causes of family crisis

Who among us did not want to live with his cho­sen one hap­pi­ly ever after with­out quar­rels and dis­agree­ments? But this hap­pens only in fairy tales, in real life every­thing is much more com­pli­cat­ed. Each cou­ple can name sev­er­al fam­i­ly crises, the caus­es of which were a vari­ety of cir­cum­stances — some­one was bur­dened by the habits of their spouse, some­one finds it dif­fi­cult to com­bine career and fam­i­ly, and some­one is tired of the monot­o­ny in bed. Experts iden­ti­fy 10 main caus­es of the cri­sis of the mod­ern fam­i­ly, man­i­fest­ed at dif­fer­ent stages of the devel­op­ment of the rela­tion­ship of a mar­ried cou­ple.

Causes of family crises

  1. Prob­lems in a cou­ple are often asso­ci­at­ed with the adap­ta­tion peri­od (age cri­sis) of one of the part­ners. This con­di­tion is more dif­fi­cult in the absence of mutu­al under­stand­ing in the fam­i­ly, if every­one is left alone with their expe­ri­ences.
  2. One of the most com­mon caus­es of a fam­i­ly cri­sis is the unpre­pared­ness of part­ners for mar­riage. A great pas­sion sub­sides over time, and all the flaws of the char­ac­ters that were not noticed before due to a strong emo­tion­al upsurge come to the sur­face. Over­com­ing this state is pos­si­ble with the joint solu­tion of emerg­ing every­day prob­lems from the first days of mar­riage.
  3. Bed cri­sis. After some time (usu­al­ly 3 or more years), the spous­es cool off towards each oth­er, the woman lacks romance, the man is tired of the monot­o­ny. The result may well be betray­al, and even divorce. The recipe for solv­ing this prob­lem is sim­ple — bed exper­i­ments and con­stant self-care.
  4. Reli­gious dif­fer­ences. Often ques­tions of faith are not fun­da­men­tal at first, but over time, exces­sive piety or its com­plete absence can cause fre­quent fam­i­ly quar­rels. The same applies to nation­al tra­di­tions.
  5. Long sep­a­ra­tion or con­stant busi­ness trips. They say that dur­ing a breakup, feel­ings only grow stronger, but for some, this turns out to be too much of a test.
  6. Seri­ous health prob­lems. It seems unthink­able to break off rela­tions because of the ill­ness of the sec­ond half, but it is very dif­fi­cult to con­stant­ly solve all fam­i­ly prob­lems alone, to be both finan­cial and moral sup­port.
  7. Mon­ey prob­lems. It is rare to find a fam­i­ly in which spous­es have the same income and equal­ly invest in house­keep­ing. Hence the cal­cu­la­tions of who brought more into the house, and who spent more. And if there has also been a dete­ri­o­ra­tion in the finan­cial sit­u­a­tion, then this peri­od will def­i­nite­ly not pass with­out quar­rels.
  8. Dif­fer­ent views on rais­ing chil­dren. Often, spous­es see the upbring­ing process in dif­fer­ent ways, but even if they man­age to agree among them­selves, grand­par­ents enter the process, it is much more dif­fi­cult to find a com­pro­mise with them.
  9. sta­tus dif­fer­ence. Often one spouse has a bet­ter edu­ca­tion, a bet­ter job, or a high­er cul­tur­al devel­op­ment. causes of the crisis of the modern familyBut instead of grow­ing to the lev­el of the oth­er, the part­ners remain the same, as a result, the lag­gard becomes unin­ter­est­ing to the one who is one step high­er.
  10. Very com­mon caus­es of the cri­sis of the mod­ern fam­i­ly are unre­solved prob­lems of past peri­ods. Con­stant haste pro­vokes not work on the sit­u­a­tion, but attempts not to notice the dis­agree­ments that accu­mu­late and result in a grandiose scan­dal.
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No mat­ter how many crises hap­pen in a fam­i­ly, all of them can be over­come only if there is trust between the spous­es and the desire to cre­ate com­fort­able liv­ing con­di­tions for each oth­er.