Wedding hairstyles with a veil

Ideas for wedding hairstyles with a veil for short hair

Every bride wants to look her best on her wed­ding day. Dress, make­up and hair must be per­fect. It goes with­out say­ing that every lit­tle thing should work for a unique and mem­o­rable image. The wed­ding dress plays a major role, but the shoes, make­up and hair­style help com­plete the look of the bride. Mar­riage is a word that gives a clear mean­ing to the new rela­tion­ship that makes life on Earth pos­si­ble. Along with a new rela­tion­ship, it’s time to show your fiancé your incred­i­ble beau­ty, which will instant­ly steal his heart just for you. When it comes to short hair, it might seem like a dif­fi­cult thing to do. But this is not so, short hair can make an even more excit­ing impres­sion than long hair.

Choose a style

Choos­ing a hair­style to com­ple­ment a beau­ti­ful wed­ding dress may not seem like a big deal, but it has a huge impact on your entire look, so there is a lot to think about here. It is worth plan­ning your wed­ding hair­style in advance to think about match­ing hair col­or, jew­el­ry and dress. Prepa­ra­tions should begin at least a month before the wed­ding. You can try imag­in­ing your wed­ding hair­style by twist­ing your hair and pin­ning it in place. Dec­o­rat­ing your curls with flow­ers or jew­el­ry can make the hair­cut look just as glam­orous as long hair.

Ide­al­ly, the wed­ding hair­style should match the style of the wed­ding dress. If you have cho­sen a princess style dress, then a puffy hair­style is usu­al­ly the best option. For a sim­ple, mod­ern dress, a sim­ple pony­tail or hair knot will look mod­est and ele­gant. A glam­orous evening dress looks good with flow­ing struc­tured waves and spark­ly acces­sories.

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How to present short hair in the best light?

If you have short hair, don’t fret! Con­trary to pop­u­lar belief, you don’t need long hair to look glam­orous and trendy on your wed­ding day. So, stop look­ing for hair exten­sions for your big day. In fact, the range of short wed­ding hair­styles is just as exten­sive as for long hair. Mod­ern, chic and styl­ish, short hair is a time­less foun­da­tion for wed­ding hair­styles of any style. Whether pix­ie or bob, short hair can look ele­gant, trendy and fresh.

Short hair, along with the right wed­ding dress design, can cre­ate both a naughty and fem­i­nine, glam­orous look. Short hair is per­fect for brides who opt for dress­es with inter­est­ing details, high backs or high col­lars. In this case, long hair will not cov­er the details of your gor­geous wed­ding dress. And you can spruce up your hair with acces­sories or flow­ers with­out giv­ing the impres­sion of too much embell­ish­ment. Instead, you will look fresh and ele­gant.

Veil and accessories

A veil serves as a clas­sic touch to a wed­ding hair­style. Almost every bridal hair­style can be worn with a veil, the key here is its place­ment. If you have a small knot of hair on your head, secure the veil under your hair for a cus­tom effect. If you want the veil to flow in the wind in waves, place it over your hair, which will look very roman­tic.

Undoubt­ed­ly, acces­sories play a huge role in cre­at­ing many breath­tak­ing wed­ding looks. A sim­ple, ele­gant thin veil bal­ances out a volu­mi­nous wed­ding dress and draws atten­tion to a short hair­cut. Jew­el­ry combs are also a great option if you have a short bob or just enough hair to hold it in place. A flower wreath is also a great acces­so­ry for any bride with short hair.

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Depend­ing on your indi­vid­ual style, there are a few sim­ple rules to fol­low when choos­ing a head­dress for short hair.

  • If the head dec­o­ra­tion is bold and bright, then the ear­rings should be mod­est so as not to cre­ate “sen­so­ry over­load”. Coco Chanel empha­sized that before leav­ing the house, a lady should look in the mir­ror and take off one acces­so­ry. This rule also applies to the neigh­bor­hood of ear­rings and neck­laces — the less com­pet­ing items, the bet­ter. Even if you’re over­ly charm­ing and glam­orous, too much jew­el­ry around your face and décol­leté will over­whelm your beau­ty.
  • When choos­ing a hair­style, it is nec­es­sary to take into account the shape of the face, the venue of the cel­e­bra­tion, the weath­er and oth­er motives. If you are aim­ing for a more mod­est and inno­cent look, short hair will look cute with curly curls. If you want to look glam­orous, you might opt ​​for straight hair.


For a time­less look that will always match any wed­ding dress, the pix­ie cut is per­fect. Pop­u­lar in the 1950s, Audrey Hep­burn and then Mia Far­row in the 1960s made this hair­style work well with any type of hair. Pix­ie is a favorite option for many women who love short hair­cuts. The pix­ie cut is also very easy to main­tain and can be styled and styled with lit­tle effort, so it’s per­fect for a wed­ding day when the bride has so much to do. Cap­ti­vat­ing and mes­mer­iz­ing, this amaz­ing short hair­cut is tru­ly per­fect for the wed­ding day. On a woman who wears a pix­ie, even a sim­ple wed­ding dress with­out embell­ish­ments will look chic and mod­ern.

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The wild hawk is a bold style for those who want to look bold or provoca­tive. As the name sug­gests, this is for those who are will­ing to shave the sides of their heads. Com­pli­ance with this require­ment is impor­tant to obtain the appro­pri­ate appear­ance. Style the longer hair on top to one side and secure with a clip for a more bridal look.

If you’re plan­ning a vin­tage wed­ding, adding rollers to your hair is a great way to cre­ate the look. If you have a pix­ie, then this is unlike­ly to be pos­si­ble, but if your hair is at least chin length, then every­thing will work out. Care­ful­ly sep­a­rate part of the hair at the crown or side. Then make a part­ing from the crown to the ears, you will get a V‑shaped strand. Twist the ends of this strand with tongs or a hair dry­er. Comb the sec­tions from the roots to half the length of the hair.

Gen­tly smooth the hair with a brush, then take some hair­spray and spray it on both sides. Now put your hand on top of your head and style your hair on top. Wrap them around your fin­gers until you get a beau­ti­ful roller. With your oth­er hand, take the clamp and secure the roller. Then repeat the same with the oth­er strand. You can exper­i­ment with the num­ber of strands and styling meth­ods.

For an overview of ideas for wed­ding hair­styles with a veil for short hair, see the fol­low­ing video.