wedding dresses with lace

Choos­ing an out­fit for a wed­ding is a spe­cial, almost sacred process for any bride. After all, on the hap­pi­est day of your life, every­one wants to look not just good, but per­fect. But the vari­ety of exist­ing styles, styles and col­ors of wed­ding dress­es can con­fuse any­one. In order for the choice to be cor­rect, and the dress to sub­se­quent­ly suc­cess­ful­ly fit into the gen­er­al style of the hol­i­day, you should care­ful­ly and thor­ough­ly study the main cat­e­gories of wed­ding dress­es. Let’s talk about wed­ding dress­es with lace.

Lush wedding dress with lace

Tra­di­tion­al wed­ding dress­es — puffy with lace — are still rel­e­vant. Still would! Indeed, in such an out­fit, it is so easy to plunge into the world of dreams and imag­ine your­self as a real fairy-tale princess. For­tu­nate­ly, lace today is not as expen­sive and rare as it used to be, thanks to which brides of any income can use it in their out­fits. It is impor­tant that at the same time the wed­ding look with lace still looks expen­sive, exclu­sive and pres­ti­gious.

The lush bot­tom of the dress visu­al­ly empha­sizes the fragili­ty of the fig­ure and makes the shoul­ders nar­row. Best of all, princess-style dress­es are suit­able for girls of medi­um build, as well as small and thin ones. Full brides should opt for a dress with a skirt of medi­um splen­dor, grad­u­al­ly expand­ing at the bot­tom. It is the A‑line dress­es that are the most ver­sa­tile — they make the full ones slim, the thin ones are giv­en “ska­ter­i­ness”.

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Brides of small stature should remem­ber that a puffy dress with a low waist visu­al­ly short­ens the legs.

Wed­ding dress “Mer­maid” with lace Fit­ted “top”, fit­ting the waist and hips, and a spec­tac­u­lar puffy “bot­tom” — wed­ding dress-fish with lace will sure­ly be in the cen­ter of every­one’s atten­tion. Of course, such a spec­tac­u­lar, and even provoca­tive style is not for every­one. Only girls with a per­fect, chis­eled fig­ure can afford to wear such dress­es. A silk or satin wed­ding dress with lace will look best in this style.

Do not strive for rich decor and catchy acces­sories — let the orig­i­nal sil­hou­ette and your hap­py eyes become the main focus of your image, and not a bunch of sparkling trin­kets, albeit very expen­sive ones.

Please also note that, despite the attrac­tive appear­ance, the fish dress is not very com­fort­able. Leave it for the most impor­tant, solemn part of the event, but for a ban­quet and oth­er wed­ding fes­tiv­i­ties, it is bet­ter to pre­pare a more com­fort­able out­fit, for exam­ple, a cropped or short dress.

Short wedding dress with lace

Mod­ern girls are increas­ing­ly choos­ing short or cropped dress­es for wed­dings, because they are much more com­fort­able than long and often weighty mod­els to the floor.

Remem­ber that lace and a small length in itself make your look quite light and open. Avoid short dress­es with plung­ing neck­lines or heavy flashy trims, so as not to make the look cheap and vul­gar.

A short dress is light­ness and ease. Shoes and acces­sories should also cor­re­spond to these con­cepts — be sim­ple, restrained, but always of very high qual­i­ty.

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A wed­ding dress with black lace looks very styl­ish, but not all brides decide to wear such an out­fit — after all, since ancient times, black has been asso­ci­at­ed with long­ing or loss. How­ev­er, recent­ly girls are will­ing­ly break­ing tra­di­tions and stereo­types, using an ever wider palette of col­ors for wed­ding dress­es.

A wed­ding dress (espe­cial­ly closed) with lace empha­sizes the sophis­ti­ca­tion and grace of the girl, adding aris­toc­ra­cy and even some defense­less­ness to the image.

You can see exam­ples of some more mod­els of wed­ding dress­es with lace in the gallery.