Women's trouser suit for a wedding

White col­or was and remains the per­son­i­fi­ca­tion of puri­ty and puri­ty. It is not for noth­ing that a new life begins “from a white sheet”, snow-white bed linen is bought, and a styl­ish inte­ri­or is cre­at­ed at the base of white walls. White col­or has also become a favorite among brides. A white wed­ding dress and shoes, a bou­quet of small white ros­es and a charm­ing march by Mendelssohn — all girls have dreamed about this since child­hood. But if the wed­ding dress is based on white, then it means that you can try it on a trouser suit as well?

Wear­ing a wom­en’s white trouser suit for a wed­ding, you need to be pre­pared for sur­prised looks, as this choice is quite bold and out­ra­geous. What gives a trouser suit to its own­er?

  • looks orig­i­nal on wed­ding pho­tos;
  • unlike a dress, it does not cause dis­com­fort when worn;
  • the cos­tume can be worn at oth­er fes­tive events;
  • costs much less than the dress.

Cos­tumes are made of satin and mat­te fab­rics, may con­tain ele­ments of open­work knit­ting. Depend­ing on the sea­son, the den­si­ty and type of fab­ric changes. A white sum­mer wom­en’s wed­ding suit is sewn from lace, silk, satin and flow­ing fab­rics. The suit for the win­ter will be made of dense heavy fab­rics — taffe­ta, vel­vet, crepe de chine.

How to combine a women’s trouser suit for a wedding?

Mak­ing a choice in favor of a suit, a woman should be care­ful when choos­ing a style and fab­rics, oth­er­wise it will not dif­fer from an ele­gant every­day set. Long suit trousers go well with a busti­er top and an airy chif­fon blouse. If you decide to wear an open jack­et for the whole cer­e­mo­ny, then choose a col­ored or shiny top that will be in har­mo­ny with the col­or of the wed­ding bou­quet or shoes.

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When choos­ing wom­en’s white trouser suits, you need to care­ful­ly con­sid­er the style of the trousers and jack­et. If the puffy skirt of the dress could hide full hips, then white trousers will only empha­size them. Loose mod­els with legs made of flow­ing fab­ric, cre­at­ing the illu­sion of a long skirt, will become a uni­ver­sal option. Thin girls can exper­i­ment with the styles of trousers and not be afraid of dis­tort­ing the pro­por­tions of the body.

In order to com­plete the image, be sure to use acces­sories and jew­el­ry. A veil with wed­ding trouser suits for women will be inap­pro­pri­ate; instead, it is bet­ter to use an orig­i­nal hat with a short veil. A hand­bag, lace gloves, a brooch and oth­er minia­ture jew­el­ry will add ele­gance and nov­el­ty to the image.