Wedding hair and make-up

If it is some­times prob­lem­at­ic for a woman to choose a hair­style on one of the ordi­nary days, then what can we say about a wed­ding when there are so many beau­ti­ful brides in the styl­ists’ cat­a­logs, and at least par­tial­ly you want to be like each of them?

The options for wed­ding hair­styles are numer­ous, and many of them are real­ly worth atten­tion — they are orig­i­nal and per­formed at the lev­el of per­fec­tion. But choos­ing a hair­style should not only be based on the cri­te­ri­on of orig­i­nal­i­ty, but tak­ing into account per­son­al para­me­ters and the intend­ed make-up.

wedding hair and makeup cost

Wom­en’s wed­ding hair­styles can cost a lot, but the price should not be of para­mount impor­tance, because hair and make­up help to cre­ate the “face” of the bride, and this is very impor­tant. The more com­plex the hair­style and the more pop­u­lar the name of the hair­dress­er, the more expen­sive the hair­style will cost. After all, the name of a hair­dress­er is a kind of guar­an­tee that this per­son has worked hard to become famous as a good styl­ist, and there­fore he can be entrust­ed with cre­at­ing a hair­style for such a sig­nif­i­cant event.

Types of wedding hairstyles

Hair­styles can vary in style, but the main dif­fer­ence is whether the hair is tied up or down. Before choos­ing a hair­style, decide in which ver­sion you will feel com­fort­able.

Wedding Hair Ideas

Before choos­ing your bridal hair­style, take a look at your dress and decide which hair­style will match it. Do not for­get also about hair orna­ments — today they are in fash­ion, and you should not miss such a chance — to dec­o­rate your hair with a dia­dem or a huge hair­pin.

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If you have a puffy dress, then the hair­style should be con­cise, with select­ed hair. If the dress is nar­row and long, then you can stop at the hair­style with loose hair.

You can also pay atten­tion to the idea of ​​match­ing the hair­style with the fab­ric. Open­work, with stones and pat­terns, the fab­ric will be ide­al­ly com­bined with curls, and the same type of even fab­ric will per­fect­ly com­ple­ment straight curls.

Makeup and hairstyle of the bride

Make­up and hair­style should be com­bined in style, as well as in har­mo­ny with oth­er shades in the out­fit. A clas­sic win-win option is gen­tle smokey eyes, because this tech­nique allows you to adjust the shape of the eye­lid.