The bride’s hand­bag is not just a beau­ti­ful wed­ding acces­so­ry, it is your “lifeboat” and a guar­an­tee of peace of mind on a mega-impor­tant day. Look at all 100 for 12 hours and instant­ly elim­i­nate any lit­tle trou­ble, from an arrow on a stock­ing to heart­burn, it will help you — a styl­ish detail of a wed­ding look. What to put in your purse on your wed­ding day Chan­fash­ion tell right now!

Bride’s handbag: which one?

Each acces­so­ry of the bride must be care­ful­ly select­ed and ful­fill its role: either to set off the beau­ty of a holis­tic image, or to be a bright accent of the cre­at­ed bow. You can often see a bride with­out a purse at all. Decide for your­self what is more con­ve­nient for you per­son­al­ly — to wear a small retic­ule all day and have your favorite mir­ror, lip gloss and per­fume sam­pler on hand, or not to puz­zle your­self with the choice of a hand­bag, and entrust all the nec­es­sary things to your girl­friend, but not let her go a sin­gle step .

The range of hand­bags is huge, they are very, very dif­fer­ent, their types dif­fer in both mate­r­i­al and size, for exam­ple:

  • from leather, leatherette, vel­vet, suede, from open­work fab­ric or fur;
  • very small that fit in the palm of your hand, medi­um-sized or large;
  • with long han­dles to be thrown over the shoul­der, or worn on the wrist and elbow;
  • fes­tive options for the wed­ding day and only, or more ver­sa­tile to wear after in every­day life;
  • fab­ric, light, almost weight­less, or dec­o­rat­ed with pre­cious stones and met­als.
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styles wed­ding bags:

  • Bag-purse, long han­dle, most often, on a chain
  • wed­ding clutch
  • Buck­et bag with draw­strings or lock — latch
  • Bag enve­lope
  • Pouch bag
  • Flower bag (silk, organ­za, satin)
  • Retic­ule bag

Styl­ists have a thou­sand and one rules on how to choose an acces­so­ry for dif­fer­ent styles of out­fit. And we advise you to focus on your own feel­ings. Com­fort­able? Beau­ti­ful? Does it fit the essen­tials? So you’ve found it, your per­fect bridal bag! But with­out a cou­ple of tips from Chan­fash­ion Of course, we won’t leave you!

1 The col­or palette of the wed­ding bag should either be in har­mo­ny with the tone of the dress, or be a bright con­trast­ing accent of the image.

2 Hav­ing cho­sen a lace, open­work dress, do not buy a hand­bag with a chain — you will con­stant­ly need to make sure that the chain does not cling and does not tight­en on the out­fit.

3 Your hand­bag should not be big and heavy — you are not a loader to “car­ry” weight, and even 12 hours, at least.

4 Let the han­dle of the acces­so­ry be small, com­fort­able, which fits eas­i­ly into the hand.

5 If it is not pos­si­ble to buy a new hand­bag or make it your­self, you can rent it at the bridal salon.

What to put in the bride’s handbag

Of course, the most nec­es­sary and impor­tant things. Which, per­haps, will not be use­ful, but their mere pres­ence in your purse will pro­vide you with peace of mind and con­fi­dence that no force majeure will ruin your most beau­ti­ful day!

For beau­ty



Lip gloss or lip­stick

For com­fort

Nap­kins (Prefer­ably, all three types: dry, wet and mat­ting. Dry hand­ker­chiefs — wipe tears of hap­pi­ness, wet — hands and shoes dur­ing a pho­to shoot or a buf­fet table, mat­ting — touch up make­up.)

Band-aid (Even if you and your fiancé start­ed break­ing in your wed­ding shoes a few days before the wed­ding, be safe and don’t think about blis­ters on your hap­py day!)

Spir­it sam­pler

Gum or mints (And it’s not just about fresh breath, mints are great for when you get frus­trat­ed in city traf­fic.)

Hair clip or hair­pin

For force majeure cas­es

Nee­dle, thread, pin

Nail scis­sors

Tablet for headache and toothache

Col­or­less nail pol­ish

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Stain Pen­cil

If you are not a very atten­tive per­son by nature and you can leave or for­get your hand­bag some­where, then put only nap­kins in it, and give every­thing else to your moth­er for stor­age. Believe me, she has noth­ing to lose!

How to complete a bridesmaid bag

One of the duties of a brides­maid is to be in charge of the so-called “SOS suit­case”. Read the arti­cle Brides­maids: duties in prepa­ra­tion and on the wed­ding day. Since the bride’s hand­bag should remain light and small, the brides­maid will put all the oblig­a­tory and nec­es­sary things in her bag. So what should be in it?

WITHcharg­er for mobile or power­bank

Comb, hair­spray

bot­tle of water


Stock­ings or tights

Spare pair of low run­ning shoes

Cape or blouse

Choose a hand­bag that you want to admire and that is con­ve­nient to have on hand. Be ful­ly equipped — equip it wise­ly. And remem­ber, on your wed­ding day, noth­ing will pre­vent you from being the hap­pi­est and most irre­sistible on Earth!