At what age can you get married

Mar­riage is undoubt­ed­ly a respon­si­ble step, and every girl dreams of a beau­ti­ful­with a hand­some groom. And imag­in­ing such beau­ty, the girls are tor­ment­ed by the ques­tion “at what age can you get mar­ried?”, I real­ly want to leave the house in adress.

There are also cas­es when a guy and a girl have been dat­ing for many years and real­ly want to get mar­ried, for such cou­ples the ques­tion is “at what age can you get mar­ried (get mar­ried)?” stands even sharp­er. So, from what age can you apply to the reg­istry office?

At what age can you legally get married?

Let’s start, per­haps, with Rus­sia — at what age, accord­ing to the law, can you get mar­ried ? The fam­i­ly code estab­lish­es the age of mar­riage (the num­ber of years after which a per­son can mar­ry) 18 years. But if there are good rea­sons, they can mar­ry (but are not required to) six­teen-year-olds. In addi­tion, if there are spe­cial cir­cum­stances stip­u­lat­ed by the laws , mar­riage can be con­clud­ed even before the age of six­teen.

At what age can one get mar­ried in Ukraine? Until recent­ly, it was allowed to mar­ry from the age of sev­en­teen, but in April 2012, amend­ments were adopt­ed to the Fam­i­ly Code of Ukraine to raise the mar­riage­able age for women. Now it is, as in Rus­sia, 18 years. But the right to mar­riage can be obtained by a girl (or boy) of 16 years old by a court deci­sion if the mar­riage is in the inter­ests of the cou­ple who wants to get mar­ried. Pre­vi­ous­ly, the min­i­mum age for mar­riage was 14. Rais­ing the age of mar­riage was explained by the authors of the bill as an attempt to instill in the younger gen­er­a­tion a more respon­si­ble and civ­i­lized atti­tude towards the insti­tu­tion of the fam­i­ly.

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When is it time to get married?

Per­haps many girls who want to get mar­ried clutched their heads, hav­ing learned that they would have to wait for their eigh­teenth birth­day, since there were no spe­cial and respect­ful cir­cum­stances. And of course, old­er ladies will try to con­sole them, say­ing that there is nowhere to rush, you will still have time to sip this fam­i­ly life with a big spoon. Both gen­er­a­tions have their own truth, but prob­a­bly, it is impor­tant not at how many years you can get mar­ried accord­ing to the law, but when you need to do it. After all, age is not so impor­tant, some­times a 30-year-old lady behaves infan­tile­ly, not under­stand­ing at all what respon­si­bil­i­ty she should take upon her­self when she gets mar­ried. And there are cas­es when a 16-year-old girl nurs­es a child, and copes with the house­hold, and feels hap­py. Every­thing depends on the per­son, each of us has a dif­fer­ent age when it becomes time to get mar­ried.

But how, then, to find out your own mar­riage­able age, if the ques­tion “at what age do women get mar­ried” does not lift the veil of secre­cy? And who told you that you need to ask some­one else’s opin­ion? There are such prej­u­dices among the ladies “I didn’t get mar­ried before the age of 30, which means I didn’t fit any­one,” which is why the girls run to the reg­istry office, try­ing to catch up to a crit­i­cal age.when is it time to get married And it doesn’t mat­ter at all to them that in a cou­ple of years they will divorce — a hasti­ly con­clud­ed mar­riage usu­al­ly does not last long. So it’s not worth rely­ing on prej­u­dices and expe­ri­ence of girl­friends. Your time to get mar­ried will come when you want to start a fam­i­ly with the very per­son who is now near­by, and not at the moment when you want a beau­ti­ful cer­e­mo­ny and it sud­den­ly turns out that the cur­rent sex­u­al part­ner is able to pay for all this.

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If the opin­ion of oth­ers also can­not be an advis­er on the issue of mar­riage, then the last hope is for doc­tors. They say that the best age for hav­ing a first child is 23–25 ​​years old. So, you need to try with all your might to get to these dead­lines? Even if you don’t want chil­dren, even if the man that you have is not drawn to the role of a loved one? Appar­ent­ly the ques­tion is when it’s time to get mar­ried, and med­i­cine is pow­er­less.

And what age are we talk­ing about? Fam­i­ly is not num­bers, it is emo­tions, desires and oblig­a­tions of two peo­ple who have decid­ed to live a long peri­od of life togeth­er. And it does­n’t mat­ter how old these peo­ple are — 16 or 89.