Wedding rings

No wed­ding cer­e­mo­ny is com­plete with­out rings. This impor­tant attribute sym­bol­izes end­less love and fam­i­ly well-being.

original wedding rings

In some fam­i­lies, there is a tra­di­tion to pass on wed­ding rings by inher­i­tance, but most often mod­ern new­ly­weds try to buy them in a store, guid­ed by their own ideas about beau­ty and style. Recent­ly, it has become pop­u­lar to give each oth­er not only clas­sics made of gold, but unusu­al wed­ding rings, which include the fol­low­ing:

  • sil­ver wed­ding rings, char­ac­ter­ized by ten­der­ness, unusu­al design and low cost;
  • Slav­ic wed­ding rings — a kind of amulets depict­ing runes or sym­bols that pro­mote good luck and child­bear­ing;
  • wed­ding rings with dia­monds or oth­er pre­cious stones, indi­cat­ing the won­der­ful taste and well-being of their own­ers and the desire to stand out.

Unusu­al­ly attrac­tive are Bul­gar­i’s wed­ding rings — the embod­i­ment of ele­gance and grace. Buy­ing such jew­el­ry, you can be sure that you will wear them with plea­sure all your life, and your descen­dants will sure­ly glad­ly make them a fam­i­ly jew­el. If you grav­i­tate toward chic and lux­u­ry, then you can pre­fer Carti­er wed­ding rings. They will def­i­nite­ly not go unno­ticed and will always attract atten­tion.

How to choose wedding rings?

Of course, for this dec­o­ra­tion, it is bet­ter for a young cou­ple to go togeth­er. Do not for­get, more­over, that the choice of a wed­ding attribute should not be a rea­son for quar­rels — today the choice is very wide and there is no need to over­shad­ow the upcom­ing hol­i­day with dis­agree­ments, on the con­trary, let the pur­chase of a “dif­fi­cult dec­o­ra­tion” become a joy­ful and pleas­ant event for you.

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What wed­ding rings should be, it’s up to the new­ly­weds to decide. Some­one prefers mod­est prod­ucts, it is impor­tant for some­one to show cre­ativ­i­ty in this mat­ter, while oth­ers are ready to pay a con­sid­er­able price for a design­er item.

Def­i­nite­ly, paired wed­ding rings always look good. They empha­size the integri­ty of the fam­i­ly, in addi­tion, they look great in the pho­to. In jew­el­ry stores, you will be offered many such options. It is also impor­tant that the ring match­es the wed­ding dress. Accord­ing­ly, ini­tial­ly it is worth buy­ing the out­fit itself, and then, giv­en its style and col­or, go for jew­el­ry.

It is imper­a­tive to pay atten­tion to the fact that the rings are in har­mo­ny with the shape and length of the hands and fin­gers. Thin prod­ucts are designed for grace­ful fin­gers, more mas­sive ones are well suit­ed for large hands.

Beautiful wedding rings — fashion trends

Recent­ly, design­ers have been offer­ing many inter­est­ing vari­a­tions of wed­ding rings:

  • not only love, but also friend­ship, fideli­ty are sym­bol­ized by tri­col­or jew­el­ry made of white, yel­low and red gold;
  • “tril­o­gy” — this is the name of the rings, dec­o­rat­ed with three pre­cious stones, and they can be cho­sen based on the horo­scope or the mean­ing of the stones them­selves;
  • engrav­ing on wed­ding rings has become pop­u­lar, for which you can ini­tial­ly buy the sim­plest mod­els — an inscrip­tion from the heart will dec­o­rate even a sim­ple prod­uct;
  • if you are plan­ning to wear vin­tage out­fits, then rings for a wed­ding dress and groom’s suit in this style are what you need to com­plete the per­fect look.
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It is worth avoid­ing, per­haps, too extrav­a­gant mod­els, which may look appro­pri­ate at 20, but stu­pid at 50. And you should def­i­nite­ly buy your jew­el­ry size: it will be a shame if too big a ring is lost, and too tight will con­stant­ly remind you of your­self.