Boys, grow­ing up, turn into men, girls, grow­ing up, remain girls. Keep dream­ing of a prince, great love and a fairy tale wed­ding! World famous ten­nis play­er Ser­e­na Williams arranged herin the fall of 2017 based on the Dis­ney car­toon The beau­ty and the Beast”! And a jew­el­ry house in Japan has released a col­lec­tion of engage­ment rings for Dis­ney princess­es. Now the phrase Ais a day when you can feel like a princess” sounds new! You can real­ly trans­form into the hero­ine of your favorite car­toon and no one will twist a fin­ger at your tem­ple. Have ain style Mer­maid Ariel”, Snow White” or Cin­derel­la” is so roman­tic! And fash­ion­able. And more fun! Chan­fash­ion pre­pared a theme for you review arti­cle.

Disney princessThe beauty and the Beast”

A touch­ing tale about the very essence of love, about how sec­ondary data are for real feel­ings: a beau­ti­ful face and an ide­al fig­ure. A kind heart helped Princess Belle to see behind the gloomy appear­ance of the Beast his true essence, his inner world, his beau­ty. And the pow­er of love cre­at­ed a mir­a­cle — it destroyed the evil spell and trans­formed the prince. If the moral of this beau­ti­ful fairy tale is close to you and your loved one, do not hes­i­tate — your­will be no less beau­ti­ful!

Color spectrum

Dom­i­nant col­ors in the design of the wed­ding, choose dark yel­low and rich blue. These are two col­ors of the clas­sic out­fits of the main char­ac­ters of the car­toon — Beau­ty and the Beast. They are won­der­ful­ly com­bined and cre­ate the nec­es­sary atmos­phere of lux­u­ry. Yel­low can replace gold. You can’t do with­out scar­let accents: thanks to the mag­ic flower, with­out which there would be no fairy tale.

Decor accents

To imag­ine what abased on the fairy tale “Beau­ty and the Beast” will look like, just remem­ber the cas­tle from the car­toon. Aged gold­en can­dle­sticks, lots of books and porce­lain table­ware will be a won­der­ful decor for ban­quet tables.

But the main design ele­ments, of course, will be a clock show­ing the time when Belle should return to the cas­tle, and “scar­let flow­ers”.

When choos­ing avenue, give pref­er­ence to a ban­quet hall with high ceil­ings and crys­tal chan­de­liers.

A cool solu­tion — for the bride and groom to replace ordi­nary chairs with thrones!

The image of the bride

The bride in the image of Belle looks bright and impres­sive!

  • Wide arrows and a rich col­or of lip­stick make make­up espe­cial­ly expres­sive.
  • Wed­ding dress — with a fluffy skirt, bare shoul­ders and a small train. invitations

Shar­ing with fam­i­ly and friends the won­der­ful news that you will have aand they are invit­ed is very nice! And to do this with the help of beau­ti­ful, unusu­al and themed invi­ta­tions is dou­bly pleas­ant.


An expe­ri­enced con­fec­tion­er with enthu­si­asm and zeal will take up the cre­ation of the main­dessert based on a Dis­ney car­toon! After all, this is such an oppor­tu­ni­ty to turn on your imag­i­na­tion and cre­ate a mas­ter­piece!

Disney princessCinderella”

A fairy tale about love at first sight, about the fact that good always tri­umphs over evil, and about how good it is to have a god­moth­er, and espe­cial­ly a fairy! If it was Cin­derel­la that you imag­ined your­self as a child, and your loved one man­aged to find a way to find you are the only one among hun­dreds of oth­ers, then no options — your hol­i­day should be orga­nized based on the famous car­toon.

Color spectrum

For ain style Cin­derel­la” choose sky blue and white col­ors. You can add pink, lilac, yel­low to the palette — only they should be the light­est shades.

Decor accents

A bright, spa­cious ban­quet hall is ide­al for a Cin­derel­la-themed wed­ding. The main design details that will imme­di­ate­ly empha­size the theme of your hol­i­day:

  • glass shoes
  • clock with arrows at mid­night

An abun­dance of flow­ers, sil­ver­ware and crys­tal glass­es will turn aban­quet into a real roy­al ball!

The image of the bride

The bride in the image of Cin­derel­la is mod­est, frag­ile and unusu­al­ly fem­i­nine! Light make-up, an A‑line dress and a hair acces­so­ry in the form of a tiara or head­band will be the basis of the look.

And don’t for­get the shoes! Not nec­es­sar­i­ly crys­tal, but cer­tain­ly fab­u­lous beau­ty!

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When instead of a car you are giv­en a car­riage, and none oth­er than His High­ness the Prince is hold­ing your hand, such a fairy tale must cer­tain­ly be cap­tured in order to show it to your chil­dren and the chil­dren of your chil­dren.

Disney Princess Wedding “Sleeping Beauty”

The most beau­ti­ful and long-await­ed moment of a fairy tale Sleep­ing Beau­ty” is the kiss of a prince! Do you remem­ber how your heart skipped a beat in those moments when you were a child? A kiss that awak­ened not only the beau­ti­ful princess Auro­ra, but the entire king­dom! If the kiss­es of your beloved have the same mag­i­cal prop­er­ty, feel free to trans­form into a sleep­ing beau­ty and let them kiss you again and again!

Decor accents

Since Princess Auro­ra, accord­ing to the plot, lived in the for­est, under the pro­tec­tion of good fairies, you can safe­ly use the ideas of the Forestin the design of the­based on Sleep­ing Beau­ty. Lots and lots of green­ery, nat­ur­al wood and oth­er nat­ur­al mate­ri­als will fill the space with the right mood.

The main role in the design will go, of course, spin­dle

Dec­o­ra­tive fig­urines can be placed on tables and pre­sent­ed to guests as mem­o­rable sou­venirs. If you are lucky enough to find a real spin­dle, be sure to arrange apho­to shoot or love sto­ry with it!

They do an excel­lent job with the role of the­mat­ic decor and spools of thread.

The image of the bride

The bride in the image of Auro­ra has thick eye­lash­es, rosy cheeks and pink gloss on her lips. Loose hair is beau­ti­ful­ly styled in curls, and a gold­en crown crowns the hair­style!

Out­fit — a dress with an Empire style corset, snow-white or pink.

Cake based on “Sleeping Beauty”

Disney princessSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs”

Snow White, like Cin­derel­la, is an unusu­al princess — she has to work hard and do not at all roy­al affairs! But it is she in the world of all miles, all blush and whiter! A vic­tim of the black envy of her step­moth­er, she finds her­self in the thick­et of the for­est, where she finds her new home and meets such dif­fer­ent, but equal­ly charm­ing gnomes! A won­der­ful fairy tale and a won­der­ful theme for ahol­i­day!

Decor accents

Abased on the fairy tale about Snow White is, first of all, a for­est wed­ding. There­fore, in the design, you can safe­ly use nat­ur­al mate­ri­als, wild flow­ers instead of ros­es, moss, dried twigs, bark.

You can’t do with­out decor and dec­o­ra­tion of acel­e­bra­tion based on Snow White red, rud­dy apples! This is the case when apples are appro­pri­ate both as a dec­o­ra­tion on the tables, and as a sou­venir for guests, and as a dessert, and as can­dle­sticks and name cards — what a fan­ta­sy!

Anoth­er thing from the car­toon, which is firm­ly asso­ci­at­ed with the cho­sen top­ic — mir­ror. Mir­rors will make won­der­ful com­pli­ments to guests and an unusu­al pho­to zone. You can use small table mir­rors as table num­bers.

The image of the bride

Snow White gets her name from her white skin and scar­let lips. There­fore, in make­up, it would be ide­al to adhere to the same prin­ci­ples: a bright col­or of lip­stick and arrows.

We love the vari­ant of the Empire sil­hou­et­te­dress with full skirt and puffed or three-quar­ter sleeves. A brave bride can afford a bright red dress. One of the main dis­tin­guish­ing details of the image of Snow White is her bob hair­style. But this does not mean at all that you will cer­tain­ly have to do some­thing with long curls. Dec­o­rat­ing your hair with a bright red head­band, wreath or hoop will per­fect­ly com­ple­ment the look.

And the final note of the image will be a bou­quet!

Cake based on the cartoon “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”

Disney princessLittle Mermaid Ariel”

The Lit­tle Mer­maid is a rest­less princess who sim­ply can’t help but fol­low the impuls­es of your heart despite all the risks. She is ready to sac­ri­fice her­self in the name of love and say good­bye to her fam­i­ly for­ev­er for the sake of life next to the prince. The most dra­mat­ic and full of mag­ic sto­ry about the lit­tle mer­maid Ariel will not leave any­one indif­fer­ent!

Decor and decoration

Abased on the fairy tale about Ariel the Lit­tle Mer­maid is a sea­w­ith beau­ti­ful accents, ref­er­ences to the car­toon. Ideas for dec­o­ra­tion can be safe­ly scooped up in the arti­cle Wed­ding in a marine style.

The eas­i­est way to chan­nel the nau­ti­cal theme into the Dis­ney main­stream is to print table num­bers or a seat­ing plan with a print of Eric and Ariel. A more refined way is to arrange a lit­tle con­fu­sion in the serv­ing of dish­es, give pipes to guests as sou­venirs, and replace the forks with combs (if you know what we mean)).

The image of the bride

For the bride in the image of Ariel, the mod­el of the­dress is called the Lit­tle Mer­maid!

We know exam­ples when the bride cre­at­ed a mag­nif­i­cent image by choos­ing a soft turquoise skirt and top.


An ide­al oppor­tu­ni­ty to rein­car­nate as the Princess Mer­maid and not drag thep­ar­ty to the bot­tom is to hold a the­mat­icpho­to ses­sion. For two: to restore the scene from the car­toon in which Ariel and Prince Eric sailed on a boat — it was insane­ly roman­tic! With girl­friends: they are your mer­maid sis­ters, help­ing you get ready for a new life!

Cake based on “The Little Mermaid Ariel”

Which of the five princess­es is clos­er to you?

Choose the hero­ine of your favorite Dis­ney car­toon and cre­ate a hol­i­day that will be remem­bered for a life­time!