Top­i­ary mak­ing has become quite a pop­u­lar cre­ative hob­by. What they are not made of: pas­ta, cof­fee, organ­za, satin rib­bons. We offer sev­er­al spec­tac­u­lar wed­ding options that will impress guests and new­ly­weds.

Organza Wedding Topiary

  1. For work, we will pre­pare a foam ball, a flow­er­pot with a flo­ral sponge (you can also use polyurethane foam), glue, cot­ton balls, dec­o­ra­tive peb­bles and organ­za petals.
  2. Wedding Topiary1
  3. We put a flo­ral sponge in a flow­er­pot, fix the trunk of our top­i­ary. You can sim­ply insert a branch and secure it with mount­ing foam.
  4. Wedding Topiary5
  5. Then we fix the cot­ton balls with PVA glue.
  6. Wedding topiary2
  7. Lay dec­o­ra­tive stones on top.
  8. Wedding Topiary3 Wedding Topiary4
  9. To make petals from organ­za, it is enough to cut cir­cles from it and singe the edges over the can­dles.
  10. Next, we fix the foam ball and prime the trunk with moth­er-of-pearl paint.
  11. Wedding Topiary6
  12. It remains only to attach the petals to the ball and dec­o­rate the top­i­ary with beads or feath­ers. The petals them­selves are con­ve­nient­ly fixed with sewing pins.
  13. Here is such a glam­orous do-it-your­self wed­ding top­i­ary.
Wedding Topiary7

Ribbon Wedding Topiary

For a cheer­ful youth wed­ding, it is bet­ter to make a bright ver­sion of the wed­ding top­i­ary.

  1. We cut strips of the same length from rib­bons of dif­fer­ent col­ors.
  2. Wedding Topiary8
  3. Then we twist each seg­ment into a ring.
  4. Wedding Topiary9
  5. We fix the ring with a sewing pin.
  6. Wedding Topiary10
  7. The next stage of the mas­ter class for mak­ing a wed­ding top­i­ary is attach­ing the blanks to the base. We pin each rib­bon with a sewing pin to a foam ball.
  8. We do this in as dense­ly as pos­si­ble to get some­thing sim­i­lar to a very dense flower bud.
  9. Wedding Topiary11
  10. Next, fix the ball on the bar­rel and dec­o­rate as you wish.
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Wedding Topiary12

Do-it-yourself wedding topiary from tulle

Now con­sid­er a sim­ple mas­ter class of wed­ding top­i­ary made of tulle or tulle.

  1. We cut strips of fab­ric of the same width and length. Length about 20–25cm.
  2. Wedding Topiary13
  3. Next, we begin to roll ros­es from blanks. To do this, first twist one end into a small tube.
  4. Wedding Topiary14
  5. Then we grad­u­al­ly begin to wind the strip, giv­ing the shape of a rose bud.
  6. Once you reach the end, secure the flower with a pin. Please note: the end of the strip of fab­ric must be exact­ly under the cen­ter of the bud so that the pin becomes the axis and fix­es the entire flower.
  7. Wedding Topiary18
  8. Now we attach this flower to the foam ball.
  9. Wedding Topiary19
  10. Thus, we dec­o­rate the entire base.
  11. Wedding Topiary20
  12. We install it on a wood­en skew­er.
  13. Wedding Topiary21
  14. We stick the sec­ond end of the skew­er into a foam cube and dec­o­rate the base with green organ­za.
  15. Here is such a spring wed­ding top­i­ary you will suc­ceed.
Wedding Topiary22