What should be the engagement ring

In Amer­i­ca and Europe, there is a tra­di­tion to con­clude a pre­lim­i­nary agree­ment on the upcom­ing mar­riage. Per­haps this def­i­n­i­tion sounds too for­mal and resem­bles a legal term, but how else to call the moment when lovers offi­cial­ly declare their desire to get mar­ried?

In Rus­sia and the CIS coun­tries, the begin­ning of the engage­ment is con­sid­ered to be the sub­mis­sion of an appli­ca­tion to the reg­istry office by a cou­ple, how­ev­er, accord­ing to Euro­pean and Amer­i­can tra­di­tions, peo­ple are con­sid­ered engaged only after the lady has accept­ed the pro­pos­al from her lover and put on the ring. It should be not­ed that there are many taboos and rules regard­ing this acces­so­ry, so it is advis­able to know what an engage­ment ring should be. We will talk about the details of choos­ing and wear­ing a ring below.

How to choose engagement rings?

When buy­ing an acces­so­ry, it is impor­tant to con­sid­er the fol­low­ing points:

  1. Bud­get. Accord­ing to almost a cen­tu­ry of tra­di­tion, the cost of the ring should be equiv­a­lent to two months’ salary of a man. This is an indi­ca­tor of the sol­ven­cy of the guy and the seri­ous­ness of his inten­tions. If there is not enough mon­ey for a gift, then it is bet­ter to post­pone the offer or choose a cheap­er, but no less beau­ti­ful ana­logue.
  2. Met­al col­or. It is advis­able to choose the frame based on the pre­dom­i­nance of the col­or of the wom­an’s jew­el­ry. Only in this case the ring will be in har­mo­ny with the gen­er­al style. The ide­al met­al for an acces­so­ry is rose and white gold, plat­inum. Com­bi­na­tions of sev­er­al shades are allowed.
  3. With or with­out stone? This ques­tion is asked by every­one who thinks about what an engage­ment ring should be. Of course, a thin gold ring with a large dia­mond would be ide­al. It is this stone that is con­sid­ered a sym­bol of long-last­ing love and strong rela­tion­ships. Col­ored stones laid out in the shape of a heart are also accept­able.
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On which hand and on which finger should the engagement ring be worn?

It is very impor­tant to know how to wear an engage­ment ring. It is cus­tom­ary for us to put it on the ring fin­ger of the right hand, that is, in the same place where the wed­ding ring will lat­er show off. Why exact­ly? There is an opin­ion that a vein pass­es here, which leads to the heart and thus sym­bol­izes love.