Wedding dresses with red belt

Red col­or has always been con­sid­ered defi­ant, bold, and there­fore allur­ing, attract­ing atten­tion. Tra­di­tion­al­ly, brides opt for an out­fit of vir­gin white, but if you are that very brave girl who is always used to get­ting her own way in every­thing, you can choose a dress with a styl­ish accent. This accent can be a bright red detail. Wed­ding dress­es with a red belt are fash­ion­able, unusu­al, bold.

col­or pow­er

Do not think that a white dress with a red belt will look out of place and defi­ant at a wed­ding. This col­or in many cul­tures sym­bol­izes hap­pi­ness, pros­per­i­ty, attrac­tive­ness and health. Suf­fice it to recall the tra­di­tion­al out­fits of Indi­an brides. The styl­ish con­trast “white dress — red belt” allows both the indi­vid­u­al­i­ty of the girl walk­ing down the aisle to be empha­sized and the cul­tur­al tra­di­tions to be observed.

The red belt on the bride’s wed­ding dress can be both nar­row and wide. If it is nar­row, then it is worth bal­anc­ing the col­or scheme by com­ple­ment­ing the image with sev­er­al details of the same col­or. It can be a hair orna­ment, a flower brooch, gloves or shoes. A wide belt in itself is a notice­able dec­o­ra­tion, so it does not need addi­tions. It’s great if the lip make­up is also done with lip­stick in a rich red shade to match the belt.

Many mod­els of bodices of wed­ding dress­es are made using lac­ing, which can be both a dec­o­ra­tion and a prac­ti­cal func­tion (corset corset). If a red belt is used in the dec­o­ra­tion of the dress, then the lac­ing can be the same. Such mod­els of dress­es look very impres­sive and orig­i­nal. At the same time, the dress itself can be tight-fit­ting, lush, cas­cad­ing, short or floor-length.

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Let your­self look unusu­al on such an impor­tant day for every girl — the day of cre­at­ing a fam­i­ly!