in yellow

Yel­low is a sym­bol of inex­tin­guish­able vital­i­ty, wealth and joy, and by orga­niz­ing ain this col­or, you will cer­tain­ly attract all this into your fam­i­ly life.

. Wed­ding in yel­low style: basic rec­om­men­da­tions
  1. cloth­ing. A yel­low­dress dares to choose a bright per­son­al­i­ty. Wear­ing such a dress, you become not only the object of all kinds of atten­tion, but also give pos­i­tive emo­tions to oth­ers. Remem­ber that when choos­ing a dress, you should pay atten­tion to the shades of yel­low. So, if your col­or type is spring, a daf­fodil-col­ored robe will suit you. Sum­mer girl? Then opt for a straw-col­ored dress. A hon­ey shade is suit­able for an autumn col­or type, and a lemon shade for a win­ter one. Brides­maids should be dressed in dress­es of grassy green shades, but not at all yel­low. The groom at a yel­lowwill look unsur­passed in a light gray suit, a neck­er­chief or tie should match the dress of his beloved.
  2. Bou­quet. Yel­low flow­ers for aare an essen­tial attribute of this cel­e­bra­tion, and there­fore the bride may pre­fer ger­beras, chrysan­the­mums, daisies, sun­flow­ers. The bou­ton­niere is select­ed from dan­de­lions or a yel­low rose.
  3. invi­ta­tions. You can make them from plain paper, roll them up into a scroll and tie it with a yel­low rib­bon.
  4. bon­bon­nieres. As gifts for guests, box­es with good­ies can be made, in which the han­dles will be yel­low or they are tied with a solar rib­bon.
  5. Tuple. Do not lim­it your­self in choos­ing a car. The main thing is to stick to the given­theme. Just dec­o­rate the four-wheeled beast with sum­mer-col­ored rib­bons, bows, flower arrange­ments. It is worth not­ing that a retro car will bring some pecu­liar­i­ty to your cel­e­bra­tion.
  6. Decor yel­low wed­dings. Com­bine it with white, lilac, green. You can sprin­kle petals on the table­cloth, dec­o­rate cut­lery with yel­low but­ter­flies. It will not be super­flu­ous to get yel­low straws for drinks. Bou­quets of sun­flow­ers placed in floor vas­es will add cozi­ness to the room. Dec­o­rate the walls with bal­loons, rib­bons, flow­ers (pas­tel-col­ored ros­es, blue corn­flow­ers, etc.).
  7. Menu. Make sure that there are bright fruits, lemon pie on the fes­tive table. Ask the con­fec­tion­er to dec­o­rate the cake with unsur­passed sun­flow­ers, lilies. All this, of course, from the cream. The vari­ant of the pat­terned paint­ing of the main dessert on the sides is not exclud­ed. Arrange cheese­cakes around it.
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