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What to give a colleague for a wedding from the team?

Employ­ees in the work­place may be dif­fer­ent, but there are always those with whom won­der­ful rela­tion­ships and even strong friend­ships devel­op. In the case of hol­i­days, col­leagues give each oth­er pleas­ant tri­fles and con­grat­u­la­tions. When some sig­nif­i­cant event hap­pens, for exam­ple, a wed­ding, you need to know what is bet­ter to give a col­league from the team on this spe­cial day.

Choosing the right gift for newlyweds

If you need to give a wed­ding gift to a col­league from the whole team, then you should look for some­thing spe­cial that could show the atti­tude towards the young cou­ple, the love of col­leagues and friends. There may be many options, but it is impor­tant to know what to stop at. If col­leagues are well aware of the life of the bride or groom, then choos­ing the right gift will not be dif­fi­cult. Oth­er­wise, you need to look for some­thing uni­ver­sal. The most suit­able option would be house­hold appli­ances, which are ide­al as a present for an employ­ee from the team. The best gift to give:

  • blender;
  • mix­er;
  • mul­ti­cook­er;
  • microwave;
  • elec­tric ket­tle

Many peo­ple pre­fer to start their morn­ing with a cup of cof­fee. The cof­fee machine will com­plete the list of pos­si­ble wed­ding sur­pris­es.

All these devices will be use­ful to new­ly­weds who are just start­ing their life togeth­er, and there­fore the lack of equip­ment will become very notice­able. In the event that col­leagues work side by side with the bride and groom and know them well, you can give more valu­able equip­ment that will be use­ful to a young fam­i­ly, these are:

  • a vac­u­um clean­er;
  • tele­vi­sion;
  • food proces­sor;
  • cam­era and video cam­era.

These are just the main options that can serve as a won­der­ful gift for new­ly­weds and make their liv­ing togeth­er more enjoy­able. In the event that there is no desire to donate equip­ment, or every­thing has long been bought from the future fam­i­ly, you can go the oth­er way and please on your wed­ding day with such a gift as:

  • tea or cof­fee ser­vice;
  • crys­tal gob­lets;
  • vas­es from dif­fer­ent mate­ri­als for flow­ers and decor;
  • ceram­ic or porce­lain fig­urines;

Employ­ees at work will not be mis­tak­en if they give young peo­ple a sconce or an orig­i­nal table lamp as a gift at the hol­i­day.

A wed­ding gift should bring some ben­e­fit, and there­fore its choice must be approached respon­si­bly, know­ing exact­ly what the bride and groom have and what they need. Let such ques­tions reveal the secret of the sur­prise, but the received present will def­i­nite­ly be to your taste and will be used for its intend­ed pur­pose. In this case, gifts such as:

  • fur­ni­ture, it can be a chest for things that is placed in any of the rooms;
  • bed­side cab­i­net or cab­i­nets for the bride and groom;
  • a chest of draw­ers for the cou­ple’s com­mon things;
  • ottoman for rest or tem­po­rary accom­mo­da­tion, if the future fam­i­ly is just mov­ing to a new place;
  • a kitchen set of a table and stools, which is impor­tant for new­ly­weds start­ing a life togeth­er in a new apart­ment.
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To make the house always warm and cozy, you can please a young cou­ple with the things you need in every­day life, these are:

  • syn­thet­ic win­ter­iz­er blan­ket with a beau­ti­ful pat­tern;
  • a warm blan­ket on a sofa or bed;
  • beau­ti­ful table­cloth for the din­ing table;
  • car­pet for the room, if nec­es­sary.

The choice of any of the gifts must be accu­rate so that the new­ly­weds do not have sev­er­al of the same gifts after the wed­ding. Col­leagues can make an equal­ly impor­tant and nec­es­sary con­tri­bu­tion to the hap­py life of a young fam­i­ly by choos­ing the right presents for this.

What to give the groom and what to the bride?

When you need to come up with some kind of gift for a col­league on the wed­ding day, it is worth remem­ber­ing the gen­der dif­fer­ence, because gifts for a woman and a man will be rad­i­cal­ly dif­fer­ent. If we are talk­ing about a girl with whom the team is on good terms, then a great gift would be:

  • a set of bath tow­els and a bathrobe;
  • bed­ding set with a suit­able pat­tern and col­or scheme;

if you want to make a spe­cial present, you can choose a set for a roman­tic evening of beau­ti­ful glass­es and an ice buck­et, which makes the taste of cham­pagne even more pleas­ant.

If you want to please a cou­ple, you can buy two beau­ti­ful bathrobes and embroi­der the ini­tials or names of the future cou­ple on them. If there is not enough mon­ey for such a present, you can replace it with per­son­al­ized T‑shirts with the inscrip­tions: “Her hus­band”, “His wife” or any oth­er. If a gift is select­ed for a guy who has been work­ing in a team for quite a long time, then you should thor­ough­ly approach the selec­tion, because men respect worth­while and nec­es­sary things that can be use­ful and use­ful. In this case, you can choose this option:

  • a fam­i­ly book in which some infor­ma­tion about the groom, his par­ents, sis­ters and broth­ers and about every­one known by col­leagues will be writ­ten, and the rest of the pages will be filled in by the mar­ried cou­ple, after which the book will be passed on from gen­er­a­tion to gen­er­a­tion;
  • if the groom loves out­door recre­ation, bar­be­cue and out­door dish­es, then a bar­be­cue set, a grill pan and every­thing that is use­ful for such a fam­i­ly vaca­tion would be a great option;
  • if a man has any hob­by, col­leagues can sup­port him and please him with an appro­pri­ate gift, the main thing is that the future wife shares this hob­by.
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If col­leagues want to please the new­ly­weds with a big and mem­o­rable gift, then the best option would be a trip to Europe or a tour to the cou­ple’s favorite city and stay there for a while as a hon­ey­moon. If there are not so many employ­ees who wish to con­grat­u­late a col­league on their wed­ding day, then orga­niz­ing a chic gift will not always be pos­si­ble. A sym­bol­ic present that can be arranged in this case is a roman­tic pho­to ses­sion of two peo­ple in love, which is paid for by the team.

Mod­est, but also mem­o­rable will be cups with pho­tos of the bride and groom in halves of hearts, which togeth­er make up a big heart, which is a sym­bol of their strong love. If each of the employ­ees wants to present their per­son­al present for a col­league’s wed­ding, then you can order the print­ing of fridge mag­nets, where every­one will select their pho­to, which will mean some­thing impor­tant for the col­league who will have a wed­ding.

Gift for the head

A spe­cial case will be the option when the wed­ding is planned not with a col­league, but with the man­age­ment. In this case, the gift to the man­ag­er should be cho­sen much more care­ful­ly so as not to anger him and not lose his job. Of course, not all boss­es are evil and demand­ing, but it so hap­pened that the team will def­i­nite­ly not joke with them, espe­cial­ly in the case of a wed­ding present. So, the boss can present:

  • a com­mem­o­ra­tive dish made of met­al or ceram­ics, where the com­pa­ny logo will be engraved;
  • a paint­ing lover will like a worth­while pic­ture, it is desir­able that one of the more or less well-known artists paint­ed it, even the way of local ones;
  • a leader who loves punc­tu­al­i­ty and does every­thing on time can be pre­sent­ed with a beau­ti­ful and rather expen­sive watch;
  • a lover of antiques will like an old table or wall clock, it is desir­able that they have some kind of orig­i­nal mech­a­nism or design;
  • for a boss who often con­tacts high-rank­ing offi­cials and signs var­i­ous agree­ments with them, it is worth pre­sent­ing an expen­sive pen or a whole desk set with two pens.

All of the above options apply to the case when the leader is far enough away from the team and has lit­tle con­tact with him. As a result of this sit­u­a­tion, all wed­ding gifts will be of an exclu­sive­ly work­ing nature.

If the rela­tion­ship between man­age­ment and sub­or­di­nates is dif­fer­ent, then gifts can be com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent. For a boss who spends a lot of time with employ­ees, knows a lot about them, just like they do about their boss, you can give a wed­ding gift:

  • a fam­i­ly pho­to album, in which there will already be sev­er­al pho­tos received either from the boss or from his cho­sen one;
  • dec­o­ra­tive pil­lows with pho­tos or inscrip­tions, it can be a pho­to of the bride and groom or their names, as well as phras­es about love and fideli­ty;
  • to wish the new­ly­weds pros­per­i­ty and mate­r­i­al well-being, you can give a mon­ey tree.
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To please the man­ag­er and his soul­mate on the wed­ding day, you can shoot a video with con­grat­u­la­tions from each employ­ee of the orga­ni­za­tion. A much more inter­est­ing option would be to read a spe­cial­ly writ­ten poem or even per­form a song pre­pared for this occa­sion. Such work will not go unno­ticed and will be in the mem­o­ry of a young fam­i­ly for many years.

What should not be presented?

There are options for gifts that they try to refuse, when it comes to wed­dings, these include:

  • forks;
  • knives;
  • nee­dles;
  • mir­rors.

All these things are con­sid­ered har­bin­gers of quar­rels and dis­cord in the fam­i­ly, which means that they have no place at the cel­e­bra­tion of the com­bi­na­tion of the souls of two lovers. In the event that the future fam­i­ly is already expect­ing replen­ish­ment, you should not pur­chase things or oth­er items for the baby. Many par­ents do not make such pur­chas­es before the birth of the child, con­sid­er­ing it a bad omen, because such a wed­ding present will only upset them. Those who do not believe in omens may sim­ply not approve of the cho­sen col­or, design, mate­r­i­al, which means that the mon­ey for the gift was wast­ed.

Those col­leagues who wish to please future par­ents on their wed­ding day can present mon­ey that the new­ly­weds will dis­pose of at their dis­cre­tion. You should not take on the orga­ni­za­tion of an event for a col­league with­out first inform­ing him. New­ly­weds often plan each part of their hol­i­day them­selves, and there­fore inter­fer­ence from the out­side can be per­ceived neg­a­tive­ly, even if it is done from the heart. It is also unde­sir­able to choose such gifts that will be per­ceived by the new­ly­weds ambigu­ous­ly:

  • gar­ments, such as a lace sleep­ing set or skimpy paja­mas;
  • acces­sories for mat­ing games, if there is no exact cer­tain­ty that they will be need­ed and per­ceived cor­rect­ly;
  • house­hold items (pans, pots, bowls) that set you up for a bor­ing life devoid of joy.

The choice of gift should be planned and select­ed only with the con­sent of the col­league. It is not nec­es­sary to dis­close the exact ver­sion of the present, you can only clar­i­fy whether the bride or groom will be against any spe­cif­ic options, and choose the best one.

Such an unusu­al gift will be remem­bered by the hero of the occa­sion for many years. How to do it, see the video below.