nautical styledecoration

For many peo­ple, exclu­sive­ly roman­tic events are con­nect­ed with the sea, many cou­ples met each oth­er at the resorts. The nau­ti­cal theme of the­has been rel­e­vant for many years. This option is suit­able for every­one, regard­less of the loca­tion of the sea, sea­son and venue. The main thing is to choose the right decor and then, you can plunge into the depths of the sea and in an ordi­nary din­ing room.

Ideas for a seaside wedding

You should start with the image of the bride and groom. In prin­ci­ple, you can stop at the clas­sics, just add some acces­sories: a blue tie and a hand­ker­chief in the pock­et for the groom, and for the bride, you can use marine jew­el­ry for hair, a blue belt and an orig­i­nal bou­quet. For beau­ti­ful pho­tos, you can dress the groom in a vest, cap­tain’s cap, etc.

What you need to dec­o­rate ain a marine style:

  1. Let’s start with invi­ta­tions. They can be made in the form of a sail­boat or you can use a sink with notes. Great idea — invi­ta­tions in bot­tles. As for the text, you can write some­thing mys­te­ri­ous or, in gen­er­al, pro­vide a detailed trea­sure map.
  2. To dec­o­rate a hall or an out­door cer­e­mo­ny, you need to use blue fab­rics, as well as sand and white. Mesh will work too. A nau­ti­cal-styleis not com­plete with­out the appro­pri­ate acces­sories: lifebuoys, trea­sure chests, shells and starfish, an anchor, a steer­ing wheel, in gen­er­al, every­thing will do. You can use decor with balls, because today any fig­ures can be cre­at­ed from them, includ­ing marine ones.
  3. Since the table of the young is the most impor­tant, it is worth pay­ing spe­cial atten­tion to dec­o­rat­ing it. To add romance, you can use wide glass­es with can­dles and sand. A great addi­tion is large shells and starfish, as well as large sea stones.
  4. Anoth­er impor­tant aspect of a seais the dec­o­ra­tion of the cake. Today, with the help of mas­tic, con­fec­tion­ers can cre­ate a dessert of any shape, for exam­ple, in the form of a ship, or you can sim­ply dec­o­rate a mul­ti-tiered cake with var­i­ous edi­ble marine attrib­ut­es. In gen­er­al, the main thing in this mat­ter is fan­ta­sy.
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In the design of any themed wed­ding, it is impor­tant not to over­do it, as every­thing will look ugly and pompous.