Wedding wreaths on the head

Wed­ding wreaths on the head are a sym­bol of inno­cence and youth of the bride. Many in our time are increas­ing­ly decid­ing to crown their heads not with tiaras, but with wreaths of flow­ers. It is fem­i­nine and sym­bol­ic, a kind of trib­ute to tra­di­tion.

What is a wedding wreath?

In the old days, they were dec­o­rat­ed with all the girls who got mar­ried, and after the cel­e­bra­tion, the wreath was let down the riv­er as a sym­bol of out­go­ing inno­cence. Dec­o­ra­tion of wild flow­ers, leaves and wheat ear was tra­di­tion­al for that time.

Today, a wed­ding wreath of flow­ers is an exquis­ite dec­o­ra­tion and a work of art. Skill­ful hands of pro­fes­sion­als make them from:

  • fresh flow­ers;
  • arti­fi­cial flow­ers;
  • del­i­cate lace;
  • tapes;
  • rhine­stone and crys­tals;
  • light feath­ers.

Such an acces­so­ry can be made of arti­fi­cial mate­ri­als, but, of course, wed­ding wreaths made of fresh flow­ers will look the best and most solemn. Then he will not need addi­tion­al dec­o­ra­tions, because the flower itself is beau­ti­ful and del­i­cate, and accord­ing­ly, with this, it will empha­size the beau­ty of the young face of the bride.

Wedding hairstyles with wreaths

Wed­ding hair­styles with a wreath are the trend of the sea­son. Many girls no longer want to dec­o­rate them­selves with a veil and dia­dem. They want ten­der­ness, inno­cence and sophis­ti­ca­tion. There­fore, the rel­e­vance of wreaths is grow­ing.

  1. Wed­ding hair­style for long hair. It can be a French braid dec­o­rat­ed with a scat­ter­ing of small flow­ers, and a wreath is made of a larg­er flower. Or there may be a wreath of large flow­ers that will dec­o­rate a wed­ding hair­style with loose hair. Del­i­cate, nat­ur­al and ele­gant. Own­ers of long hair should not wear small wreaths, flow­ers should be medi­um or large.
  2. Wed­ding wreath for short hair. A wreath, which con­sists of one, max­i­mum three flow­ers, is most suit­able for such a hair­style. A lace rib­bon with a small flower on the side looks very gen­tle.
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