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Wedding gift certificates: original ideas

A wed­ding is an unfor­get­table event in the life of new­ly­weds. There is so much to do: this is the choice of out­fit, rings, hall for the cel­e­bra­tion, as well as many oth­er things. And this is only the begin­ning of the long work to be done. When your wed­ding day final­ly arrives, you want it to be fun and mem­o­rable as one of the best days of your life.

Gift Voucher Benefits

Guests should take care of a gift for the bride and groom in advance. A gift cer­tifi­cate can be a great gift idea, because choos­ing an inter­est­ing and orig­i­nal present is very dif­fi­cult. You can lim­it your­self to pur­chas­ing small house­hold appli­ances or donate mon­ey, but you want the gift to be unusu­al. Of course, if the new­ly­weds need addi­tion­al finances and would like to receive cash as a wed­ding gift, you can also give an enve­lope with mon­ey.

It is impor­tant to think in advance what the gift cer­tifi­cate will be like, because it needs to be col­or­ful­ly designed, writ­ten in text and pre­sent­ed in an orig­i­nal way.

If there are doubts about the choice of enter­tain­ment for the new­ly­weds, then you can choose the option where they them­selves can choose an accept­able idea for leisure.

In the event that the inter­ests of the bride and groom are known, it is bet­ter to focus on the one that will be of inter­est to both new­ly­weds. For lovers of extreme sports, options for excit­ing extreme enter­tain­ment are suit­able.

Roman­tic cou­ples would rather go to a qui­et place or just go to the movies.

In the lat­ter case, you should take care of a sep­a­rate room for the new­ly­weds in advance, because this is a wed­ding gift. It would be use­ful to dec­o­rate the hall with can­dles, decor. A sweet table, fruits and a bot­tle of cham­pagne will only com­ple­ment the roman­tic atmos­phere.

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A cer­tifi­cate should be giv­en if:

  • the donor is well aware of the inter­ests of the new­ly­weds;
  • when the cher­ished dream of one of the spous­es is known: to vis­it a cer­tain coun­try or place;
  • if the young are ready for any fol­lies and are not dis­tin­guished by con­ser­vatism;
  • if the new­ly­weds love new expe­ri­ences and are ready to accept them.

In the event that a gift cer­tifi­cate is giv­en for a trip to anoth­er city or abroad, you should agree on this with a trav­el agency in advance. The bride and groom will be pleas­ant­ly sur­prised to receive as a gift a trip for sev­er­al days to an exot­ic coun­try or anoth­er place of their choice.

Best Ideas

Below are ideas that can be brought to life with gift cer­tifi­cates.

  • Vis­it­ing spa treat­ments. This is a great oppor­tu­ni­ty to final­ly relieve ten­sion after a long prepa­ra­tion for the wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny. You can give a gift card for var­i­ous pro­ce­dures and enter­tain­ment events in a cozy hotel.
  • Var­i­ous walks for young peo­ple. It can be a walk on a boat or a motor ship, a vis­it to a stud farm and horse­back rid­ing, soli­tude in a coun­try house. Fans of extreme sports can trav­el in a hot air bal­loon or para­chute jump.
  • Par­tic­i­pa­tion in mas­ter class­es. Giv­en the pref­er­ences of the new­ly­weds, you can give them a cer­tifi­cate for attend­ing culi­nary or oth­er mas­ter class­es. Cook­ing choco­late, gourmet meals or cof­fee togeth­er, soap mak­ing skills or oth­er excit­ing activ­i­ties will help the young cou­ple to get even clos­er.
  • Wed­ding pho­to ses­sion can be a good oppor­tu­ni­ty for a cou­ple to open up in a new way and see them­selves in unex­pect­ed ways. A gift cer­tifi­cate should include not only the work of a pho­tog­ra­ph­er, make­up artist and hair­dress­er, but also give the oppor­tu­ni­ty to receive a lux­u­ri­ous pho­to album as a gift.
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It is impor­tant that the new­ly­weds get emo­tions from the gift. Do not for­get about prac­ti­cal options. A cer­tifi­cate for the pur­chase of small house­hold appli­ances is appro­pri­ate if a young cou­ple will live sep­a­rate­ly and need elec­tron­ics.

For lovers of joint shop­ping trips, a cer­tifi­cate for the pur­chase of styl­ish clothes and acces­sories, expen­sive and elite per­fumes is suit­able.

For those who lead a healthy lifestyle or seek to put their body in order, a gift in the form of vis­its to the gym, swim­ming pool, fit­ness club is suit­able.

Guests and new­ly­weds will be pleased with a cer­tifi­cate con­firm­ing that they are the hap­pi­est fam­i­ly. The hus­band is giv­en offi­cial per­mis­sion to live togeth­er and “exploit” his wife. The same doc­u­ment is hand­ed over to a young wife.

Unusual ideas for guests

So that the fun at the event does not end, you can give gift cer­tifi­cates not only to a young cou­ple, but also to guests. They are usu­al­ly giv­en as bonus­es dur­ing com­pe­ti­tions. They should cause a smile, but not be vul­gar or stu­pid.

Pos­si­ble options for them could be:

  • cer­tifi­cate for a paper wed­ding with a young cou­ple;
  • for a gold­en wed­ding
  • for a hearty break­fast pre­pared by her hus­band;
  • for a joint vis­it to the cin­e­ma, zoo, exhi­bi­tion;
  • a doc­u­ment giv­ing the right to dine with the new­ly­weds once a month;
  • the right to dance with the bride or groom;
  • the right to kiss all the beau­ti­ful girls or guys.

There may be many options. Wed­ding cer­tifi­cates will be an ide­al addi­tion to the cel­e­bra­tion and will leave unfor­get­table emo­tions for the guests and the cul­prits of the event.

This doc­u­ment should be nice­ly for­mat­ted. If this is a small card, then it can be placed in a small box, which is placed in a larg­er box — and they give it to the new­ly­weds. If this doc­u­ment looks like a small card, it would be use­ful to sup­ple­ment it with a bar of elite choco­late. You can also present it by plac­ing the card in a fruit and wine bas­ket.

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You can print the doc­u­ment on plain paper, twist it into a scroll and tie it with a beau­ti­ful rib­bon. To “age” the doc­u­ment, you can place a sheet of paper in a con­tain­er with tea leaves for a few min­utes, and then dry it.

A doc­u­ment print­ed on a col­or print­er will look good. It can be placed in a beau­ti­ful frame or make an orig­i­nal decor by dec­o­rat­ing with rib­bons, pat­terns, rhine­stones. Dec­o­ra­tive but­ter­flies and beau­ti­ful expen­sive paper will com­plete the look and make the gift exquis­ite.

In addi­tion, you can order the exe­cu­tion of the doc­u­ment in a spe­cial work­shop. When design­ing it, it is impor­tant to adhere to the col­ors and themes that are pro­vid­ed for by the wed­ding.

Cer­tifi­cates don’t have to be expen­sive — they can be fun­ny. It is impor­tant that the bride and groom right­ful­ly appre­ci­ate the gift, and it remains in their mem­o­ry as a bright event.

New­ly­weds can also give each oth­er cer­tifi­cates as a gift. It can be a doc­u­ment for the ful­fill­ment of a desire: young peo­ple think of their cher­ished desire and write it into the doc­u­ment. Thanks to him, part­ners can learn about the cher­ished secrets of their soul mate.

The cer­tifi­cate can be pre­sent­ed to young peo­ple in dif­fer­ent ways, one of them is described in a short video.

You can learn about the ben­e­fits of gift cer­tifi­cates in the video below.