Wedding hairstyles with bangs

Brides with bangs face a short­age of bridal hair­styles and bangs. How­ev­er, this does not mean that such girls are doomed to unin­ter­est­ing bor­ing images. Skill­ful styl­ists are able to cre­ate a real mas­ter­piece on hair with bangs, you just need to choose the right pro­fes­sion­al and think over the hair­style in advance. In this case, pro­fes­sion­als advise con­tact­ing the salon a month or two before the planned cel­e­bra­tion in order to dis­cuss the hair­style option in advance and make some adjust­ments. Some girls are advised to grow their bangs a lit­tle, change their shape, or, on the con­trary, short­en them.

Hairstyles for the bride with bangs

Styl­ists dis­tin­guish sev­er­al types of bangs that are most com­mon among mod­ern fash­ion­istas and which can be used to cre­ate a cre­ative wed­ding look. So, wed­ding hair­styles with even straight bangs are rec­om­mend­ed for girls with a high fore­head, and wed­ding hair­styles with asym­met­ri­cal oblique bangs, due to their abil­i­ty to bal­ance pro­por­tions, will suit ladies with an oval or round­ed face. Wed­ding hair­styles with fash­ion­able long sparse bangs are suit­able for own­ers of a rec­tan­gu­lar face and wide cheek­bones, as they visu­al­ly nar­row and soft­en the face.

Depend­ing on the shape, the fol­low­ing suc­cess­ful hair­styles can be dis­tin­guished, which are well suit­ed to own­ers of bangs. It:

  1. Wed­ding high hair­styles with bangs. This option makes the bride taller, focus­ing on the bride’s face. The only con­di­tion is that the length of the hair should be 15–20 cm. The styling is dec­o­rat­ed with a veil, hair­pins, tiaras or feath­ers. Also rel­e­vant wed­ding hair­style bun with bangs, which will make on the neck and fem­i­nine shoul­ders of the bride.
  2. Wed­ding Greek hair­styles with bangs. This option is suit­able for roman­tic indi­vid­u­als who appre­ci­ate nat­u­ral­ness in the image. Styl­ists offer girls to weave rib­bons into their hair, or fas­ten them with a dec­o­ra­tive elas­tic head­band.
  3. Wed­ding hair­styles curls with bangs. Soft flow­ing curls descend­ing on the naked shoul­ders of the bride empha­size the roman­ti­cism of the image and cre­ate the effect of airi­ness and weight­less­ness. To focus on the bangs, you can align it or stab it on the side with a small hair­pin stud­ded with rhine­stones or feath­ers.
  4. Hair­styles with braids. Who said that to cre­ate a braid, the hair must be the same length. Skill­ful styl­ists beau­ti­ful­ly weave the bangs into the hair, cre­at­ing the so-called French braid. You can also just style your bangs beau­ti­ful­ly, spray­ing them with var­nish, and work with the rest of the hair mass in the usu­al way.
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As you can see, the pres­ence of bangs does not affect the vari­ety of options offered. The main thing is to cor­rect­ly deter­mine the intend­ed shape of the bangs and make sure that it ele­gant­ly empha­sizes facial fea­tures.

Wedding hairstyle with a veil with bangs

How to com­bine bangs and veil in a wed­ding look? To do this, you can use sev­er­al suc­cess­ful options. You can pick up curls in a high hair­style and fix the veil in a hair bun or under it. To fix, use hair­pins, stealth, a wide comb or a hid­den thread. Such a veil will be hid­den behind the total mass of hair, which will give the impres­sion that it is hov­er­ing over your head. The bangs can be beau­ti­ful­ly laid, slight­ly tucked in with a hairdry­er, combed to the side or high­light indi­vid­ual strands with foam.

To add a drop of lux­u­ry to the cre­at­ed image, you can add a hair­style with a dia­dem, a minia­ture crown, a del­i­cate wreath of flow­ers or a dec­o­ra­tive hoop. As a result, you will get a styl­ish hair­style that will empha­size your indi­vid­u­al­i­ty and har­mo­nious­ly fit into the wed­ding look.