Let’s be hon­est: as excit­ing and won­der­ful as the process of buy­ing a wed­ding dress may seem, it can be very stress­ful! Espe­cial­ly for cur­va­ceous brides. In the salons, 90 per­cent of the assort­ment is intend­ed for own­ers of slen­der fig­ures. Chan­fash­ion con­vinced that every body type is beau­ti­ful, and brides in size plus size should not feel uncom­fort­able. All girls will cer­tain­ly find their per­fect wed­ding dress! To help you with this, we will share some of our tips.

Find the perfect silhouette

You know your fig­ure like no one else, don’t you? Depend­ing on what fea­tures you would like to hide, empha­size or smooth out, you need to choose the style of the dress. A heavy top will help visu­al­ly light­en the sleeves, and a prop­er­ly select­ed neck­line. If you’re not ready to be the sec­ond Kar­dashi­an and show off your cur­va­ceous thighs, look at the A‑line and ball gowns.

Details that work for you

Sleeves and belt are two details that can absolute­ly change the look of your out­fit and set the right accents. Despite the unde­ni­able pop­u­lar­i­ty of strap­less wed­ding dress­es (and they look lux­u­ri­ous on curvy brides), if you want to nar­row your shoul­ders and hide volu­mi­nous arms, even a small sleeve on the dress will do the trick. The belt does won­ders at all: it empha­sizes the waist, cre­ates an incred­i­bly sexy and fem­i­nine sil­hou­ette, if placed under the chest, it empha­sizes the bust and dis­tracts from the pro­trud­ing tum­my.

Find the right fabric

More dense fab­rics, embossed, dec­o­rat­ed with embroi­dery, lace, sequins, beads, pleat­ed are ide­al for plump brides. They smooth every­thing out, hide imper­fec­tions and mask the heav­ier fea­tures of the fig­ure, ulti­mate­ly cre­at­ing a stream­lined, attrac­tive sil­hou­ette.

Buy the right size

Don’t look at the num­bers, look at your­self in the mir­ror. There is noth­ing wrong with buy­ing a dress in the largest size. For exam­ple, if your bust is in size 12 (in the Euro­pean size grid), but your hips def­i­nite­ly need a size 18, we advise you to buy a dress in size 18 and sew it in the bust. Buy­ing a tight dress is unnec­es­sary stress! Remem­ber: you can always take in, but adding a size is quite prob­lem­at­ic!

Are you already imag­in­ing your out­fit? It remains to meet him in per­son! Try on as many dress­es as your heart desires and remem­ber that you will look beau­ti­ful on your wed­ding day!

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What would your plus size wedding dress look like?

A mermaid

Mod­el Mer­maid made of lace fab­ric looks very impres­sive. The dra­mat­ic deep V neck­line is a key accent and will work to your advan­tage. A grace­ful train stretch­es the sil­hou­ette as much as pos­si­ble and adds romance to the image. An excel­lent choice for a lux­u­ri­ous bride.

The same dress mod­el, but com­ple­ment­ed by a deep neck­line in front, looks bold and bright! For a wed­ding in the warm sea­son — a great choice.

Straight silhouette

Do you want to hide the vol­umes, but the soul does not lie with the ball gown? How do you choose a mod­el with a straight cut, but with a beau­ti­ful addi­tion on the sides? The side parts can be made of tulle, light and translu­cent, or made of heavy mate­r­i­al. And both options will cope with the task — visu­al­ly divide your sil­hou­ette, which is great for tall girls, hide vol­umes on the hips and “draw” the waist.

Double punch

Take a breath. This vin­tage style is so chic and effort­less. Pair an all-lace dress with a basic U‑neck silk chemise for a roman­tic bridal look. Look at the mag­nif­i­cent detail­ing of lace on the open body: on the neck­line and on the sleeves. How beau­ti­ful­ly the high neck­line and deep neck­line har­mo­nize. Delight!


Check out this lace dress with a clas­sic neck­line and wide straps that sit well on the shoul­ders. An unusu­al waist and a loose skirt look won­der­ful on any fig­ure. To add even more attrac­tive­ness to the own­er of the dress, the design­ers made a side cutout.

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Robe dress

If you love min­i­mal­ism, choose a gor­geous robe dress that is mod­ern and ele­gant. Lacon­ic cut, clean lines — this style undoubt­ed­ly suits brides of var­i­ous shapes. Airy, ethe­re­al sleeves, gath­ered into a thin cuff, com­plete the look. Flaw­less!

Beauty is in the details

One bright detail can take the whole look to the next lev­el. A deep neck­line on the back or a lace accent on the hips draws atten­tion to the beau­ti­ful lines of the bride. The mer­maid style can be made more ele­gant with the help of lon­gi­tu­di­nal embroi­dery, and it is easy to visu­al­ly sep­a­rate the sil­hou­ette by choos­ing a dress, the bot­tom and top of which are made of dif­fer­ent mate­ri­als or dif­fer­ent shades.

Emphasis on color

A wed­ding dress does­n’t have to be white. Do not for­get about the abun­dance of flow­ers, which will not only make your bride’s image styl­ish and indi­vid­ual, but also allow you to shift the focus from forms to a wow-look!

We’ve shown you quite a few plus size wed­ding dress­es and aren’t they chic? One is bet­ter than the oth­er! Deter­mine your strengths — the virtues that you want to flaunt, and the nuances that you would like to dis­guise. And go to bridal salons in a good mood and with con­fi­dence that you will find the right out­fit for you!