Wedding hairstyles on the side

The time when brides pre­ferred high and very com­plex hair­styles is grad­u­al­ly fad­ing into obliv­ion. Today, nat­u­ral­ness and nat­u­ral­ness are high­ly val­ued by young girls. So if you want to stay in trend on the most impor­tant day of your life, you need to try one side wed­ding hair­styles.

Wedding hairstyles to the side — varieties

First­ly, you should choose wed­ding hair­styles for the side and the out­fit only togeth­er, but not sep­a­rate­ly. If the choice is already made in favor of asym­met­ri­cal wed­ding hair­styles, then the out­fit should be cho­sen accord­ing­ly. In this case, a com­bi­na­tion with a deep neck­line or com­plete­ly open shoul­ders will look very good, a one-shoul­der neck­line will do. Con­sid­er which wed­ding hair­styles on the side are the most pop­u­lar today.

  1. Wed­ding hair­style side pony­tail, con­sist­ing of large curls. Even if your hair is not long enough, the mas­ter can always use false strands. They are attached at the base and curled along with the hair. Rhine­stones or pearls in strands look gen­tle and styl­ish. A side pony­tail bridal hair­style looks good paired with long ear­rings or a large flower with a sheer veil on the oth­er side instead of the tra­di­tion­al veil.
  2. The side braid wed­ding hair­style is also very pop­u­lar among young brides. The braid can also be dec­o­rat­ed with flow­ers, stones or pearls. An impor­tant role in the final result in the for­ma­tion of a wed­ding hair­style with a side braid is played by the weav­ing tech­nique. Pay atten­tion to the fish­tail braid, open­work or com­plex braid with many strands. By the way, any of the wed­ding hair­styles with hair on the side can become the main focus of your image (most often this applies to brunettes or own­ers of bright red hair) or, on the con­trary, cre­ate a back­drop for a bright unusu­al make-up.
  3. For those whose hair is nat­u­ral­ly curly and holds vol­ume, wed­ding hair­styles on one side are the per­fect solu­tion. Here it is enough just to work out the strands with fix­a­tives and stab on one side.
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