wedding umbrella

Wed­ding umbrel­las look very styl­ish, pro­tect from the sun and look great in wed­ding pho­tos. When you go look­ing for the per­fect wed­ding attire, be sure to take a look at the umbrel­la as well.

How to choose an umbrella for a wedding?

Let’s start with the fact that today there are sev­er­al basic mod­els of this wed­ding para­pher­na­lia. You can choose a wed­ding umbrel­la for any out­fit and wed­ding style:

  • a paper umbrel­la is the most afford­able option, it is also very light and you can safe­ly choose a vari­ety of pat­terns for dec­o­ra­tion, but, of course, it will not save you from rain;
  • wed­ding lace umbrel­la — the most pop­u­lar and sophis­ti­cat­ed mod­el, it is cro­cheted or macrame and it looks tru­ly ele­gant;
  • a trans­par­ent wed­ding umbrel­la is suit­able for cre­ative and coura­geous young ladies: it will per­fect­ly pro­tect from rain, will suit any out­fit, and it is also a great idea for guests to leave their wish­es as a keep­sake;
  • a water­proof white wed­ding umbrel­la is the choice of prac­ti­cal girls, it ful­ly ful­fills its func­tions, and is dec­o­rat­ed with a vari­ety of dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments — from stones to rib­bons;
  • col­ored water­proof mod­els are suc­cess­ful­ly com­bined with out­fits where there is a con­trast­ing dec­o­ra­tive trim: for exam­ple, a wed­ding dress with a red rib­bon, lace col­ored inserts.

So that your out­fit does not com­pete with the cho­sen wed­ding umbrel­la, pick every­thing in the same style. If it is lace and ruf­fles, then they should echo the decor on the dress and wed­ding veil. As for the sizes, chic mod­els with frills will com­ple­ment the out­fit with a straight sil­hou­ette.

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All peb­bles, beads or oth­er dec­o­ra­tive ele­ments should also repeat the trim on the wed­ding dress. Wed­ding umbrel­las are dec­o­rat­ed with bows or flow­ers on the han­dle. In the pho­to, this com­bi­na­tion looks espe­cial­ly gen­tle. By the way, you can pick up sim­i­lar mod­els for brides­maids in the same col­or scheme as their out­fits.