Wedding hairstyles in the Greek style

As you know, fash­ion does not stand still. The same can be said about wed­ding fash­ion. Every sea­son, design­ers offer fash­ion­istas orig­i­nal options for wed­ding dress­es, acces­sories and hair­styles. Among the huge vari­ety of options for wed­ding styling and hair­styles with long hair, mod­ern women of fash­ion pre­fer Greek hair­styles.

Greek wedding hairstyles — a universal option for brides

Wed­ding hair­styles in the Greek style allow you to cre­ate a mag­nif­i­cent image of the ancient muse. They favor­ably empha­size the beau­ty of the face and neck. Freely flow­ing curls and nat­ur­al styling retain their irre­sistible look through­out the day and will allow the bride not to wor­ry about a strand that has come out of her hair.

The main advan­tage of such styling is that it does not take much time to cre­ate them. The future bride will not have to sit still for sev­er­al hours while the mas­ter builds com­plex styling on her head.

Greek wed­ding hair­styles can turn a girl into the majes­tic Artemis or the beau­ti­ful Greek god­dess Aphrodite. It should be not­ed that long hair is the best basis for such styling. How­ev­er, own­ers of short hair­cuts should not despair — to cre­ate such a hair­style, you just need to grow your hair.

Greek style wedding hairstyles

Styl­ists offer sev­er­al options for Greek hair­styles:

  • Greek wed­ding braid
  • lay­ing with the help of the Greek knot “korim­bos”;
  • bulk beam;
  • loose hair with ele­ments of light weav­ing.

Clas­si­cal Greek knot or “korim­bos” looks very impres­sive on long or medi­um length hair. The curls twist­ed along the entire length, divid­ed into a straight part­ing, are col­lect­ed in the back of the head, and the side strands are left free or braid­ed into small pig­tails. Such long wed­ding hair­styles look great with a dress of any style. How­ev­er, the most spec­tac­u­lar option would be to com­bine such a hair­style with a Greek-style dress or an off-the-shoul­der out­fit. Loose­ly flow­ing curls favor­ably empha­size the neck, shoul­ders and décol­leté of the bride.

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The undis­put­ed leader among wed­ding weaves for long hair in the Greek style is the so-called wed­ding braid. There are a lot of options for a Greek wed­ding braid. It can be one volu­mi­nous braid, sev­er­al small braids inter­twined with each oth­er, a bun­dle dec­o­rat­ed with braids or “korim­bos” with weav­ing ele­ments.

The most impres­sive look among wed­ding hair­styles volu­mi­nous braids. The braid can be braid­ed to one side or made in the form of a cas­cade, and can also frame the bride’s head like a head­band.

If the bride’s out­fit involves the use of a veil, styl­ists rec­om­mend choos­ing wed­ding hair­styles in the form asym­met­ri­cal braids. Such styling will empha­size the nat­ur­al beau­ty of the bride and focus on the wed­ding dress. In addi­tion to wed­ding weav­ing hair in the form of a braid, var­i­ous vol­u­met­ric bun­dles are also pop­u­lar. The Greek bun is very dif­fer­ent from the clas­sic smooth styling. It has a slight­ly casu­al look, which adds ele­gance and chic to the image.

Accessories for Greek hairstyles

As a rule, acces­sories such as diadems or tiaras, wreaths of fresh or arti­fi­cial flow­ers, head­bands, hair­pins and hair­pins dec­o­rat­ed with stones, pearls, rib­bons, pearl threads, rhine­stones and, of course, veils are used as addi­tions and dec­o­ra­tions to Greek hair­styles. which can be either very long or rather short. It all depends on the imag­i­na­tion and pref­er­ences of the bride.