boho style wedding

A mix of gyp­sy, African eth­nic motifs, hip­pies, Aztec orna­ments, Euro­pean baroque — all this com­bines the boho style, and such a bohemi­antheme is con­sid­ered the most pop­u­lar today.


It will not be super­flu­ous to note that boho chic orig­i­nat­ed in France in the dis­tant 15th cen­tu­ry. It implies free­dom of fan­ta­sy and the embod­i­ment of the most col­or­ful ideas. Do not for­get, the main thing is that ain this style should be held in the warm sea­son. So that your cel­e­bra­tion has con­sid­er­able suc­cess, heed the fol­low­ing rec­om­men­da­tions:

  1. Loca­tion. For such a the­mat­ic wed­ding, the most unusu­al places are suit­able. Stop your choice on orga­niz­ing a hol­i­day in the park, gar­den.
  2. dress and suit in boho style. The future spouse at this styl­ized­per­son­i­fies roman­ti­cism, fem­i­nin­i­ty, the keep­er of the hearth. It is thanks to her image that an atmos­phere of light­ness and free­dom is cre­at­ed. A boho-style brides­maid dress should be non-clas­si­cal, con­sist­ing of flow­ing fab­rics. Its length is often the max­i­mum. The option of flo­ral motifs, the inclu­sion of ele­ments of leather, mesh, lace is not exclud­ed. San­dals or ele­gant shoes are per­fect as shoes. The appear­ance of the groom is com­fort­able pants, jeans, a vest, sus­penders, a tweed jack­et, rolled up sleeves on a shirt. If you wish, com­plete your look with a beret, a hat. Shoes should be com­fort­able (sneak­ers, sneak­ers).
  3. Hair­style. Tou­sled buns, braids, flow­ing curls will com­ple­ment your unique image. Rib­bons, flo­ral wreaths are per­fect as dec­o­ra­tions.
  4. Acces­sories in boho style. It can be straps, beads, buck­les, brooches. The more mas­sive they are, the bet­ter.
  5. Bou­quet and bou­ton­niere. Pay spe­cial atten­tion to the flo­ral design of the hol­i­day. If we talk about flow­ers in the bride’s bou­quet, choose wild, field ones. Both the bou­ton­niere and the bou­quet can be dec­o­rat­ed with rib­bons and beads.
  6. invi­ta­tions. Give free rein to your imag­i­na­tion. For exam­ple, invi­ta­tion cards may look like a reg­u­lar sheet with an invi­ta­tion text tied with a lace rib­bon. All this is enclosed in an enve­lope dec­o­rat­ed with a flo­ral orna­ment.
  7. Dec­o­ra­tions in boho style. Indecor, it is a sin not to use fab­rics such as burlap, linen, velor, chif­fon, vel­vet, silk, and dec­o­ra­tions from bright rib­bons and flow­ers will help empha­size the light­ness of the boho style. Dec­o­rate tree branch­es with oil or kerosene lamps, lanterns. In the evening, such dec­o­ra­tions will add fab­u­lous­ness to your cel­e­bra­tion. Cov­er the tables with mul­ti-lay­ered col­ored fab­rics or, if you pre­fer the col­or scheme of light shades, focus on bright nap­kins. Dec­o­rate sur­faces with flo­ral arrange­ments, dry field herbs, can­dles. Porce­lain dish­es, mul­ti-col­ored glass glass­es are what you need. Place col­or­ful pil­lows of var­i­ous sizes on shab­by fur­ni­ture. Try to stick to Indi­an, Moroc­can ele­ments while dec­o­rat­ing. So, do not for­get about old met­al lamps, car­pets, ceram­ic and glass beads. Use fringe, leather, lace. Com­bine worn table­cloths with embroi­dered nap­kins, because a boho chi­cis a duet of lux­u­ry and sim­ple decor ele­ments.
  8. Ban­quet menu. A manda­to­ry item in this is the pres­ence of veg­eta­bles and fruits, cheese, meat, snacks, bread. A fes­tive cake can be replaced with pies with a vari­ety of fill­ings.
  9. Musi­cal accom­pa­ni­ment. A boho-styleis a free­dom of action that is clear­ly expressed in folk music.
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