist. The belt itself can be made of satin rib­bon or lace. Wed­ding dress­es with red rib­bons look espe­cial­ly solemn when the rib­bons turn into a train.

Wedding dress with red bow

A wed­ding dress with a red rib­bon tied with a bow looks very beau­ti­ful. The bow can be locat­ed in front or behind. This option is usu­al­ly cho­sen by old­er brides. The bow is always locat­ed on the waist­line. If it adorns the dress in front, then this is a small and neat bow, but in the back you can afford a chic and volu­mi­nous dec­o­ra­tion made of rib­bons in sev­er­al tiers with a long exten­sion, turn­ing into a train. It is gen­er­al­ly not rec­om­mend­ed to dec­o­rate an out­fit with a slit with bows.

A wed­ding dress with a red bow looks equal­ly good on any fig­ure: long, slen­der legs, com­bined with high growth, will per­fect­ly empha­size a short out­fit, and a long flow­ing train will beau­ti­ful­ly dec­o­rate cur­va­ceous shapes. The red rib­bon on a wed­ding dress can be thin or wide. The first option is suit­able for a short dress or an empire style dress, and a wide rib­bon can turn into a corset in com­bi­na­tion with a fluffy skirt.

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