“You are the per­fect cou­ple!” You will def­i­nite­ly hear this phrase more than once on your wed­ding day, so be the per­fect bride and take care not only of your out­fit, but also help your loved one choose the best wed­ding suit. Chan­fash­ion col­lect­ed in the arti­cle all the trends and clas­sic rec­om­men­da­tions so that you can cre­ate a fash­ion­able and styl­ish image of the groom.

In this article, we will cover:

  • what mate­ri­als and styles of men’s suits are pre­ferred for a wed­ding;
  • the col­or of the wed­ding suit — from clas­sics to trends;
  • how to choose a shirt and what to look for when choos­ing shoes;
  • tips for cre­at­ing the per­fect image of the groom at a themed wed­ding: Rus­tic, Boho, Provence, Cheb­bi-Chic, Eco.
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How to choose a wedding suit?

You should not leave the choice of a men’s suit to the last moment, assum­ing that it will not take much time. Choos­ing a com­fort­able and styl­ish bow for your groom is a respon­si­ble task. You may even need the ser­vices of a tai­lor. So read our arti­cle and take note of the impor­tant nuances.

Chan­fash­ion help save your valu­able time. Come to our Cat­a­log and you will see an exten­sive list of the best work­shops, shops and salons in your city. We advise you to go to a place where suits of sev­er­al brands and dif­fer­ent price cat­e­gories will be pre­sent­ed.

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Suit for the groom: style, model and material

A wed­ding suit, unlike a wed­ding dress, can freely become part of your loved one’s every­day or fes­tive wardrobe. There­fore, we rec­om­mend choos­ing it not only with an aes­thet­ic bias, but also with a prac­ti­cal approach. Com­fort­able fit, cor­rect­ly select­ed size and col­or of the prod­uct are a guar­an­tee that the item will serve your fiance after the wed­ding for a long time.

Giv­ing pref­er­ence to one or anoth­er suit mate­r­i­al, remem­ber the prac­ti­cal­i­ty again. For a win­ter wed­ding cel­e­bra­tion, we rec­om­mend choos­ing a wool suit, while for a Sum­mer wed­ding, the groom can choose light, loose cot­ton and silk mod­els.

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Silk and vis­cose are con­sid­ered the ide­al mate­r­i­al for lin­ing a jack­et. Syn­thet­ic fab­rics look good and cost less, but the sav­ings can cost the groom some dis­com­fort through­out the hol­i­day.

When try­ing on, pay atten­tion to the length of the trousers. Accord­ing to the clas­sics, the length of the trouser leg should cor­re­spond to the mid­dle of the heel of the shoe, and the front part should lie in a neat fold on the rise. It would not be super­flu­ous to bring appro­pri­ate shoes to the store.

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Per­haps you pre­fer moder­ni­ty to the clas­sics? Fash­ion­able wed­ding suits in 2017 sug­gest ankle-length skin­ny trousers and a tai­lored jack­et.

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rustic groom, men's vest

It is not enough to put on a thing and spin in front of a mir­ror to assess its com­fort. Let your loved one walk around the store in a suit, make some fun­ny fig­ures with their hands, you can even dance. Remem­ber, the cuff of the shirt should look 2 cm out of the sleeve of the jack­et. If we talk about tra­di­tion­al options, then there are 3 types of men’s wed­ding suit:

1 Clas­sic — suit­able for all types of male fig­ure. This is a set of two or three ele­ments famil­iar to every­one. It is con­sid­ered a sim­ple but com­pe­tent solu­tion to the ide­al image of the groom.

2 tail­coat — a jack­et with point­ed front flaps and long back coat­tails. Pair with trousers with­out cuffs. An excel­lent choice for slim and tall.

3 Tuxe­do - a tra­di­tion­al jack­et with a shawl col­lar. The out­er lapels are trimmed with silk or satin. Ide­al for an aris­to­crat­ic atmos­phere.

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suit color

Blue has been the most pop­u­lar wed­ding dress col­or for a long time. The secret is in its ver­sa­til­i­ty. After all, there are a huge vari­ety of shades: from rich dark blue to light corn­flower blue. And in the trends of 2017 — emer­ald col­or mod­els. They look bright, styl­ish, orig­i­nal and ful­ly empha­size the trends of the com­ing sea­son.

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Anoth­er unusu­al col­or for a men’s suit is cran­ber­ry. It goes well with black, green and brown. The shade itself can be bright, sparkling or more restrained, mat­te.

A gray wed­ding suit will make the image con­cise, but cold. The col­or scheme is ide­al for mod­els with arrows on trousers. But a white wed­ding suit is accept­able only if your dress has a dif­fer­ent shade.

And, of course, a black suit is a must-have in a man’s wardrobe. A good alter­na­tive to wed­ding clas­sics will be a lux­u­ri­ous graphite col­or.

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Design­ers are advised to pay atten­tion to nat­ur­al col­or com­bi­na­tions that cor­re­spond to the sea­son of the year. Cre­ative sets can con­sist of a jack­et, trousers and a vest in var­i­ous shades of the same col­or. The cage, geo­met­ric pat­terns and flo­ral print look fash­ion­able.

Shirt for wedding

Choos­ing a shirt for a suit is also a task! First, don’t be afraid to exper­i­ment with col­or. A snow-white col­lar is a good tra­di­tion, and light gray, cham­pagne or blue will look beau­ti­ful in the pho­to and empha­size the indi­vid­u­al­i­ty of your future hus­band. Do not for­get about the col­or scheme of your wed­ding. The groom can afford a bold shade of the shirt, if such a deci­sion organ­i­cal­ly fits into the over­all con­cept of the hol­i­day.

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But you can not guess with the mate­r­i­al — we are for nat­ur­al cot­ton. A small con­tent of syn­thet­ics will facil­i­tate the iron­ing process.

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Tie — the main accessory of the groom

To choose a good clas­sic tie, you need to take into account three cri­te­ria: mate­r­i­al, col­or and pat­tern. Silk acces­sories are con­sid­ered the most pop­u­lar and high-qual­i­ty. They come in dif­fer­ent shapes and tex­tures.

When choos­ing a tie for your fiance, remem­ber: the acces­so­ry should be lighter than the jack­et, but dark­er than the shirt.

As for the bow tie, accord­ing to eti­quette, it is worn with a tuxe­do or tail­coat. But mod­ern wed­ding fash­ion is so demo­c­ra­t­ic that it allows cre­ativ­i­ty and orig­i­nal­i­ty. A styl­ish alter­na­tive to a reg­u­lar tie is a neck­er­chief.

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wedding, groom, groom suit, wedding men's suit


Great shoes for the groom — clas­sic Oxford shoes. They empha­size the sta­tus and busi­ness style. For a less for­mal atmos­phere, the Der­by mod­el is suit­able. She is cho­sen if there is no tie in the image. Mate­r­i­al — gen­uine leather. Col­or — in accor­dance with the shade of the suit and the tone of the belt.

It is bet­ter to buy shoes for a wed­ding in the after­noon, when the foot swells slight­ly. Like you, your man bet­ter break in his shoes before the wed­ding.

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Groom’s accessories

Acces­sories will add charm and style to the image of your beloved. A few tips on how to choose and match them with each oth­er!

1 Cuf­flinks, a clip or a tie pin are an indi­ca­tor of good taste. They must be exclu­sive­ly from one set.

2 Watch­es are not rec­om­mend­ed to be com­bined with cuf­flinks.

3 The belt should be in har­mo­ny with the col­or of the shoes, and its buck­le should be in har­mo­ny with the style of the cuf­flinks.

4 Sus­penders look very styl­ish.

5 A pock­et square com­pletes the ele­gant look.

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Image of the groom in Rustic style

The free image of this style does not accept either patent leather shoes or a clas­sic suit. Com­fort­able trousers, a vest or a jack­et made of nat­ur­al fab­rics and pleas­ant tex­tures — this is the per­fect bow for your soul­mate. You can replace the vest with sus­penders, add a but­ter­fly and a bou­ton­niere made from nat­ur­al mate­ri­als. And the hat will be the final chord. Shoes should be such that it is com­fort­able to walk in the field and off-road. After all, Rus­tic is a style of free­dom and nature.

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The image of the groom in the style of Provence

The main focus is sim­plic­i­ty and com­fort. Provence style groom’s suit can be vin­tage. It is good if it is sewn from nat­ur­al fab­rics of calm and mut­ed shades. It is bet­ter to refuse a com­plex cut and offi­cial styles. A scarf is a great alter­na­tive to a tie. And in order to empha­size the atmos­phere of French charm, use a bou­ton­niere of sev­er­al sprigs of laven­der.

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The image of the groom in Eco style

We rely on nat­u­ral­ness and nat­ur­al col­ors. Eco-style men’s suit should be cot­ton, linen or wool. The col­or scheme is brown, green, gray or beige. The jack­et can be ditched in favor of a vest. From acces­sories, cuf­flinks made of stone or wood and a small bou­ton­niere made of twigs and suc­cu­lents are suit­able.

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The image of the groom in the style of Boho

Any­thing your heart desires: from a vin­tage or clas­sic suit to a hip­pie look in all its glo­ry. A boho-style groom can also refuse a jack­et. But trousers should be non-clas­si­cal col­ors made of cot­ton, tweed or linen. The best shoe option is suede moc­casins. Acces­sories are bright and col­or­ful, such as a bow tie or sus­penders.

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The bou­ton­niere can be sup­ple­ment­ed with unusu­al ele­ments, includ­ing feath­ers. A mas­cu­line look for a boho wed­ding ends with care­less hair styling.

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The image of the groom in the style of Shabby Chic

Light­ness, ele­gance and mas­culin­i­ty. When choos­ing a suit for a Shab­by Chic wed­ding, pay atten­tion to a tuxe­do — it will per­fect­ly fit into the hol­i­day atmos­phere. If you want to make the image less for­mal, skin­ny light trousers and a dark vest will do. The shirt can be blue, beige or gray.

A tie-scarf or neck­er­chief, matched to the bride’s dress, will look great in the image of the groom. A vin­tage pin or a rare brooch will empha­size the fea­tures of the cho­sen style.

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And final­ly, one more piece of advice from Chan­fash­ion : When lis­ten­ing to fash­ion trends, always remem­ber your indi­vid­u­al­i­ty. The groom’s wed­ding suit will be ide­al only if it retains the char­ac­ter of the man and the charis­ma of his nature.

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